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The best build for the Sorcerer (Will) in Baldur's Gate 3 - which characteristics, traits and subclass to choose


The best build for the Sorcerer (Will) in Baldur's Gate 3

Will Ravengard is one of the Baldur's Gate 3 companions you meet throughout the main story. A sorcerer, an aristocrat, and just a very pleasant person, with whom it is pleasant to both simply interact and fight. But everything has its own nuances, so in this guide, we will talk about how to properly assemble a sorcerer.

Note: We kindly ask you not to throw away your strongest two-handed weapon at the start of the game and do not give it to Laezel.

How to play as a sorcerer

How to play as a sorcerer

The Sorcerer can be incredibly useful in both melee and ranged combat. He can deal massive damage in close combat, and then spice it up with magic, but at a distance. Therefore, we put on medium armor, pick up a weapon marked “Fencing” - and go into battle. Once again, it is very important to distribute your stat points correctly. We cast everything from “Charisma”, but we also recommend not to forget about “Dexterity”.

Which subclass, focuses, and spells to choose at level 1

“Anotherworldly discharge” and “Bone-chilling cold” are a base for a sorcerer that will come in handy in any case and will save your life more than once.

We take the “Great Ancient One” subclass, at least because in a good situation all enemies will unironically scatter from you in “Horror”. Compared to other subclasses, this is now the most useful - however, it will be very useful in the future.

Main spells: "Armor of Agathis" and "Hands of Hadar". This is another classic for any sorcerer that will save your life more than once.

Which otherworldly invocations and spell to choose at level 2

The obvious choice: Dissonant Whispers is an incredibly useful tool to start the game.

“Devil's Sight” and “Tormentous Explosion” are what we choose. The first will be very useful to you because Will is a person who initially has no ability to see in the dark at all (including magical ones). However, if you play for another race (for example, a high elf), this will also be useful for you, because in this case its footage increases from 12 meters to 24. The second will allow you to effectively throw enemies into the abyss, and not only that.

How to choose a pact gift and spell at level 3

The only gift of the contract that suits us is the “Contract of the Blade”. Remember Commander Zhalk's flaming sword from the very beginning of the game when you are running from the nautiloid? Now you can use it. Just remember to enter into a contract every time you take a long rest.

With the spell we take “Breaking Sound”, which is one of the main spells in the pool of any casting class - it gives a lot of damage.

Which spells, feats, and focuses should you choose at level 4?

“Friendship” is useful not so much in combat as in social interaction, because it gives an advantage when rolling dice in dialogue.

Note: We strongly do not recommend using the ability on companions, otherwise your relationship with them may deteriorate.

We definitely take “Misty Step” as a spell. This will make the hero more mobile, after all, teleport is a very necessary thing.

We take “Turnable” as a trait because additional HP is very important for a good sorcerer.

How to choose an otherworldly invocation and spell at level 5

“Hunger of Hadar” is a very good spell in cases where there are a lot of opponents in front of you - in fact, it can not only your life in a difficult situation but also your entire squad. Therefore, we stop our choice on this.

Of all the options offered, the best choice would be “Beast Energy”, because “False Life” is rarely superfluous - a couple of temporary HP can be a great help in acute situations.

We replace “Dissonant Whisper” with “Counterspell” - the most important weapon of any spellcaster.

Which spell to choose at level 6

Here we opt for “Horror” so that you don’t have to rely on the ability from the subclass. Still, it would be a good idea to apply it before you make your first kill in battle.

How to choose an otherworldly invocation and spell at level 7

Of all the available spells, "Edward's Black Tentacles" would be the best option, since it gives you not just damage, but also good control.

The next otherworldly invocation is the Book of Ancient Secrets, which will give you three additional spells.

How to choose a spell and trait at 8th level

“Exile” is a very cool thing about pure control. It works on bosses too, tested.

Select “Vigilance” as a trait. With it, you don't have to worry about your enemies taking you by surprise. In addition, it will also allow you to make the first move in almost every battle.

How to choose an otherworldly invocation and spell at level 9

“Minions of Chaos” will call upon you additional help in the form of an elemental in battle, and, by the way, not all wizards can do this.

“Telekinesis” is a powerful spell that will not only come in handy in battle, but even as the game progresses it will certainly become your salvation.

How to choose a spell and focus at level 10

Of the remaining tricks, none are particularly useful for you, but if you take a guess, it’s best to take “Weapon Ward”: perhaps one day it will be able to save you from a lot of damage - well, or at least cut it.

Here we definitely select “Door in space”. It will add mobility to you along with the previous choice in the form of “Mist Step”.

How to choose a mystical arcanum and spell at level 10

Flesh to Stone is one of the most useful things you can have in your arsenal. If you are also lucky with the cubes at the right moment, then with this arcanum you will become the most formidable opponent in principle, because not everyone can begin to turn the main villain into stone with one spell.

A non-obvious, but effective choice is “Removing the Curse” .

How to Choose a Trait, Eldritch Invocation, and Spell at Level 12

Remembering the unobvious need for control, we choose “Subjugate Humanoid” as the last spell .

Lastly, we, of course, increase the characteristics, raising “Charisma” to 18 in order to deal even more damage. The next otherworldly invocation, by the way, works perfectly with your Charisma modifier, so it’s better not to ignore this moment.

So, Life Drinker is a passive ability that will add additional damage to you depending on your main stat modifier. A very nice passive bonus, especially for the final battle.