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The best Minecraft servers today (November 2023)


The best Minecraft servers today (November 2023)

We list what we consider to be the best servers for Minecraft for the month of November 2023, a series of friendly servers with a multitude of game modes.

The experience that Minecraft offers is practically infinite, and above all it is thanks to the work of the user community.

We have, for example, the relevant seeds that allow us to enjoy totally unique worlds so that we never get bored, but also, for example, a series of servers.

In fact, we have hundreds of servers, each focused on a particular game mode or even a theme, that you can enjoy together with your friends, regardless of the version they have.

So we've put together what we consider to be the best servers you have available for Minecraft, and what each of them offers.

The best Minecraft servers today (November 2023)

The best Minecraft servers of the month of November 2023:

Havoc Games

  • Server address:

It has PVE and PVP modes based on weapons, and yet, it contains three modes such as one inspired by Warzone, another in confrontations against zombies, and even another inspired by GTA that you will love.

Vanilly Survival

  • Server address:

It offers a normal survival mode and a slightly more specialized one, and best of all, it is an easily accessible and adaptable server.

Perfect for those users looking for a survival experience without many complications.

Blaze Gaming

  • Server address:

What sets it apart from the rest is its Pokémon-inspired PixelMon server, and it also incorporates a multitude of resources and several additional game modes such as a Greek-themed SkyBlock and a custom survival mode.


  • Server address:

It has a little bit of everything, and in fact, it includes up to nine different game modes such as creative, survival, factions, SkyBlock or even Parkour, among others.

Wildwood SMP

  • Server address:

An ideal server for lovers of survival mode, which includes both simple and more complex modes.


  • Server address: mc3.

It's like an MMORPG where you start by choosing your weapon, then you can select skills to learn as you level up, and then of course explore the vast world at your disposal.


  • Server address:

It is focused on survival, together with other players, and is a very friendly server, which differs little from the base Minecraft game, for classic users who are looking for few complications.

They are a series of servers that we recommend for this month of November for Minecraft, and you will not regret it.