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The best mods for Mount and Blade 2


The best mods for Mount and Blade 2

The long-awaited Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is finally out on Steam Early Access, once again giving players the opportunity to ride across the plains of Calradia on horseback.

Plot-wise, this is a prequel and takes place 200 years before the original game, Warband. The developers have significantly improved the combat system and expanded the game world, and modders from the fan community have already rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

Since M&B2 has just appeared in Early Access, the tools for it are very limited and not so convenient that the creative community can expand to its full extent. However, this will improve over time, and we are expecting a lot of modifications with new lands, units, magic, and even complete conversions.


If you are an active user of the Nexus Mods portal, then you already know that it has its own mod manager, Vortex. In addition to an impressive number of other games (over 65), it now supports Bannerlord.


With this mod, you can conduct a local battle and thus test various squad configurations in action. EBT supports up to three types of units for each side involved in the battle and various maps.


For those players who prefer to clear their interface of many unnecessary icons, while maintaining the ability to control their soldiers. Or for those who just want to wake up their neighbors in the middle of the night with aggressive screams in English, German, or French (the mod currently only supports three languages). We can only hope that there will be craftsmen who will adapt the mod for Russian-speaking players.

To use the mod, you'll need the VoiceAttack app, which will undoubtedly come in handy for other games, including Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous.


Cosmetic mod that affects picture quality. Colors are brighter, anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, global illumination, and much more are improved. Be sure to try it if your video card allows it.


A modification that significantly expands the player banner editor. Also adds new symbols and colors, including acid-bright shades like the image above.


In the base game, you only have a small number of female units available, but this mod easily corrects the "social injustice" by turning all non-heroic archers, cavalry, and infantry into women in Bannerlord.


The faces of the non-player characters in Mount and Blade 2 look like these people really have a very, very difficult life. The NPC Revamp mod, as conceived by the author, changes the appearance of these characters, however, without trying to give everyone a model appearance. “I tried to give them personality, correct unrealistic proportions, and adjust them to my tastes as much as the editor allowed. And, of course, I didn’t forget about the family resemblance,” the modder noted in the description.


The family blade and set of armor that the main character receives at the very beginning of the game. Even if you don’t take into account the characteristics that are good for a start, with this equipment you will feel much more confident and, of course, more respectable.


A mod that rebalances the Battan Militia and adds some ranged units to them. At the same time, their melee troops were slightly nerfed in terms of efficiency and armor to maintain balance.


On the one hand, the path to the very top of the medieval hierarchy can be extremely exciting, but on the other, the absence of an alternative is always worse than its presence. This modification will allow you to start a campaign as the ruler of an entire empire. In your possession, you will not only have Epicrotea and a couple of castles closest to it, but also an impressive list of skills along with the appropriate set of armor. A great option for replaying the game if you are eager to get started on large-scale confrontations.


What could be better than executing your longtime blood enemy? Only the opportunity to get his expensive equipment, which Mount and Blade 2, unfortunately, does not allow you to do. But only until you install the LootLord mod! All equipment of the lords executed by you will be automatically moved to your inventory, which, in general, is logical and correct.


Bandits in Bannerlord are a constant, although not the most effective, source of reputation and experience for your soldiers. Especially in the early stages, when a band of marauders can become easy prey for a horse archer. Expanded Bandits rebalances these unfortunates, not only adding new types of units and removing all sorts of restrictions. And in addition to increasing the diversity among gangs of bandits, the mod also increases their numbers.


Feel like a king, turning your companions into vassals, giving them their own clans and land. True, this is quite an expensive pleasure, which makes it more suitable for endgame.


Each interaction with a group of bandits or a detachment of another lord in the game is accompanied by dialogue. Often, they can be annoying - especially when we are attacking bandits and meaningless conversation only wastes our time. The Fast Dialogue modification allows us to use a menu during interaction in which we can start a conversation or immediately initiate an attack. Thanks to this, the gameplay in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is a little faster and becomes a little more immersive.


In Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, bandits hanging around near our settlements can prevent citizens from moving between settlements, which negatively affects the development of the region and trade. The Buy Patrols modification adds the ability to hire a squad to patrol the roads around your settlements. This option will become available in the menu of each village under your control, just select “Hire a patrol”. There are three sizes of patrol squads - the larger the squad, the more gold they will have to pay.


A very useful mod to improve the quality of life. Selling loot in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord manually can be quite tedious; the developers did not provide tools to make life easier for players, but modders did. AutoTrader allows you to sell all items automatically by setting the cost of production in the menu, which you can definitely send to the merchant. In addition, the mod allows you to enable automatic purchase of items at pre-set prices so you don't miss out on the best deals.


If you think that the standard character editor is not thought out enough, you should take a closer look at Detailed Character Creation. With this modification, players can customize their characters' weight, muscle mass, and age. The mod also adds the ability to change the appearance of companions and NPCs.


A mod with one more function that it would be nice for developers to provide by default. As its name suggests, Battle Mini Map places a small map in the corner of the screen, making it easier to navigate during battle, allowing the player to quickly assess the terrain or enemy positions.


An improved modification for the most bloodthirsty champions of military medieval realism adds a detailed body dismemberment system to Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. The mod allows you to cut off heads, arms, hands, legs and even feet. In the settings, the player can set the percentage chance that a soldier will lose one or another limb in battle, and also enable the AI ​​dismemberment system so that computer-controlled warriors can chop off each other's body parts.


One of the most popular mods that makes battles in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord much more realistic . By default, units in the game simply burst into each other, as if participating in a slam, but the modification makes skirmishes look like real medieval battles. In addition, it also adds realism to the soldiers' weapons and armor.


This modification changes the way diplomacy works in the game. He makes it deep and rich, so that the user gets the impression that he controls the whole kingdom with all the subtleties and nuances. In addition, creating a kingdom with this mod will become somewhat easier.


The global, game-changing Eagle Rising mod transforms Calradia into an ancient world loosely based on our own ancient world. With its help, players can feel like a Roman legionnaire, a knight of the sacred Carthaginian detachment, or a Saka slave owner who captures opponents and sells them to the highest bidder.


Another large-scale mod that can replace vanilla reality with the dark and dark nature of the Warhammer Fantasy world. In the Old World, players will meet and battle legendary characters such as Karl-Franz and Grimgor Ironhide, as well as explore famous locations such as Karaz-A-Karak and Castle Drakenhof. 


This modification was created to significantly expand the world of Caldaria with many additional stories. It not only adds additional settlements to the map but also entire cultures, each of which has its own unique bonuses and types of troops.


Quite an interesting modification that adds an alternative start for adventures in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. Instead of going into battle from the start, players can use it to enlist in a lord's army. In this way, you can not only experience career growth from a soldier to a king but also earn some good money and earn a certain reputation at the beginning of the game.


The modification changes Blacksmithing - one of the skills in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, which by default is made a little rough. In particular, the mod contains quality-of-life improvements such as mass crafting, smelting and processing of items, as well as the ability to restore stamina as you move around the campaign map.


A set of improvements packed into one mod. Cities now offer the services of teachers who can help players improve the skills and abilities of their comrades for a fee. New "peaceful" professions have been added, allowing you to work on farms and fields to generate additional income in the early stages of the game. It also became possible to hire trainers for training for money.

In addition, players can customize the camera position during combat, the level of damage received from allies, the blood loss system, the chance of landing a critical hit, and the ability to be thrown from a horse when attacked by an enemy. All of these features can be turned on or off as desired.


A modification designed for those who like to play 2 scoundrels in Mount and Blade. With its help, players get the opportunity to interact with a wider range of characters; gang leaders, wandering robbers and even lords are available for communication. The criminal begins to influence not only the life of the kingdom, but also the player, even to the point of making attempts on his life. The modification provides the opportunity to create a full-fledged criminal network and conduct an underground business , organize uprisings and sabotage.


Once you get used to it, the mod will be very useful for large skirmishes. With it, players will be able to place markers on the battlefield and use keyboard shortcuts to order NPCs to take certain positions. For example, marking strategic points for placing archers during battle so that they avoid as much as possible entering unwinnable close combat.


Tetsojin introduces a new faction, the Tetsujinov, who have strong stylistic similarities to Japanese warriors. They wield two-handed swords and horse bows. The mod will add Tetsujin castles and cities to the game, as well as their weapons and uniforms.


A mod that significantly improves the quality of life for players. It expands the squad panel by adding features such as "Upgrade All", "Sort All", "Recruit All Prisoners", as well as the ability to customize the sorting of squad members. In addition, it can show the ratio of troop types in a squad.


Distinguished Service allows the player to turn particularly outstanding warriors of his squad into full-fledged companions so that they can lead squads and give bonuses to settlements. The author of the mod made sure that the companions obtained in this way had the equipment and skills that they had at the time of promotion.


The modification will improve the capabilities of the in-game arena in Mount and Blade II. Specifically, there will be a new training mode that lasts longer and is more challenging, but still generously rewards the player for their efforts. Now the player has the opportunity to customize the arena, choose equipment for training battles, and also improve their skills.

In addition, in the arena menu you can study the list of tournaments that take place in other cities. The mod makes the competitions themselves more balanced in the later stages of the game by adjusting the rewards for victory.


Useful companions greatly improves the usefulness and strength of the player's companions. Now NPCs can gain experience by completing tasks and improve their skills. Additionally, in certain situations the player can use the skills of the entire group. The satellite generation system is also changing - now the skills and attributes of satellites are distributed not randomly, but taking into account their usefulness.


An interesting modification for a more immersive roleplaying experience. It introduces a detailed education system into the game. The player character will have the opportunity to read books and acquire various knowledge and skills that will be useful in combat, diplomacy and other areas. Moreover, in order to master this knowledge, you first need to learn to read, then find booksellers and scientists, and also overcome the difficulties of initial training. The player's companions will also be able to use books.


This should have been done from the very beginning mod. The fact is that in Mount and Blade II, plundered villages spoil the landscape, reduce the value of property and the level of prosperity of the castle or city to which they are attached. With this mod, players are given the opportunity to restore the village by giving the villagers 50 units of grain for food and 50 units of wood for construction work. For reconstructing a village, the player will receive 20 relationship points with each influential NPC in the settlement


The mod offers an interesting set of various utilities aimed at reducing the need for monotonous leveling and increasing the comfort of the game. Thus, with its help, the player can change rewards for victories in battles and tournaments, increase the limit of companions, caravans and clans, and also interfere with the system of construction, crafting and settlements.