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The Dandadan anime produced by Science Saru release date and all the info

 Anime and manga fans, rejoice, Dandadan is coming to your screens in anime format produced by Science Saru. We give you its release date.

Thought, written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu since April 2021 on Mangaplus by Shuiesha, this Shonen action, horror, and comedy was so appreciated that it will be published by Crunchyroll. The anime will be produced by Science Saru, renowned and adored for Devilman CryBaby.

Two high school students find themselves at odds: on one side, Momo Ayase adheres to the belief in the existence of ghosts while rejecting that of extraterrestrials, while his classmate, Ken Takakura, holds the opposite opinion. Find out how they will resolve this conflict in the anime. We give you the release date of Dandadan and the platform where to watch it!

Dandadan Release Date and Time

Unfortunately for the moment, we do not know the exact release date of Dandadan. We know that the anime will be available in 2024, and that there will be the composer of Chainsaw and the character designer of Mob Psycho. The trailer is also available and it is magnificent! Check it out below:

Momo Ayase, a high school student with a passion for the supernatural, develops psychokinetic powers after an alien abduction. She has feelings for Ken Takakura, nicknamed "Okarun". Ken, also interested in the supernatural, shares his interest with Ayase.

Seiko Ayase, Ayase's psychic grandmother, helps them deal with dangerous spirits. Grandma-Turbo, a cruel youkai, is sealed into a Maneki-neko doll by Seiko. Aira Shiratori, proclaiming herself "chosen one", thinks that Ayase is a demon to be stopped. Jin Enjoji, Ayase's childhood friend, is possessed by the Evil Eye, a powerful sinister youkai with fearsome abilities.