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The only way Jujutsu Kaisen can bring Gojo back horrifies fans


The only way Jujutsu Kaisen can bring Gojo back horrifies fans

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of those works with a dark premise and a plot in which anything can happen , since Gege Akutami has shown that he does not hesitate to make some surprising twists in the story, which can be very disturbing and even annoying for some, since they are so shocking that they tend to confuse followers.

One of the most shocking events that Jujutsu Kaisen has had so far has been the death of Satoru Gojo , which shocked millions of fans worldwide , who, to this day, are still upset by the outcome that Akutami gave to this controversial and beloved sorcerer , to the point of stopping following this great story as a form of protest against this detail.

However, some followers retain hope that Satoru Gojo may return at some point , since they do not rule out this possibility due to the great cunning and power of this sorcerer, a detail that has given rise to many theories within the fandom. of which there is one that could be very plausible and could end up horrifying followers if it came to pass.

In this horrifying way Satoru Gojo could be back

This theory suggests how Satoru Gojo could be back in the most gruesome way of all

It is well known that Satoru Gojo had a controversial and shocking death after his battle with Sukuna , in which the King of Curses gave a great example of his immeasurable power, confirming that his abilities are at a level beyond the known.

Likewise, the death of Gojo is an event that has generated a lot of controversy and a wide debate within the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom, since there are still many followers who hope that the controversial sorcerer will return , which is why they have made countless hypothesize how Satoru could be back, based on the fact that Satoru could use the Reverse Curse technique to heal himself, given that Sukuna did not cut off his head.

However, one of the most plausible theories that could end up being true due to the development that the plot has currently had is that Gojo could be back, thanks to Kenjaku , who would take over his body as a method of prevention against a possible betrayal of Sukuna , an approach that cannot be ruled out due to the irreverent personality of the King of Curses.

The theory that Kenjaku could take over Gojo's body and bring him back could be a reality , since just as he did with Suguru Geto's body, this sorcerer could try to do the same with Satoru, and all as a preventive measure. , since if he did so he could use the skills of the controversial sorcerer, having the ability to confront a Sukuna who seems to be invincible after having recovered his true form .

It should be noted that there are several theories of how Gojo could return , but the most plausible could end up being this hypothesis of Kenjaku taking over Satoru's body , which is not to the liking of many fans, since it would be a very gruesome way to bring him back. to the beloved sorcerer, but given the development of the plot and knowing Gege Akutami , anything can happen.

This hypothesis is not at all far-fetched, taking into account how the events of the manga have developed, since Kenjaku could have some tricks up his sleeve and could have foreseen that Sukuna would betray him , which would lead him to take Gojo's body to fight. against the powerful curse, who has flaunted his feared reputation.

Without a doubt, this would be one of the worst ways to bring back Satoru Gojo , which, clearly, fans would take as an insult, since this is one of the most beloved characters in Jujutsu Kaisen , so considering this possibility generates all kinds of negative emotions in the followers.