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The sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins already has a release date


The sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins already has a release date

The Seven Deadly Sins became one of the most popular works today, which is not surprising since the work created by Nakaba Suzuki captivated millions of followers worldwide, who chapter after chapter enjoyed the great story. that this mangaka told, which was packed with a lot of action and incredible confrontations that greatly enhanced this series.

It is not surprising that The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most popular anime series on Netflix since the adventures of Meliodas managed to amaze fans, who regretted after the conclusion of this work some time ago since they wanted to continue enjoying this fascinating story.

However, the followers of this IP are in luck, since after the announcement of the sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins, the release date of this long-awaited anime has finally been revealed, which has fans with high expectations, who are very eager to continue enjoying this wonderful work.

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse already has a release date

It is well known that the sequel to The Four Knights of the Apocalypse is set 16 years after its predecessor, showing a new cast of characters who will be in charge of starring in the various adventures that Nakaba Suzuki has been telling in this manga, which has had great receptivity, as did the adaptation to digital format of this work that premiered in October, but only in Japan, a detail that generated some concerns among fans.

Likewise, this sequel tells the adventures of Percival, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth, who must embark on a new journey full of exciting moments that will give great development to this young boy who will meet new friends who will accompany him on his journey.

However, recently, great news has emerged regarding this franchise, since, through a trailer, the release date of Four Knights of the Apocalypse, the sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins, which will be released on Netflix on January 31, 2024, a revelation that has generated a lot of expectations and hype within the fandom.

This brief teaser provides a small taste of the adventures of Percival and his friends, who will be in charge of fighting on this occasion to preserve peace. Likewise, the trailer includes a brief description that says the following:

“ Percival, a big-hearted boy, lives with his grandfather in a secluded and quiet place called Finger of God. But this peace will not last long: an encounter with a mysterious knight changes Percival's destiny and he reveals a surprising secret, beginning an infinite journey.

It should be noted that this sequel seems to be willing to attract new viewers who have not yet seen the chronology of The Seven Deadly Sins, because by focusing on new characters and a new story, the series has all the qualities to position itself on its own.

Furthermore, it is very likely that the Four Knights of the Apocalypse anime will arrive with all its episodes on Netflix since the launch style of this Streaming platform has been characterized by offering viewers all the content from the beginning. However, we will have to wait for the premiere on January 31 to corroborate this detail.

Without a doubt, this is great news for fans of this franchise, since they were eager to enjoy the sequel to the Seven Deadly Sins, which was only being broadcast in Japan, so the fact that Netflix has decided to Premiering this new anime generates a lot of excitement within the fandom.