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This is the most disturbing chapter of the My Hero Academia manga


This is the most disturbing chapter of the My Hero Academia manga

Just like Marvel's most powerful villains or DC's strongest antagonists, My Hero Academia has also proven to have memorable evil characters. The interesting thing about this is that the villains of the manganime in question have a background that makes them what they are and makes them hate the heroes along with all of humanity.

Obviously, we are talking about the incomparable All For One, who is the main antagonist of Boku no Hero Academia. This character stands out for his abilities, design, intentions, and history, since everything that encompasses him has a mysterious and dark side, as is his origin. Yes, finally, in chapter 407 of the My Hero Academia manga it has been revealed exactly what the traumas were that led All For One to be the way he is and, in this article, we explain what is known so far.

All For One reveals its tragic past in chapter 407 of the My Hero Academia manga

All For One has a power that could destroy all of Japan
All For One has a power that could destroy all of Japan

In chapter 407 of My Hero Academia, the true origin of the most feared villain in this universe, All For One himself, has been revealed. As anyone might think, the story behind this character is as tragic and disturbing as everything else. that it represents, since it seems that said antagonist had to live through hell when he was just a child.

At that time, the Gifts were something new and unknown to humanity. There we meet her mother, a homeless woman who worked at night, providing services to men in a bar to survive. She did not know that she was pregnant with twins until the eighth month and she did not know that one of them had a very special Gift, because it was practically impossible to find out at that time.

That child was All For One and his Gift manifested from the moment of his birth. Coming out of her mother's womb, he absorbed her life force and killed her on the spot. But that was not all, the newborn also devoured part of his mother's corpse to feed himself, while his twin brother cried next to him.

What happened after All For One's mother died?

The two babies were washed away by a river and found by men who tried to kill them for being "monsters." All For One did not stay still before the attack. Using the Quirk he had stolen from his mother, he unleashed a blast of energy that destroyed his attackers. Since then, he developed a selfish and possessive view of the world, believing that everything belonged to him and that he could do whatever he wanted with others. On the other hand, his brother was the complete opposite of him, being kind and kind, and even liked reading hero comics.

All For One took advantage of his brother's love for comics to manipulate him and make him believe that they shared the same dream, which was to have a world where everyone was equal and free. But in reality, it was all a lie, what All For One wanted was a world where he was the only master and where no one opposed his ideals, creating chaos in his wake.

"One for all and all for one. Words to live by. That hero had to hide his identity and continue fighting alone while everyone paid tribute to the evil demon lord out of fear. Just as you were inspired, now I want a world that exists "For my sake and mine alone. I have found my own dream!" -All For One.

Thus was born the rivalry between the two brothers, which would lead to the conflict between All For One and One For All. Without a doubt, this chapter shows us an unprecedented facet of All For One, a character who until now seemed to be the embodiment of absolute evil. Now we know that his evil has a traumatic and painful origin, but also that it is the result of his own choice. All For One is not a victim of circumstance, but a tyrant who seeks to impose his will on others, while his brother passed the One For All through several generations of bearers to stop him at some point.