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This simple EA Sports FC 24 trick will make you overcome the Evolutions challenges faster


This simple EA Sports FC 24 trick will make you overcome the Evolutions challenges faster

EA Sports FC 24 players have discovered a trick to make completing a player's Evolution in Ultimate Team easier.

The new installment of the FIFA saga, which has changed its name, is sweeping the world. And EA Sports FC 24 inherits each and every one of the virtues of the previous installments, both on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC as well as on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

One of them is Ultimate Team, the game mode that asks us to build the best team in the world with cards. Of course, in EA Sports FC 24 there are some new features.

For example, there are Evolutions. It is a function that allows you to improve your players (whether they are central defenders, forwards or even legends) if you meet specific objectives.

The problem is that completing these challenges will take you a long time. But don't worry, because the EA Sports FC 24 players have discovered an infallible trick that we are going to share with you.

Trick to make completing Evolutions easier

Surely you have already come across the new Ultimate Team feature. In fact, in recent days we have talked to you about the Evolutions for central defenders and forwards in EA Sports FC 24.

Now it's up to the Centurions , who raise the difficulty to unsuspected levels. You can now prepare yourself, because completing the challenges will take you a few hours.

To do this, you will have to use the player you want to evolve in the starting 11, and complete challenges that range from winning 20 games in Squad Battles (or in Division Rivals) to giving 20 goal assists using the player you want to improve.

However, players have discovered a foolproof trick to save time . Nowhere does it say that this player has to play 90 minutes, right?

And the reality is that it is not necessary. While you will need to complete the objective (for example, win all 20 matches in Division Rivals or Squad Battles), your player does not have to play the entire match.

The trick is this: the player you want to evolve must be in the starting eleven . That is, you must place him in the lineup, and he must start every match in EA Sports FC 24.

But you can replace it at any time . It is not necessary that you do this in the middle of the match or at the end, as it will count as a match played by the EVO player in any case.

In fact, the best thing you can do is replace said player as soon as the game starts . That is, once the referee whistles the start, enter the team menu and make the change.

Don't worry, because the game will count that your EVO player has played said match, even if he only played 1 minute or a few seconds .

This way, you will save time and it will be easier for you to win the matches in EA Sports FC 24, as long as the player who enters is better than your EVO player, of course.