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Too many login attempts on Steam: how to fix the error


Too many login attempts on Steam: how to fix the error

The Steam launcher has been pleasing us with an optimal set of functions for more than ten years. But even with them sometimes problems occur. One of these is “Too many unsuccessful login attempts.” In this guide, we’ll look at why this message appears, and we’ll also tell you how to fix the error so that you can easily log into Steam at any convenient time.

Why does the "Too many unsuccessful attempts" error appear on Steam?

This message can be seen during authorization. There may be several reasons:

  • Wrong password is the most common problem. Forgot to change the layout, turned on Caps Lock, or simply made a mistake in the symbol;
  • Hacking attempt - having learned your login, attackers will begin to try known passwords, thereby activating the blocking;
  • Using a VPN or proxy - Steam tracks system statistics in real-time, so frequent changes of location will raise unnecessary questions for the launcher;
  • System error - a newly installed application, suspicious actions or switching profiles can trigger protective mechanisms;
  • Lack of Internet connection - even if the browser is working normally, the launcher may launch with an error and work without a connection.

How to fix the error and log into Steam

There are many solutions that depend on the cause of this error. We have compiled the entire list point by point below.

  • Wait a couple of hours - postpone your login attempt or temporarily switch to another account. This blocking is automatically removed after some time;
  • Check the set time - different times on the device and in the launcher can cause this error. Disable automatic time updating, check the time zone, and then enable automatic time setting again;
  • Check the entered password - use a text editor or login field to enter the password and make sure it is written without errors. After that, you can copy and paste it into the password entry field;
  • Turn off VPN and proxies - if this is the reason, then later reduce the number of countries that “you visit in a few minutes”;
  • Do not use applications for automatic data entry - such services can lead to permanent blocking;
  • Reset your password - it doesn’t matter what caused the error, but such an action will save you from many problems in the future and will allow you to avoid repeating this situation;
  • Restart the router 

If you encounter other errors while launching the Steam launcher, be sure to check out this guide. It contains a basic list of problems and effective solutions.

How to avoid this authorization error in the future

It is not possible to completely get rid of this problem, but there are a number of recommendations that will help minimize the occurrence of this error:

  • Create a complex password - there are many services for creating and storing passwords, which will help your account become less desirable for most scammers;
  • Enable two-factor authentication - Steam Guard allows you to prevent unauthorized access to your account. It is easy and quick to set up via your phone;
  • Update your password in a timely manner - databases with your personal email, logins, and passwords are regularly leaked online. This update will allow you to avoid accidental blocking and further secure your account;
  • Monitor your account activity - if you notice suspicious activity, you can log out of your account on all devices and change your password before the system blocks your account.