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Uhrma's Crypt in Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Solve the Wall Puzzle

 Don't know how to beat the Uhrma crypt wall puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Here we reveal the solution to open this hidden passage in Jedha.

One of the puzzles and riddles that will surely give more war to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players is the one related to the wall of the Uhrma crypt, an area on the planet Jedha that has a blocked passage as can be seen in the holomap of the area.

And, in this cave with skeletons, there is a mysterious wall in which Cal can use the Force to embed or remove pedestals, but the passage will only be unlocked if we place these pedestals in a certain position each. If you are stuck in this curious puzzle and you don't know what the solution is, don't worry, we will show it to you below in this entry of our guide.

The solution to unlock the wall of the Uhrma crypt

The solution to unlock the wall of the Uhrma crypt

As we said, in the Uhrma crypt you will find a wall like the one you can see in the image above these lines. Initially, you will see up to 8 pedestals embedded in this wall, but if you point at each of them they will light up to indicate that you can extract them by pulling with the Force of Lime.

Please note that this wall will only be unlocked by placing the pedestals in a certain way. And the solution, in case you're wondering, is in a nearby setting.

From the entrance to the crypt, you have to go up the Storm Plateau elevator (if you haven't unlocked it yet, simply continue up the main route). You will reach an upper area with soldiers a rock with a flag and several pillars that Cal himself will say look familiar if you look at them. We refer to these:

The solution to unlock the wall of the Uhrma crypt

These pillars on the rock are the reference that you must use to solve the puzzle in the crypt. Basically, you must extract the pedestals from the wall imitating the position of the pillars on the rock.

The solution would be as follows:

The solution to unlock the wall of the Uhrma crypt

  • As you can see, you must extract the first pedestal from the top row, counting from the left, and the last one from this row.
  • In the bottom row, you must remove the two center pedestals.
Once this is done, the crypt wall will open and give way to a hidden area behind it where there are several collectibles of interest. It is an optional area of ​​the game, but if you want to explore everything 100%, you will have to go through here. And now you know how!