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Vampyro Wakfu Dungeon: how to defeat the boss?

 The single-account server on Wakfu has been in full swing since its release at the beginning of November. How to defeat Vampyro, the boss of Wagnar Castle?

Galvanized by its success since the launch of its new single-account servers, Wakfu is in full swing and a plethora of new players are embarking on the adventure since the release of the various Ogrest servers on November 2, 2023. If the game Wakfu, developed by Ankama Games, has often been put in the shadow of its little brother Dofus since its creation, many newbies are discovering this unique MMORPG which offers diversity in terms of combat against monsters which are more precisely called PvM (Player versus Monsters).

Today, we are looking at a particular dungeon in Wakfu: Wagnar Castle. If this instance is accessible at any level, it is recommended to go there from level 81. Also, the boss of this dungeon, Vampyro, has a particular mechanic that we explain to you in this article.

How to defeat the Vampyro dungeon boss on Wakfu?

The Wagnar Castle dungeon is one of the most popular instances at the start of the adventure, particularly for its highly prized items such as the Vampyric Breastplate in particular. The dungeon is located on the island of Domaine des Katrepat which will be accessible to you from level 81. 

The dungeon has three rooms including the boss, Vampyro, who has a particular mechanic. Indeed, in this dungeon, you and your allies must not die otherwise you will be expelled from the dungeon. It is therefore imperative that everyone is alive in all three rooms of the instance. Also, the map edge boxes put you in the gulified state, transforming you into a Ghoul and thus taking all the damage and your life point bar will drop at high speed. Vampyro moves very quickly and will push you into these boxes, so be very careful with your placement.

How to defeat the Vampyro dungeon boss on Wakfu

In order to avoid this type of situation and thus defeat Vampyro, you will need to stay three squares away from the edges of the map. Also, Vampyro is blocked at 1 hp and you will have to protect yourself as much as possible in order not to die in the final assault of the boss who will have greatly increased statistics.

This mechanic, which adds additional difficulty during your leveling, will reward you with very interesting loot such as the Vampyric Breastplate or the Healthy Turastil as well as a Violine, a relic necessary to complete Otomaï's quest.