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VCT VALORANT date, when will the Majors take place in 2024?

The VALORANT Champions Tour returns in 2024 and we give you the dates for the different Majors of the competitive circuit on VALORANT.

Riot Games has decided to bring Esport to VALORANT  on another level with Splits and Majors and the highlight of the competitive season is the Worlds or the  VALORANT Champions.

In 2024, there will again be 3 Majors which will take place with an event in Madrid, another in Shanghai, and the last which is the Champions, the location of which has still not been communicated by Riot Games. Some viewers are wondering when the VCT Majors are and we'll give you the answer.

When do Majors and VCT Leagues take place in 2024 on VALORANT?

If like most players and fans, you are wondering when the VCT circuit will resume including the leagues and Majors, well, for the moment, we only have windows that have been given. Here are the dates we have thanks to Riot Games' announcements.

  • VCT Kick-Off: in February 2024
  • VCT Masters Madrid: in March 2024
  • VCT EMEA League Stage 1: in April 2024
  • VCT Masters Shanghai: in May 2024
  • VCT EMEA League Stage 2: in June 2024
  • VCT Champions: in August 2024