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Walkthrough of Alan Wake 2 - all the evidence, pages, hiding places, weapons and lunch boxes


Walkthrough of Alan Wake 2 - all the evidence, pages, hiding places, weapons and lunch boxes

Alan Wake 2 is a sequel to the action-horror game in which players take on the role of a federal agent named Saga. You have to investigate a murder, hunt cult members and solve various riddles and puzzles. In this guide, we described a detailed walkthrough of the game and told you how to find all the collectibles.


You play as an unknown man who got out of the lake. Run forward along the path all the time until you come across cultists. There is no point in running away from them - just approach and watch a long cutscene.

Return 1: Invitation

First, go to the map to transfer it to your Mindscape. Follow the agent and talk to the deputy sheriff. Next, you don’t have to run only on assignment - we will examine some points of interest to find lunch boxes and hiding places of cultists.

Tip: Some plot items and objects will become interactive only after you collect the required amount of evidence and build the correct logical chain in the Abode of the Mind. This can be confusing in some cases, so if you are confused and can't find your way forward, be sure to return to the Mindscape and review the entire dossier.

Walk down the hill past the rental cottages, but don't run after the agent. Turn right and follow the path. At the campsite you will find the first lunch box .

Head to the abandoned store and talk to the second deputy sheriff. He'll take you to the crime scene, but you can also walk around first to look for useful items.

Evidence. First of all, go into the store and inspect the table. Interact with cards and chips to get a photo.

Launch Box. From the murder site, go down the trail to the south campsite and find the lunch box. You can also find a note here.

Return back to the murder scene and stop at the trailer. On the street you will find a locked cache of cultists. You can open it using the following combination (wash your hands, take out the chicken and freezer, get some sleep):

  • The sign looks like an hourglass, with its upper part turned to the left.
  • An hourglass-like sign;
  • Left and right arrows.

Inside you can find cartridges and bandages. In the hut you can read the note on the table (not considered evidence). In addition, you also have the right to interact with a stuffed deer (1) - this item is interactive.

How to Investigate a Crime Scene

Interact with the corpse and find the following evidence :

  • Heart;
  • Chest wound;
  • Tied hands;
  • Numerous traces of different feet;
  • Beer box;
  • Overturned tripod.
Place them on the wall in the Abode of the Mind (to do this, drag the card onto a yellow block, for example “Coincides with previous murders?”, otherwise the cards cannot be placed).

When you finish posting the evidence, talk to the deputy sheriff. You can ask one question to him and several questions to your partner. As usual, place all evidence in the Sanctuary of the Mind.

A new interactive object will appear in the “shelter” - “Dossier” . Use it to update the task and find out new facts.

Once you've dealt with this, follow the agent to the giant tree on the lake. We advise you to first go up to the Witch's Hut and find another lunch box . There will be nothing in the house itself now, but you need to turn right from the building and reach a dead end. There will be a box here. Don't forget to also examine the red box and pick up the batteries - they will come in handy later.

Approach the huge tree and interact with it. This will give you the evidence and the writer's first page .

Tip: To update the quest, return to the Mindscape and read the note, then use the Dossier. So the heroine will understand that there is a message from the cultists in the chest of the deceased. Also, do not forget to put all the evidence you received in its place, since the dialogue with the deputy sheriff will not begin!

Take the grate key from the policeman and return to the parking lot. Don't rush, though, as there's a lunch box hidden in the dead end in front of the store. You need to return to the store and climb the large path to the top. There is a box at the dead end.

Now run to the locked grate and open it with the key you received. Along the way you can find another lunch box , available in this chapter (if you miss it now, you can pick it up later when you return to the crime scene). It lies on a small ledge behind the electronic antenna. On the same path you can find notes from an ornithologist.

Bright Falls. How to get a card and find a lunch box

At the moment there will be virtually no interactive items in the city, but you can find a map and one lunch box in this area right now. From the starting point, run to the right and look at the map of the area (you can also find the map in the coin on the left side).

Before you talk with eyewitnesses to the crime, proceed to the eastern part of the location and enter the park. Behind the gazebo next to the tree there will be a lunch box waiting.

If you look around the motel rooms, you can find a note that tells about Lake Cauldron and people who disappeared 13 years ago. However, it will not be considered evidence.

There is nothing else to do in the city - even the police station is closed. Head to the cafe and meet the sheriff, as well as the witnesses. Before the dialogue, you can examine the utility room and find a stuffed deer (2) .

Talk to the Bookers and distribute the evidence, then go to the "Dossier" and find the inconsistency. This way you will receive an amulet and open a new case about the cult.

Examine Nightingale's body

Follow the sheriff, but do not rush to go down to the morgue. You can wander around the police station, read interesting notes, emails, and even get a video recording in the appropriate section (just go to the TV in the back room on the left).

In the basement, open the first door on the right. A locked grate will appear in front of you, but it is not needed now. Turn left and open the bottom cabinet. Inside are cartridges, bandages and batteries.

A little further you will pass the locker room. Inside one of the lockers is a first aid kit.

Start inspection:

  • Heart;
  • Forehead;
  • Lettering on the shoulder;
  • Hole in the chest;
  • Wounds on the hand.
Place all the evidence in the Sanctuary of the Mind and watch a long cutscene, after which you will meet the enemy for the first time.

Follow the game training and stay in the light until the enemy moves away. As soon as the light starts to flicker, run to the exit. In front of the woman's corpse on the floor, pick up the barrel and fire several shots at the monster's head.

This will conclude the chapter.

Return 2: Heart

First, talk to your partner and place the evidence you received on the wall, and also open a new section in the Nightingale case. Only after this the dialogue with the agent will become available. By looking into the diner, you can get a video recording in the corresponding section. Get in the car and return to the lake.

How to find Nightingale

Run along the shortcut path past the antenna where you picked up the last lunch box (if not, now is the time) and talk to the workers. Inside the closet you can read the note.

At the murder scene, ask Casey a couple of questions and examine the symbol on the table. Walk to the path leading out of the campsite and look for footprints on the ground. Your partner will remain here, and you will have to follow the tracks yourself. They will lead you to the witch tree.

Along the way, you can examine several red boxes that are hung on poles. Inside there are usually cartridges and other supplies. When you find yourself at the tree, use the lantern on the strange glow to destroy it and pick up the page.

How to find the fuse at the Witch's Hut

Go back and go up to the witch's house, where you have already been earlier and found a lunch box. A shield has appeared to the left of the entrance to the building (previously it was overgrown with foliage). There is no fuse - first you have to find it. This is quite easy to do. Turn around and follow the small trail to the camping area (this is where you found your lunch box). Along the way, there will be a burnt-out device in a blue container - skip it. Go to the red barrel on the left and take the fuse.

Insert it into the shield and enter the house. This is your first safe place to save your progress. Before leaving, don’t forget to pick up the supplies in the nightstand on the left and the next page in the closet on the right - the story won’t continue without it!

How to find Nightingale's heart

The page will say that Saga must place the heart of the murdered person in the hole where the witch is depicted. However, the heart must first be found. Return to the Abode of the Mind and put all the evidence in its place so that the heroine comes to a conclusion. Even before this point, there will be several marks on the map (in the store), but they are inactive until you come to the correct conclusion. Also be sure to go to the “Dossier” section and view the data.

In the store you will see a running deer, and will also encounter an enemy. First, direct a beam of light from a flashlight at him so that his chest begins to burn, then finish him off with a weapon.

How to get a sawn-off shotgun

The cabinet containing the sawn-off shotgun is locked with a combination lock. The riddle is not very complicated: you need to examine the records on the table by the cash register and understand the algorithm for changing the code. Since the first four numbers have already been used, all that remains is to take the fifth number - “739” .

Here, inspect all the cabinets and containers, collect supplies and take the heart from the refrigerator. Head back to the witch tree, insert the heart into the hole and interact with the crevice. From now on you will encounter possessed people, so keep your weapon ready.

How to deal with Nightingale

In the next segment of the walkthrough, you first need to find two pages, then fight the possessed Nightingale. To do this, go forward through the first location, and when you return to the same place, dispel the darkness and pick up the page.

You will find another page before the entrance to the red gorge.

As soon as you go further, Nightingale will appear. To trigger the cutscene, you just need to defeat him three times. We recommend that you do not stand in one place, but constantly move, as you will come across boxes and cabinets with supplies on your way.

After watching the video, you will meet Alan and your partner.

Now you need to return to Bight Falls. However, before doing so, we strongly recommend that you stop and explore the previously flooded region. Once you make your way through the fallen tree in the southern part of the location, it will be impossible to go back.

How to find the cultists' cache

At the beach, stay in the water and squeeze through the second fallen tree on the right side. You will see a drawer that is easy to open. Just press the previously lit buttons in the same order. Inside are supplies and a bag to increase your inventory. In addition, be sure to read the note on the lid to get a clue.

When you return back to the path, approach the rock on the left. Here lies the page.

How to find the key to the cultists' cache

Run to the huge tree and defeat the possessed wolf. There is also a camping area with tables. Take the page on the table , and a little to the left find the locked cache of the cultists . The key to it is hidden nearby - look around and use a flashlight to find arrows on the trees. They will lead you straight to the key.

Witchfinder Station, Riverbank and Private Cabin

Going a little lower, you will come to a fork. If you want to know about the fisherman, first go left and read his diary. Then go back and cross the bridge. At the campsite you will find a toy crow and a riddle with a poem .

Go to the station and find another similar riddle. Now it is impossible to solve them, because there are not enough figures. To the right of the house there is a page waiting on the table .

In the house on the first floor there is a computer with a password ( 2547 - written on a sticker on the monitor itself) and a box with supplies. On the second floor, find two more toys and two clues (a hero doll and a toy wolf). In the same hut on the first floor you can interact with a stuffed deer (3) .

How to find a lunch box at Witchfinder Station

Run behind the house and find the path leading to the river. On the right, in the bushes, there is a lunch box lying inconspicuously.

How to open the cultists' cache at the Private House

Get to the house and start the generator to pick up the page and activate the safe zone. There is a cache behind the fence on a ledge , but it is locked with a combination lock. The combination can be found by examining the trees and boulders near the river - “658”.

How to find a lunch box

The last lunch box in this chapter is hidden near the Witch's Hut. From the previous cache, go up the river and kill the enemy. Then go to the waterfall in this area and open the box .

Initiation 1: Dead of Night

In this chapter you will play as Alan, who will have to escape from a parallel world.

How to get out of a TV studio

Interact with the TV and watch the cutscene. After that, just run backstage along the corridor and enter the code 665 . It's written on the wall in the dressing room.

Once at the studio again, return to the door and dial the combination 565. Find the janitor in the storage room and talk to him. Take the key. Use it to open the only locked door in the studio, which leads to the basement. Also don't forget to look at the map on the wall.

In the basement, take the light switching device (angel lamp). Now you have to use it everywhere. When you take away the light source, one light bulb appears on the right above the health bar. You can use this light in other places.

Make your way through the corridors until you reach a room with TVs. Here you will have to use the charge to get out into the street. There are many activities waiting for you outside, so we will divide the walkthrough for convenience.

How to find weapons and flashlight

First, answer the payphone. This way you will not only find out some information, but also find a metro pass (without it you won’t be able to enter the station).

Cross the street and go down the stairs into a long alley. Walk forward to watch a cutscene with Sam Lake. When he disappears around the corner, follow him. Pick up a flashlight and a revolver. Here you can use a lamp to pick up the charge. First, go through the looped alley and look for the word of power above the door.

Initiation 2: Casey. How to find echoes and sheriff

When you have a flashlight and a weapon, shadows will begin to attack Alan. Most of them will be harmless, but there will also be aggressive ones. First, stun the shadow with the flashlight (SCM), then aim for the head. On medium difficulty, such enemies die with a few accurate hits.

Before going down into the subway, we recommend taking a walk around the city and collecting echoes, words of power, and also talking with the sheriff. To do this, use the charge received in the alley on the lantern a little to the right of the entrance to the subway.

Go up the stairs and onto the roof. From the same place, look at the huge advertising poster to the left of the door. There is a vertical staircase on the right. Climb up and match the two spheres to get an echo .

Don't forget to carefully inspect locations for supply boxes. On the next roof there will be a safe room, as well as stairs to the room with the sheriff. Talk to him and look at the notes.

Go back and cross the bridge. There is a staircase to the left of the door. You can climb up and look at the large billboard that is located on the building opposite. This way you will get a second echo .

Once down, go to the taxi. Here you can take energy, and also first find words of power (weapons). They are located on the inside of the building under the canopy.

If you go up the vertical stairs behind the taxi (after switching it becomes a police car), you will find a first aid kit in the box, as well as a word of war on the floor.

There are no more useful items here - you can go to the entrance to the subway and use the energy to go inside. Note that you will also need one energy charge below - do not forget to pick it up from the taxi.

Caldera Station

Use the pass and find the key echo at the station . With its help, change the scenario in the Sanctuary of the Mind so that a passage opens. Here you can examine the FBI agent badge and replenish supplies from the lockers.

Go to the end of the tunnel and enter the door on the left. In the next passage, find the saferoom and go along the carriage on the left.

Destroyed tunnel

You will see a flooded passage - first you need to go forward and listen to another echo after you pick up the charge for the lamp. But before that, once in the destroyed tunnel, open the Abode of the Mind and play the fragment “The Missing FBI Agent” . A passage will open to the right and an echo will appear .

Follow the paths and first pick up the supplies from the lockers in the room on the right, as they will be inaccessible after the light switches. Take the energy and listen to the echo to get the scenario "Cult of Murderers" .

On the way back to the destroyed tunnel, several monsters will attack you, be prepared. Change the scene's plot to "Assassin Cult" and examine the book. Since you have free energy, go back to the flooded passage and switch the lights.

Also be sure to check the columns behind the carriage you passed through. There is a word of help here . If it is not available now, you can pick it up later when you find new scenarios and activate them in the destroyed tunnel.

Run along the corridor, examining the boxes. Some will contain ammo or bandages. In the first room on the right you will meet the sheriff again and you can ask him some questions. In addition, study the map - places of interest will be marked on it.

Return back to the corridor and follow the door. When you approach it, an enemy will attack. On the top floor you can save your progress and get a video recording. There will also be stairs leading to the next station.

Broken train

There is a dead end behind you, but there are cartridges on the barrels there. It is worth noting that a shadow will attack there. You can examine the radio in front of the train in the story "The Missing FBI Agent" , then replace it with "Cult of Murderers" . A door will open on the right - immediately kill the shadow that attacks from afar.

Enter the room and listen to the echo. A new storyline, “Torchbearers,” will appear . Go outside and change the plot to walk through the burnt out train. When you open the door on the other side, you can choose any plot convenient for you in this location.

Note: After going down the stairs you will see arrows that point to something. We tried changing all the available plots (since the location is looped, you can return here at any time later), but nothing happened.

Abandoned Station. How to solve the lamp puzzle

At the Abandoned Station (mark on the map) there will be many enemies, but you can find ammunition and bandages in the boxes.

Go down below and save (saveroom on the left). There will be three light sources here. First, take the first source and go to the second (at the grate on the right). It's also worth picking up.

This will open a small appendix, where you need to stand and use energy again on the second source.

Follow the corridor to the end and switch the third source (behind the bars). Go back, repeat the steps to get out, and go right.

Ending station

At the station, immediately go down to the left towards the water and look at the top of the wall. Here are words of power.

Make your way along the carriage to the far side of the station and use all available scenarios to find supplies, an audio recording and get an echo, and with it a new scenario - “Summoning Ritual” .

In the same scenario, run back and then along the platform on the right. Don't forget to find words of power (weapons) between the two carriages where you came from.

You can turn on the lights in the carriage and pick up supplies, then examine the two large rooms. In the first room there will be a word of power on the wall . In the second, you need to listen to the echo , but monsters will attack you, so we advise you not to linger. Moreover, the next room will be safe.

How to get out of the subway

Continue forward. The last door will take you back to the very first station, “Demolished Tunnel.” Here you need to change the script to “Summoning Ritual”, after which a cutscene will begin. Just run to the safe room and complete the simple QTE. As soon as the dark entity leaves, save and run towards the same tunnel without stopping. If you hesitate, Alan will die.

Examine the corpse and interact with the heart to complete this part of the walkthrough.

Parliament Tower

This segment of the walkthrough will see players heading out into the city again, so if you missed anything, now is a great time to catch up. Run forward along the tunnel until you reach Caldera Station. Go up to the city and run towards the huge building. First, you can return to the payphone and listen to the unknown person.

On the first floor of the building, listen to the echo and take the elevator.

Initiation 3: Obsession

You will find yourself in Alan's room. In the bedroom, look at the photographs, then go straight to the kitchen and take the memory card for the video camera on the table. Use it on the camera in the hall and watch the video with Alice.

An image of the protagonist will appear on the screen. Interact with him to complete the chapter.

Saga. Byte Falls

After Alan’s story, you can ask him a few questions, place evidence in the Sanctuary of the Mind and use the “Dossier” to have other questions for the writer. By doing this, you will receive new manuscript pages .

Now you are free to switch between characters, but once you start a chapter, you will have to complete it. It is impossible to go back and change the hero (only loading a save will help).

To begin with, do not rush to leave the motel. First, run to the rooms and find two pages of the manuscript (this room was previously locked).

When you're ready, pick up your vehicle and head to the Wateree area. This is how a new chapter will begin.

Return 3: Local

In the city, you can examine the locked door behind the cafe-bar, chat with the owner of the trailer (new clues will appear), as well as with the man at the sauna. The cafe has a safe room with a stuffed deer . Follow the bridge and talk to the owner of the trailer park. He will show you the road that will lead to the amusement park and give you the key to the souvenir shop (you must first place the evidence and examine the dossier).

How to get a crossbow

Follow the path and deal with the monsters. On the hill you will see the first cache of cultists. It's electronically locked, but there's only supplies inside. Next to the box, don't miss the manuscript page.

The next cache is located near a small house (sevroom). Start the generator and pick up the page, then look around. Opposite the hut there is a chest with a crossbow (code 527 ).

To the right of the hut there will be a rise to the radio tower. Upstairs you will only find a lunch box . Go down to the water and cross the bridge. The path to the house on the right is blocked by the flood, you will have to return here later. However, before the fork, you will see a camping area - here is the second lunch box .

How to open a souvenir shop

Follow to the amusement park and save in the barn. Take a page of the manuscript here.

Once at the bench, go up to the Ferris wheel and open the cultists' cache (the numbers are written on the striped trailers - 147 ).

You can explore the park in any order, but you need to get to the Coffee Maker attraction, which is by the river. As you enter, the gate will close, and you will have to fight two monsters. After winning, look around and pick up a screwdriver. This is a story item that allows you to pick simple locks.

How to open a save in the souvenir shop and get the key to the trailer

On the way back, enemies will attack - this will happen all the time when you find story items. Open the lock with a screwdriver, take the page on the table at the entrance and examine the safe . There will be a note next to him. To solve the puzzle, you will have to find and place all the evidence in the Sanctuary, then use the board with the park employees. However, you can simply use the code "146" and skip the steps.

Where to find the key to the cultists' hiding place in the Coffee World park

The cache itself is located not far from the well, behind a large boulder. It is locked with a key that lies behind a huge toy. From the well, go back a little towards the bench and find the toy. Climb up and go around behind it - here is the key.

Note: In this guide, we will first go through the story, then, as other areas become accessible on the map, we will describe the locations of other caches and lunch boxes.

How to open a trailer

Run to the exit of the park and immediately turn left. There will be a small wooden tent with a lunch box inside

Another lunch box can be found on the workshop premises. To do this, you will have to go around it along the highway, but here you will open a short passage to the well in the park.

Return to the trailer park and watch the cutscene. Ask the men questions to obtain evidence, then run to the right side of the location. Behind the swing by the fence is another lunch box .

The other trailers available right now will only contain supplies, as well as one stuffed deer . Find evidence in the Andersons' trailer:

  • A collection of puns;
  • Letter from the FBI;
  • Postcard from mom;
  • Collection of Scandinavian fairy tales;
  • Diploma;
  • Poster;
  • Newspaper clipping;
  • Photo.

How to open a door in a workshop

When you exit the trailer, you will see police officers. Follow them to the bikers' workshop and go inside. In the far part of the hangar there is a stuffed deer . Examine the computer, read the letters and find the correct combination.

Find the following evidence:

  • Note “Please read”;
  • Discipline note;
  • Note “Ritual for the Possessed”;
  • Watching Rose;
  • Note “Cult of the Tree”.

Take the fuse here on the table . This is a story item that will be needed a little later.

Go down to the basement. There will be no enemies here - go to the switch and go back. Now get ready to fight the mini-boss. We recommend throwing a gas cylinder at his feet and shooting at him, then finishing him off with any available weapon.

How to find the chariot and find the fuse, cassette, knife, circuit board and mask

After a battle with a strong enemy, do not rush to run in search of objects in the park. First, get four pieces of evidence by examining the makeshift scene in front of the workshop. Take a page of the manuscript here . But that's not all! To the right of the entrance to the park there is a tent - look here and be sure to read the note. If you don’t do this, the mask needed for the plot will not appear!

After this, enter the Sanctuary and place the clues on the board to get clues.

How to find a printed circuit board

You should have picked up the fuse in the workshop. It needs to be inserted into the attraction block, which is located next to the well. Start the device and stop at the moment when the holder without a capsule passes by you.

Go down, crawl under the attraction and collect the fee. You can’t get out the same way - climb into another passage. Once you get out, pick up the page on the ground.

How to find a knife

Return to the gift shop. There is a toy knife to the right of the seller's counter - take it.

How to find a cassette

Run to the southern part of the park, where the tents are set up. Behind one of them there is a cardboard character, when you get close to him you will hear laughter. Go around it and take the tape.

How to find a mask

You will receive the mask only if you have studied all the evidence on the makeshift stage, read the notes on the table under the canopy, placed the evidence on the wall in the Sanctuary of the Mind and asked for help in the “Dossier” section . Immediately after this, a moose skull will appear on the well.

How to beat Milligan and Thornton

Go down the well and enter the house. Pick up the page on the table, then continue running forward and go down into the well again. Repeat the steps, but this time the well will be blocked. Find a free passage and follow forward all the time (the passages will close and open, follow the free one and run after the voices).

Already now the hero will be attacked by ordinary enemies - try not to waste ammunition. After the next visit to the well, turn off the receiver on the table and examine the containers with supplies, and you can also pick up the necessary things from the box (will appear in front of the stairs).

You have to kill two possessed cops, but they will appear endlessly until you destroy all the dark spheres in the location. The enemies use long-range weapons, so we recommend dodging the shots and getting rid of the orbs first, only then start fighting the sheriff's deputies.


You will return to the previous location - now you can explore all previously inaccessible places. The last lunch box in this region is on the way to the lighthouse, next to the safe room. Before reaching it, turn left and inspect the cliff.

The lighthouse building is locked, but in front of it you will meet three monsters. To the right of the van there is a passage to the cultists' hiding place.

Trailer park

The water in the trailer park has also gone down, so you can head here and check out the cultists' hiding place. The key to it is hidden near the fence on the electrical panel. You need to climb up the wooden beam onto the box.

At the pier, pick up the baby doll .

Ranger's Lodge

In the northern part of the location, access to the Ranger's House will open. There are two wolves wandering in front of the hut, and a nursery rhyme behind the house. On the second floor you will find three toys (a bear, a girl doll, a monster), a stuffed deer and a clue.

Main Street

In the city at the moment you can examine the cache of cultists (on the pier). To do this you will have to solve the riddle or use this code - “496” .

Behind the cafe-bar, break down the door with a screwdriver and find several clues related to nursery rhymes and rituals.

Initiation 4: Let's sing

Note: If you play through the chapter immediately after the episode "Return 3: Local", you will first have to play as Alan, who got out of the Darkness. This is how the chapter “Return 4: Without a Chance” will begin. However, control will soon pass to Saga and you will be able to switch to Alan in the past using the Janitor's Bucket.

There are no secrets in this chapter - most of the time you just need to listen to the music and move forward. After receiving the “reward” you will be able to interact with the light. Do this where possible to get further.

Having reached the taxi pavilion, you first need to select a charge for the lamp. This can be done if you follow the multi-colored “GetaWay Club” sign . This way you will find yourself in front of a lamppost, you can pick up the charge and activate it at the car.

After the next scene begins, climb up the stairs and approach the table. On it you will see a rocket launcher - Alan's second weapon in the game. You can't miss it, because if you don't pick up the cannon, the passage won't open.

From this moment on, you will encounter enemies on your way. Supplies can be picked up in hanging boxes, just like in the forest. Get to the TV and open the door to the utility room. There is an echo here - activate it. You will again find yourself at a vertical staircase. Just go upstairs, interact with the board and change the plot to "End of the Song". Watch the video.

Initiation 5: Number 665

Leave the television studio building and run to the phone. The unknown person will contact Alan again and advise him to go to the Oceanview Hotel. The entrance to the hotel is right in front of the square, but if you go inside, you will find yourself in a loop and exit outside. Before entering the building, Alan will say a remark - you need to follow the neon “Mirror Pick” sign.

How to get to the Oceanview Hotel

Run to the alley where you first met Casey. Enter the door to find yourself on the roof. Follow the only path until you can switch the light. This will create a ladder, and with it the shadows.

On the next roof there are supply crates and a locked door. Use the lantern to get through. Next, make your way through the cardboard shelter and collect useful items from the boxes. There is a ladder to the right of the safe room - use it. On the left you will see a large billboard with Casey ( echo here ), as well as stairs down. She will lead you to a room with the sheriff.

By the way, you can crawl under the same stairs and get a word of power (weapon). To do this, go down and run to the right. Climb under the stairs and look up on the right side.

The next crossing has the option to switch the lights. Don't do this yet, but move forward. You will find yourself on the opposite side. Look at the water tower and pick up the word of power.

Go back and change the light. Alan will come out on the nearest roof, where you also need to use the lamp to make a ladder appear. Repeat the steps and go down to the hotel.

On the lower roof on the right there is a word of power depicted on a piece of wood. However, it is turned to the side, so there is no way to pick it up from here (we will update the guide as soon as we find a way to do this).

How to find a double-barreled shotgun

To enter the hotel, you first need to look at the bar on the veranda and find the code - “2550”. However, here you can pick up Alan's third and final weapon in the game. To do this, switch the light to enter the room, then repeat the action.

Note: If you accidentally didn't pick up the cannon, you can do so at any time until the end of the chapter. Simply take the elevator up to the roof and exit the building to reach the veranda.

Go to room 665, interact with the projector and watch the video, after which the task will be updated. Leave the room. An echo can be found on the staircase.

Lobby and Final

Take the elevator and go down to the lobby. This will begin a new story from which you have to get out. Go through the door on the left to the reception desk, study the map on the wall and listen to the echo. This will give the player the Pre-Show Ritual scenario.

Change the scene and deal with several enemies. Next you need to get to the second floor. Almost all the doors on the ground floor are now closed, except for room 111 - there are crates with supplies inside. Next to this room there is a passage to room 108 and the "Final" stage. Change the scenario to "Ritual before the show", take the key to room 104.

Rehearsal room

The passage to the second floor is in the restroom of this room. After getting out, several hostile shadows will come out of room 223 - deal with them and inspect the premises.

Follow to room 219 - here is the passage to room 202 and access to the new stage "Rehearsal Hall".

Without changing the script, enter the rehearsal room, then switch to “Pre-Show Ritual.” This will give you an echo and script of The Haunting.

Assembly Hall

Change the script to any other to exit. Walk along the left side to the assembly hall. In room 209 you will hear the sheriff - the key to the room is in room 216 (it is open).

There is a safe spot on the right side with a save point. Here is the key to room 101 (inside there are only supplies and a video recording of the “Vision”). Change the scenario to "Ghosts", stand at the typewriter and listen to the echo . Alan will receive the script for The Devil. At the same moment, many hostile shadows will appear.


Go down to the first floor and in the lobby change the scenario to "Devil" . A passage to the stairs will open. Go up to the top floor and find another echo .

All the doors on the sixth floor are locked, so just run to room 666, pick up the Apotheosis echo and watch the cutscene, after which get ready to run back. Whichever side you choose, at some point the passage will be blocked. Go back to the elevators and follow the opposite corridor.

The final

In the lobby, change the scenario to "Apotheosis" and listen to the echo. Run to number 108, also change the scenario here. Enter the room and try to pick up the record in the bathroom. After the cutscene, part of the chapter will be completed.

Initiation 6: Return

Enter Parliament Tower and go up to Alan's apartment. Watch the four videos and read the email on your computer. Interact with the TV to continue the passage.

Initiation 7: Masks

After the cutscene, run to the dining room and talk to the janitor. You can ignore the dialogue and immediately go down to the basement. You'll have to play with the light to get to the shoebox and pick up the photos.

Go back to the stairs and turn left into the TV room. Use the lamp and get out into the city. On the road opposite the payphone you can listen to the echo.

Get to the hotel and take the elevator. In room 665, interact with the projector and watch the video.

Initiation 8: Zane's Film

Leave the building and immediately listen to the echo. Alan will tell you to follow the spotlights in the sky.

Run along the street to the left of the construction site, kill the enemies and go through the car wash. Don't rush into the cinema; outside you can find a word of power and two echoes. The first echo is right in front of the cinema.

Now run left and look for the yellow arrows. In the tunnel on the wall are words of power.

There is also a vertical staircase to the roof. From here you can get a second echo.

Return to the cinema entrance and hand over your ticket at the box office.


On the balcony you can find the word of power (yellow arrows). From here, look at the plot echo of “The Cult of the Word”.

Go down to the first floor and go to the room behind the cash registers. Inside, change the script to the one you received earlier. So you get another echo of "The Cream of New York" .

Theater Hall

Go out and change the plot. A passage to the Theater Hall will open on the left. Don't change anything, just get up on stage. There's an echo here.

Change the plot to "The Cream of New York" , go up to the balcony and change the lights. A door will appear. Climb higher and check the film room - it is locked. Go back, change the plot to “Cult of the Word” and here take an echo of “Scene from an Old Film” . Switch to it.

Deal with the enemies, go to the screen and turn on the light. An exit to the street will appear.

In the dark

On the right there is a safe room with supplies. Once you've looked around, go back and switch the story to The Cream of New York . An echo will appear aimed at ventilation.

To get to the roof, turn off the car lights and walk around the wall where the headlights are shining. Go to the window and turn on the light again.

On the roof you can find many boxes, as well as a sheriff. To do this you will have to crawl under metal platforms.

Having reached the place where you can see the police car, replace the plot with “Cult of the Word” . This way you will get an echo of "Grand Master" .

Return to the theater room and switch the plot to the one you just received. A door will appear on the screen - interact with it. Next, you just need to go forward all the time, then take the knife and touch the mask. This will complete the chapter, and at the exit you can change the plot to “The Grand Master” and listen to the echo .

Return to the square and answer the call. The voice on the phone will tell you that to continue, you need to put Alice's photos in the shoebox near the statue. Do this to switch to Saga.

Return 4: No Chance

You play as Alan, who is attacked by the possessed in a motel. Go out into the hall, then go to the kitchen door. On the street you will find a double-barreled shotgun and a flashlight. Using a flashlight, get rid of the dark clumps on the gate, after which the enemy will attack you. Don't waste ammo on him and run forward all the time, inspecting the lockers on the pillars.

When control passes to Saga, you can return back to the motel and find the cultists' hiding place . It's located right in front of the building in the parking lot behind the white van. It has an electronic lock, so there won't be any problems.

Get back on the path and run towards the bridge. Now half the map is flooded, so we'll follow the story and then start sightseeing in search of hiding places and lunch boxes.

To the left of the bridge there will be a saferoom. Inside is a page of the manuscript .

You can go back a little and turn right at the fork. There is a cultist hiding place on the hill with an electronic lock. In the same clearing you will find a riddle with a nursery rhyme .

Return to the saveroom and run to the right. There is a lunch box hidden between two paths .

A little lower on the map you will see a cache of cultists . It's in the back of a pickup truck. To open it, you will have to solve a math problem (4X+2(200-X)=754). Code - "177" .

Another lunch box is located a little further down the trail. You can pick it up now or come back later.

Return 5: Old Gods

At the moment these are all collectibles that can be collected in the forest. The next lunch box is on the ground floor of the nursing home - talk to Rose to enter, then immediately enter the room on the right. Check out the map here .

In the living room, talk to the two old men and the janitor to get clues . Rose is not saying something. Go up to the second floor. In Odin's room you will note two more clues (try to talk to the man, examine the painting on the wall). At the end of the corridor near the cooler, talk to Cynthia Weaver, who will disappear shortly after the conversation. It's time to go to the Abode of the Mind and complete all matters, as well as chat with Odin in the "Dossier" section . In the break room on the second floor, be sure to interact with the stuffed deer .

On the third floor there is no evidence now, only ammunition and supplies in boxes. Go down to Rose and tell her you know about Thor's injury. She will open the passage to the wellness center.

Immediately upon entering, examine the map and follow the voice of your grandfather. In one of the chambers there is a page of a manuscript on the table. In the same chamber, find Thor's bed to get two pieces of evidence .

What is the password for the computer in the wellness center

Open the door to the gym and watch the scene with the old man. The door will close behind him, so you'll have to find the security room. To do this, enter the door on the left and run to the dead end. There is a locked computer in the security room - the password is one of the dates marked on the calendar - “170823” .

How to find a door handle and get a rifle

To the right of the entrance to the security room there is a locked door without a handle. When you unlock the computer, exit the other side and return to the hall. The automatic door to the street will be unlocked. Go through the first door and turn right - here is the entrance to the staff break room. There is a pen in the drawer under the desk at the reception .

In addition to the rifle , the room also contains a manuscript page and a stuffed deer .

Note: Even if you skipped this puzzle and progressed further in the story, you can return at any convenient time to the point of no return in the chapter "Return 6: Scratch".

How to find Thor

Return to the gym, where the possessed drifter will be waiting for you. This is the most powerful of the ordinary opponents in the game. Go through the kitchen and go outside. Watch the cutscene with Thor.

Rose will refuse to tell the truth, so you will have to open the Abode of the Mind and place all the evidence, and also visit the “Dossier” section. The saga will come to the conclusion that the girl can be deceived - so we will do so.

How to restore power and find the fuse

Before continuing the story, return to the main entrance and talk to the old people. On the second floor, open the door to the group's museum and examine the frame from the missing record. As soon as you try to open the door to Cynthia's room on the third floor, the light will disappear. You'll have to go down to the basement.

Several enemies will appear on the street near the bridge. When you destroy them, go down to the basement and follow to the generator room. To the left of the cauldron, pick up a manuscript page , then turn right.

There is another page on the red box in front of the ventilation . Go through the vent and interact with the closed toolbox. The code is “273” (written on a piece of paper in the next room). There is a page on the table to the left of the drawer .

Insert the fuse and turn on the light. If you want to watch a snippet of Zane's movie, go back to the laundry room and interact with the projector. Return to the third floor to Cynthia's room. In the bathroom, take the page and the record . On the table you can find evidence for Cynthia's dossier, as well as a gift from Thor. There is also a manuscript page in Gale's room .

Go down to the first floor, kill the drifter and place the record in the player. This will open up the fold.

How to find bolt cutters

In the bunker, run forward all the time until you find the switch. Start the engine and turn on the lights. A new passage will open, and Saga will again fall into the loop. Eventually you will reach the next lever. The bolt cutter is in a locked cabinet. Turn on the light and look around the next room. Interact with another switch to find a key .

Turn off the lights in the first room, open the cabinet and take the bolt cutter . When you re-enter the second room and flip the switch, a strong possessed will appear. While the enemy is alive, a passage will be open to the room on the left - there you can pick up supplies.

How to beat Cynthia

Once you reach the flooded room, interact with the button in the center of the room. There is no light - you will have to find and start a generator. Try not to stay in the water for long, as Cynthia will attack you. To do this, use hills and various objects that you can climb onto.

The path here is linear - run from cover to cover to the generator. After launching it, return to the button and go down to the lower level. The bossfight will begin.

Note: Some members of the editorial team, including the author of this walkthrough, encountered a bug in this segment. After Cynthia's first attack, the player cannot raise a weapon (aim) or attack with a flashlight. Loading the last save saves you, after which you need to spam shots at the boss so that he falls to the ground.

Once Cynthia stops levitating, it will be much easier to kill her. After the battle, watch the cutscene, after which the chapter will end.

Mansion, Wellness Center, Ranger Station, and Billy's Wharf

In this section, we'll describe how to find missing pages, lunch boxes, and cultist caches throughout the rest of the region.

Return to the bridge and pick up the manuscript page . Another page will appear on the floor in one of the rooms of the wellness center. The next page is in an outdoor gazebo (without lighting). The last page in this location can be found to the left of the main entrance to the nursing home.

Talk to Thor in the Sanctuary and place all the clues on the board. Now you can start exploring the rest of the map. Find a gate at the gazebo. Use the bolt cutter to open it. Run along the path and turn right at the fork. In the middle of the path, find a lunch box .

Go back and run after the cache marker (after the previous chapter, all caches are displayed on your map). It's locked - you need to find the key. To do this, look at the sign with an arrow in front of the box. Go in the direction the arrow points. So you will find similar signs and get the key.

Now run along the path to the saferoom (a lonely barn in the south of the map). Start the generator and pick up a page of the manuscript .

Head to the next closest cache icon . The necessary symbols are drawn nearby on the rock (screenshot below). Here you will receive evidence .

Near the Ranger Station there is another cache of cultists . You can open it if you examine the station and find the key . However, it lies outside, near the chimney behind the building.

At the Station you will find a riddle with a rhyme , several clues and a stuffed deer .

Not far from the last cache at the fork is hidden a lunch box , which we already found earlier. The penultimate box is located on the coast, on a small hill with a few trees.

Well, the last lunch box in this region can be found at Billy's Shipyard. It lies on the hill to the right at the entrance to the location. Nearby on the ground, pick up a manuscript page . If you followed the guide, this was the second to last box that can be found in the game. For the latter you will have to return to the lake and visit the cottages.

On the shipyard pier there is another place with a rhyme .

Bright Falls

Now that you have the bolt cutters, you can walk around the city and open the remaining cultist caches (marked on your map). The first one is between the motel and the diner. 

The second cache lies in the booth on the pier. The code can be found on the pipes in the water - “697” .

Return 6: Scratch

Run to the police station and look in the room on the left as you enter. Talk to the agent, then find the possessed man and deal with him. Chat with the agent, take the key to the basement and find Casey. First, you can look into the sheriff's office and open the cabinet with a shotgun . Code - "723" .

In the basement there is a cache of cultists behind a locked grate (bolt cutters required). Code - "146" . Insert the fuse that Casey gives you, go back upstairs. Along the way, possessed people will begin to appear. Chat with the agent and examine the cameras. One of them contains a manuscript page. Find Alan and watch the cutscene.

Advice: We recommend purchasing upgrades for the rifle first.

When the agent opens the door to the courtyard, get out and shoot Scratch. After several hits it will stop for a while. Use this to activate the cubes.

Complete all unfinished business

Before continuing the story, we advise you to save your progress and complete all unfinished business. As soon as you talk with your friends, the game will offer a choice - refuse and return to the city.

Riddles with nursery rhymes

In this guide, we'll show you how to find and solve all the nursery rhyme puzzles in Alan Wake 2.

Remaining lunch box and cultist hiding places

If you followed the guide, there is only 1 lunch box left to pick up on the map and the cultist cache at Cauldron Lake. Another cache awaits you behind the workshop in Wateree.

Note: When you return to the car after the battle with Scratch, you can find a manuscript page on the road .

At the lake, run to the locked rental cottages. Open the gate with a bolt cutter and find a page and a cache in the house on the right . However, it is locked. Go back and go through house #3 to the back, where you can cross under the tree to the other side. Don't miss the last box lunch in this same house .

When you exit house No. 5, run right to the gazebo. A little to the right of it, numbers are depicted on the trees . You need a tree with the number “2” - behind it is the key to the cache.

In cottage No. 4 there is a riddle with a nursery rhyme (Monster - egg; Crow - eye; Hero - jewelry), solving which you will gain access to house No. 6 . There you will find a pendant , supplies and a stuffed deer .

How to get to Mayak

If your last hiding place is in Wateree behind the workshop, then inside you will find the key to the Lighthouse . Code - "542" . The lighthouse itself contains useful supplies (ammo, first aid kits, grenades, many cylinders), as well as two pages of manuscript .

How to open room No. 108 in a motel

To thoroughly prepare for the final battles, you can open room No. 108 in the motel. To do this, you will have to find and spoil 12 stuffed deer . We talked about them in the guide, but you can also use this guide .

Return 7: Ritual

Get ready and go to the lake. Follow the van, killing enemies along the way. Give the order to Thor and Odin, then get rid of the enemies that appear. Casey will occasionally drop you ammo and other supplies, as well as lit flares. So, even at maximum difficulty, problems should not arise.

As soon as the prompt appears, use the switch. The game will switch you back to Alan.

Initiation 9: No Trace

Go up to Alan's apartment and watch the video. After the cutscene on the beach, control will again pass to Saga. Your task is to first turn two spotlights towards the cage, then lure Scratch there. Use the same tactics as in the first battle: shoot at the enemy (it is important that he is in the line of sight of Casey's searchlight), and when he is stunned, the agent uses the searchlight to detain him. At this time, turn your headlights.

After turning both spotlights, run into the cage and watch the video, after which you will play as Alan.

Deer Day

At the beginning of the chapter, the agent will return your weapon to you, but there will be little ammunition. Therefore, do not be distracted by enemies in the forest and run through the crime scene to the parking lot. Three dark spheres will appear right in front of the gate that need to be destroyed.

Run to the end of the street and interact with the book in the hands of cardboard Alan. The locals will become aggressive - run along the right side of the fireplace without turning.

At the nursing home there is also a short run through the wellness centre. There is only one path here, and in any case you will find yourself on the third floor, in the writer’s room. Change the plot .

In the Saga segment, use the “Dossier” and place the obtained evidence on the board. When the girl decides to fight, take the flashlight and look for positive evidence in the room. Also place them on the wall, then exit through the door.

In the square, find the sheriff who will give you a manuscript page . A door to the construction site will appear, which will lead you to the metro station. Go out to the square and take the switch and bullet in the shoebox . On the way back, monsters will attack - you can ignore them. Answer the call and go down to the fountain. Watch the final cutscene.