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Walkthrough of Assassin's Creed Mirage - all story missions and investigations


Walkthrough of Assassin's Creed Mirage - all story missions and investigations

The new Assassin's Creed Mirage is much shorter than its predecessors, but the new investigation system can be challenging. To eliminate the five main targets, you will have to collect many clues and find out the identities of other members of the Order of the Ancients. To simplify this process, we have prepared a complete walkthrough of all story missions.

The best thief in Anbar. How to steal an account book

After the introductory cutscene, exit the house and follow Nihal. You will be taught the basics of parkour, repeat the movements after your friend to end up in the market.

Using eagle vision, find the bag of money left by the merchant. Next, follow Nihal until she finds another target to steal. Master this mechanic and move towards the Dervish. Watch the cutscene again and move to the warehouse for the ledger.

The passage is guarded by two guards. You will be taught how to secretly cut down opponents from the bushes, after which you can begin the task. There is a lift to the roofs on the left, it is better to use it. The door to the desired room is locked, so you will have to find the key. The guard in the next house has it. Use eagle vision to immediately see who exactly has the key.

There is only one entrance to the building, you will have to knock out the guard. The easiest way to do this is to jump from the roof. Now go inside and go up to the second floor. Knock out the second guard and take the key. Return to the closed door, open it and take the book. Return to Dervish and watch the cutscene.

How to get to the Winter Palace

Basim will come up with the idea to steal what the Invisibles need to prove themselves. Talk to Nihal and choose to start the quest. Follow her to get to the palace.

The door to the desired room is locked, you will have to steal the key again. Use your eagle vision and move towards the guard. The room is patrolled by a security squad, hide in the bushes to avoid them without any problems. Once you have the key, return. Watch the cutscene. Walk along the corridor to get into the room with the chest, the cut-scene will start again.

When it ends, you will have to quickly run away. Learn to sprint and run in a straight line. Jump over the statues of the pool in time to slip through the closing gate, then move in any convenient way to your destination - home. The guards are looking for you, so we recommend staying on the rooftops - it’s harder to spot you.

After the cutscene, go to Dervish. Watch the cutscene and go to the objective marker on the pier. Watch another cutscene, after which Basim will officially become a student of the Invisibles.

A new beginning. How to complete your studies

After waking up in the water, swim towards the fortress and find Roshan. Climb up the rock and then jump down into the haystack. Follow your mentor until she tells you to find Fuladha. Use eagle vision to see one of the assassins, from whom you can find out where the old man is. Get to Fuladh and talk to him.

Now you need to pick up the pieces of leather from the tent nearby. Do this and go to the blacksmith Rebecca. She will give you your first sword and knife.

Before you go to training, talk to the assassin on the way. There is an orange exclamation mark above it. You will be taught how to throw knives.

Now go to Roshan for class. Pass the skill check and then watch the cutscene.

Follow Nur on patrol. After the dialogue, get to the observation point and watch the cut-scene. We need to quietly eliminate several infiltrators. After winning, a long cutscene will begin.

Go to the workshop for the hidden blade. After the dialogue, go to the temple for the initiation ceremony. Cut off your ring finger and take the oath, after which you will fight Roshan again. The fight will be interrupted by Nur, watch the cutscene, after which you will finally go to Baghdad.

The road to Baghdad. How to find the assassins office

Upon arrival, you will be separated from Roshan and Fuladh. You have time to walk around Baghdad before heading to the office. We will not waste time, so we immediately move towards the goal. Once close to the point, switch to the eagle and turn on its first-person view. You will see a yellow circle. The smaller it is, the closer the desired place is from you. Use this to identify the office. The easiest way to get into them is from the roof, as in the first part.

Find the rebels. How to help Beshi

You need to organize resistance to the Caliph. To do this, contact the rebels. Find Beshi - an African who communicates with his people near the port. Before talking to him, sit down on a bench and wait until nightfall. Beshi will ask you to save his people, who are being held nearby.

You can go through several ways, but in any case, use the eagle first. It will show where the prisoners are and also mark all enemies. It is better to act secretly, but not necessarily. Don't forget to use your eagle vision. This will show you the environment you can use. For example, you can use a knife to cut the rope that holds a heavy load above the guards, or throw a knife into a red pot to make it explode.

When you complete the task, return to Beshi. He will give you a Power Coin which can be used to recruit rebels in certain locations. In addition to power coins, there are also science and trade coins. They are issued for main and side quests, and also for theft from ordinary citizens.

Follow Noor's example. How to find an informant

Before looking for your acquaintance Noor, return to the office and discuss the new information with Roshan. Now move towards the marker. Deshaun will be a familiar face. Chat with him and receive an additional ongoing quest. The merchant needs special things that can be obtained by stealing. Each district has a limited number of such items, and they are marked on the map with a golden hand. You won’t complete this quest quickly, and it doesn’t matter for the main story, so we won’t dwell on it.

How to find out where Ali is being held

The rebel leader is in prison, but it is unclear which one. Go to the Outpost at the Khorasan Gate to eavesdrop on the guards' dialogue. It is better to enter from the roof, there is a convenient passage to the territory. To eavesdrop, you must either hide or blend into your surroundings. In this particular case, there is a haystack next to the guards, jump into it and concentrate to make out the words.

Now we have to look for lists of prisoners. They are on the first floor on the opposite side of you. It’s better not to go straight, there are a lot of guards below. Make your way along the outpost wall, carefully eliminating the guards one by one. Having entered the room, take the book and return to the office. You know Ali's location and can save him. Before you begin, upgrade your gadgets from the assassins, and also examine the carpet with contracts.

Jail break. How to go to prison and find Ali

Meet Fooladh near the prison. After the dialogue, you need to figure out how to get inside. There are two points of interest nearby. On the right are the rebels who will attack the guards at the gate, and on the left is the merchant. We took advantage of the latter's help. Take the box and follow the merchant inside. You will find yourself in prison, but now you need to find Ali.

Go up the stairs and follow the corridor. There is only one route, so you won’t get lost, but don’t forget about eagle vision to keep an eye on the guards and not raise the alarm.

Once in the courtyard, move between groups of people so that the guards do not notice you. To you on the opposite side.

Continue moving until you find a descent into the dungeon. Make your way down and hear negotiations between the jailer and Ali. Once in the cell, kill the jailer, free Ali and watch the cut-scene.

Go back to the square room with two floors and use the jailer's key to open the guardroom. As soon as you get into the room, a cutscene will start, after which you will have to deal with two guards.

If you miss one of them, an alarm will be raised and an entire army of guards will block the exit. There are two options here - either go down where you came from and kill some of the enemies there, or run straight ahead. The second option is more dangerous since Basim will immediately receive several arrows in the chest.

To throw off your pursuers, run out of the guardhouse and immediately climb to the very top. They won’t get you here, and after a short time, the guards will disperse to their posts. In general, your task is completed, all that remains is to leave the prison in any convenient way.

A fragile union. How to find rebels

When you find yourself in the city, reduce your fame by tearing down posters - this is necessary to continue the task. Now you can go to the water mill. It's a long walk there, so use a camel or horse in the stable.

Once there, listen to Ali's speech, and then talk with your friends to find out the identity of the first of the Order of the Ancients. After the cutscene, follow Roshan.

First of the Order. How to kill Al Ghul

Together with the teacher, Basim will come to the caravanserai. Your target is inside but needs to be lured out. The entrances are guarded by guards, so you need to figure out how to get inside. Use the eagle to mark areas of distraction. There are two of them - a merchant stands in front of the entrance and asks for the goods to be returned to him; inside the caravanserai, the worker is dissatisfied with the fact that he and other craftsmen are being used as slave labor.

To get inside the guarded area, look for a group of merchants near the entrance and pay them with a Trade token to guide you through. Stay in the crowd and move at the same pace as everyone else. When the traders stop, you can act.

In our case, Basim decided to help the workers already inside. Find the overseer and chat with him. The bill of sale is worth 15,000, which is clearly more than you have. End the conversation and just steal her.

Now return the document to the employee. Once this happens, your target will appear on the balcony. Then again there are several options. The easiest way to kill Al Ghul is from above, but to do this you need to get to the second floor of the caravanserai. You can persuade the musician, then most of the guards will gather to listen to the singing and leave their posts.

Alternatively, you can use the group of merchants again, go outside the area and look for a place where you can climb the wall. Once in the right place, kill the Ancient One and watch the cutscene.

After it, Basim will learn to use a new combat ability, reminiscent of a teleport - assassin concentration. While there are only two charges available, use them to open a path to escape.

Old wounds. Call. How to find Nihal and find the burial place of the Forerunners

Before leaving the caravanserai, Basim noticed Nihal. Travel to your old home in Anbar. The girl is already waiting for you. After the intro, you need to find out what attracts her so much. This place is located to the right of Anbar - in an oasis. It will be easy to find it, since there is a synchronization point there.

If you dive into the very center of the lake, you will find a cave. Explore it to discover three Forerunner artifacts - a sword, a dagger and armor.

To get them, collect strange shards. People with them can be found on the map under the corresponding icon.

Coins and daggers. How to find an office in Karkh

In addition to the very first office, several more were opened in Baghdad. You can visit them in any order, where your investigations into each of the four members of the Order will begin. We chose the Karkh area. As before, use the eagle for accurate detection.

Talk to Rebecca and Roshan, then follow the teacher to the bazaar. Two clues will open up for you.

Money, vices and tea. How to find an old friend

Basim's friend won't be difficult to find. Go through the bazaar and approach the objective marker to hear Kun's conflict with Luka. Talk to Kun. He needs to return the box of tea.

How to return Kun's tea

The warehouse is very close. You can't get there from the roof, only from the first floor. It is not necessary to kill all the guards, but you will have to carry a heavy box and it is better to make sure that Basim is not pursued in advance.

Going up to the second floor, move aside one of the cabinets to get to the tea. Use eagle vision for orientation.

When you return, talk to Kun. He wants to return his goods and for this he needs to free the port and warehouse. After the dialogue, Luke will call you over.

Give him the Trade token to find out the exact location of the warehouse.

How to find information about the harbormaster at the warehouse

The warehouse is divided into three buildings. You need to find several letters. Note that there is a lot of environment that you can interact with to reduce the number of enemies - suspended weights, explosive vessels and ropes that are convenient to aim at patrolling guards. Be sure to cut the bell with a dagger so that no one can call for help.

How to kill the harbormaster

The corrupt port keeper can be found, logically, in the port. It is located in the upper zone and is surrounded by guards. There are several ways to get to it, but the eagle will be driven away by an archer, so take care of it first, so that you can then think about the route from above. After success, return to Kun and report on the work done.

About labor and taxes. How to find out the situation at the market

At the bazaar you can check the second clue received from the assassins. Go to the point and use eagle vision. A group of merchants is standing to your left. Another group will be in a straight line. In both cases, you just need to listen.

Move further and you will see a tied up spirit merchant and guards.

Kill the soldiers and discuss the situation with the woman.

How to help traders

The perfume seller is waiting for deliveries from traders from other countries, but for some reason they are delayed. We need to find them and find out what's going on. Go to the place and talk with the main merchant. In the center of the camp there is a severed head of a horse, you need to find out who did it. Examine the head, talk to the two merchants nearby, and also read the instructions to the guards to the right of the tragedy site. Talk to the elder again.

Merchants need to be escorted.

In the middle of the journey, the caravan will be attacked, and you will have to fight the enemies openly. There will be no other adventures along the way. Near the Carja gate the quest will end.

The price of greed. How to kill a tax collector

A lead with merchants leads Basim to the mansion of a corrupt tax collector. The eagle will not help you here, since there is an archer on the roofs who aims at the bird and drives it away from the area. You'll either have to kill the archer first, or use eagle vision from the ground.

You can get inside in two ways - either from the second floor from the side of the fountain, or through the main entrance, where three guards are on guard. Inside there will be two more guards and the target itself. You should also find three letters - two in the house and one on the grounds.

Faceless feather. How to Prepare for Murder

Return to Rebecca and talk to Net and Roshan. Time to kill the second Ancient One. Meet the teacher near the bazaar and listen to a pep talk.

Gilded butterflies. How to find out the identity of the treasurer

You need to find out who the treasurer is. Go to the market and turn on your eagle vision. Kun is waiting for you ahead, talk to him. He knows some information, but asks for the return of the ceramic saucer.

Continue looking around the bazaar until you see two women, eavesdrop on their conversation. At some point the women will start moving, follow them, listen to their second conversation and talk to one of them.

Head to Luka for Kun's Saucer. Along the way you will meet a street barker. Go inspect his goods and discuss the hairpin that the treasurer needs.

In Luke's shop, go into the first room on the left. Move the rack to the other side to get higher. There you will find explosive vessels, use them to blow up the wall below.

Now you can move the shelving unit into another room, towards the grid on the wall, and then to the right, towards the wooden frame. Climb up it. Pick up the saucer and return to Kun. You will receive all the information to identify the treasurer, it's time to move to the auction.

Take your seat and participate in the auction. Regardless of how much money you have, you will see a treasurer.

The hairpin will be bought by another visitor. Follow him to steal the artifact.

How to kill Treasurer Ning

When you get there, talk to the guard. You need to find an ivory coin. Follow the marker and pick up the hairpin.

Return to the bazaar and follow the merchant until you witness a conversation between a merchant and a disgruntled merchant. Bribe her to get information. The necessary brooch can be obtained from the guild. Go there.

The entrance is guarded by a guard, but on the right there is an opportunity to climb higher and bypass him. Inside you will find two soldiers, get rid of them and then pick up the brooch. Return to the first guard, now you will be let in to the treasurer.

Follow the guards and wait until Ning is ready to receive you. Talk to her and watch the cutscene. Get a quick kill and then immediately run to the left to climb higher and elude the guards.

Grand completion. How to get to Rebecca

If you did everything correctly, the guards will immediately lose sight of you and will not pursue you. If there is persecution, still run from the market to the office. The task is completed.

Blood and shadows. How to find Fuladha

Find Fuladh in one of the offices and discuss the situation with the rebels with him and Ali. The next office is easily identified by the eagle, so you can immediately visit it to get a few more clues.

Hunter. How to find out where slaves disappear to

After receiving a tip from Fooladh, go to meet Ali. After the dialogue, mount your horse and ride after your ally.

Once you arrive, visit the tea shop and listen to what people are talking about. You will meet an elder, you need to bribe him with a Trade coin. Another target will be outside the tea shop - a drunken peasant. Track it with your eagle vision, pick it up and throw it into the river.

The last person you can talk to is the owner of the tea shop. He is standing very close to where the drunk was lying. Follow him to safety. The man will give a new lead. Return to Ali and report your success, watch the cut scene.

How to find an informant

During the daytime, go to the port and find the target. Chase him from a distance. You can walk on the rooftops. At the end, hide in a pile of leaves to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Rob the soldier to get the remaining information.

Like the father, like the son. How to find a widow's husband and son

Find and talk to the widow. She will ask you to bring her flowers. There are three snakes in the area where they grow, so kill them to avoid taking damage.

After returning the bouquet, talk to the woman again. We need to find her son. There are footprints on the ground to the left. Study them to find out where the guy went.

You will reach home. The entrance is blocked. Go around the building and move the rack to get inside. Examine all available objects and return to the widow.

You've found out everything you need to know.

Hunter. How to rescue kidnapped rebels

Go to Doan's farm. You will have to free several rebels. There is only one building on the territory, so hide in the vegetation. When you get to the house, you will find the widow's son. After success, return to Ali and the freed people.

How to kill Doan

You will go to this murder together with the rebels. An open confrontation is imminent. Doan is no different from other ordinary soldiers, so eliminate everyone, after which the mission will end.

Eagle and demon. How to find out where the Order meets

You need to find out the names of two more minions of the Ancients. Go to the point. Nothing special will happen here, but you won’t be able to kill them, just eavesdrop on the dialogue. As soon as the cutscene ends, guards will enter the room, so it is advisable to leave quickly.

Bird trap. How to kill General Jasur

Please visit the office to discuss the information received. The Ancients must be eliminated, while simultaneously obtaining information about their boss. Our first will be Jasur.

The general holed up in a fortified fort, which still needs to be reached. To the left of the main gate is the wall of the Round City. Once you climb on it, you can get into the fort without any problems.

The general's room can only be accessed using the key of one of the guards. The easiest way to lure him is to kill another, otherwise, you will have to climb through all the guards. After taking the key, get inside. Jasur is guarded by several more fighters, and we haven’t found a way to defeat them covertly.

A good option would be “teleport”, which by this time will already allow Basim to quickly eliminate three at a time. You can leave the zone the same way. It's both easier and faster.

Catch the demon. How to find and kill Nadir

The second Ancient will be a little more difficult since its location is unknown. Go to the port and collect information.

You can enter the territory without hindrance. Use your eagle vision and examine the box in the center, the scrolls in the room nearby, and the corpse in the cage almost right next to the river. Basim will find out where the second camp is located.

The territory is fenced with a palisade. Walk along it to find a gap through which you can climb inside. The enemy will have to be lured out. To do this, Basim needs to burn the experimental ship.

Use the eagle to mark points of interest. Move to the left and read the note. There are many explosive vessels nearby. You can burn everything there, but your goal is the ship. Swim to the ship and you will find several flammable pots on it. Throw the torch and jump into the water.

Nadir will appear immediately. You can kill him in any way, but at some point he will stand under a heavy load, which can easily be brought down on his head if you cut the rope with a knife.

After collecting the note from the corpse, return.

Lair of the beast. How to get to the Great Fortress

Meet Ali. You will have to get into one of the most guarded places in Baghdad - the Great Fortress. Our method may not be the only one.

Use the eagle to track two citizens talking and eavesdrop on them. There are holes in the wall where you can get through. To the right of where the conversation took place is a side entrance to the fortress, but it is well guarded. A little to the left of this entrance you can climb onto the lower tier of the wall.

Quietly kill the two closest guards and move along the wall deeper into the fortress. As a result, you will find a gap through which you will get to the main territory.

Chef-agent Ali will be there right ahead. Talk to him. He will go through the entire fortress and open the door to the courtyard, but to do this you need to constantly follow him and not raise the alarm. The route, which is specially prepared for this purpose, is quite easy to read. Crouch down to avoid unnecessary attention.

You will find yourself in the chambers of Vasif - your goal. But the commander will not be there. Move on and watch the cutscene. Ali, who wants to save the slaves, will join in. We need to find the keys.

The guard is with them further in the fortress. Try to climb higher - this will make it easier to control many enemies at once.

How to kill Vasif

After the slaves are freed, Ali will ask you to light a fire of alarm to divert attention from Basim. Do this and then make your way along the wall.

You need to go to approximately the same part of the fortress where the guard with the key was. Follow the objective marker to get into the room with the hatch.

Once you go down, you will get to Vasif. The skull mark shows where the easiest way to kill him is, but you can try any other method. After the victory, make your way with Ali and the rebels to the exit.

Talk to him and return to Fuladhu.

Flame and wisdom. How to start the fourth investigation

Visit the office in Abbassia and talk to Tabid. It is necessary to visit the House of Wisdom and find out what happened to the inventor Ahmad.

When you reach the House of Wisdom, talk to Fazil.

Find missing brother Ahmad

Visit Ahmad's workshop. To the left of the entrance are two shelves. Push one on top of the other to go into the secret room and study the blueprints. In the workshop itself, there are several more items for inspection.

As soon as you finish, one of the scientists who knows how to find Ahmad will come in. Follow him. Going out into the garden, the guide will scream and set the guards on Basim.

Deal with them and talk to the scientist.

Following the trail of fire. How to find a bookkeeper

Move towards the objective marker until you pick up the list of missing books. Guardian in the southwest wing. The area is guarded by aggressive guards, so take your time. When you reach the end of the library, you will find the corpse of the keeper.

You'll have to visit the scriptorium.

How to solve the mystery of the scriptorium

The area is well-guarded, so be careful. There is a note on one of the roofs. Someone is being locked up here. Take the key from the guard captain nearby, and then make your way to the desired building. Watch the cutscene. Read two letters on the first floor and one on the second, you can leave.

Find evidence of Zahra's involvement

Go to Zahra's house. There is no one there, including security. Examine points of interest, after which the game itself will tell you where to wait for the hostess.

Make your way across the rooftops to her so that you can make a kill and eliminate the Ancient One. Now you can escape from the estate.

Search for the missing brother. How to find an excavation site

You never found Ahmad, but you were given a map with an excavation point marked on it. A place just south of Baghdad.

Upon arrival, talk to one of the workers. You need to examine several chests to find clues. To the left there will be a group of mercenaries. You can bribe them so that if there is noise, they will fight for you.

The first chest is almost in the center of the camp, the second is in the left corner, blocked by a shelf.

You found out that Ahmad was in contact with Dr. Hassan. You will have to look for him on the upper floors of Bimaristan.

How to find Dr. Hassan

When you reach Bimaristan, be very careful - there are a lot of guards on the upper floors. Examine the ad next to his office. The door is locked, so find the nurse nearby and steal the key from her.

In the office, examine the letter and mask of the Order. Now we need to find out where the doctor is at the moment.

Eavesdrop on a conversation between three doctors in the common room. Hassan has a personal laboratory somewhere on the upper floors. The door there is locked, but there is a note hanging nearby, from which you can find out that there is an option to get inside through a broken window.

Climb a little higher and you will get inside without any hindrance. Kill Hassan and talk to Ahmad. Leave Bimaristan to complete the quest.

Big symposium. How to spot an Ancient One

Return to Tabid's office, after which you will receive the task of killing the main Ancient One. Basim suspects the head of the House of Wisdom, but he needs to be sure.

Inside the House of Wisdom, talk to Fazil's servant. There is time to look around before the scientist speaks.

Listen to the guests' dialogue about the poetess. The woman is in the garden and you can talk to her, do so. Unfortunately, she is not the Ancient One.

On the way you will meet Nihal. She wants to show something interesting. Follow the girl to Ahmad's office and examine the scrolls.

Return to Fazil's assistant and attend the performance.

How to kill the Great Sage

You have discovered the identity of the Ancient One, but now you need to catch him. Listen to the dialogue between scientists in the courtyard. Basim learns about secret passages under the House of Wisdom. There are several ways to get there, we will describe ours.

Talk to Fazil's assistant and bribe him. Go a little further and chat with the guard who prevents you from entering the room. You need to complete the passphrase. There is a piece of paper in the same room - read it. Go up to the second floor and listen to the upset librarian.

Follow him into the room and you will find yourself in a protected area. You need a book - the main scientific work of the Sage. To do this, go through the zone to the end. Along the way, you learn from the documents that the required volume is a study of astronomy. Get to the door with the bolt and go into the closed part of the building. Keep to the left wall and turn onto the balcony when a passage appears. There's a book there. After receiving the second part of the password, return to the guard.

Move the shelf and you will find a passage to the dungeon. There will be several guards in the first area - kill them. Go through the door and take the second door on the right. There is a hole in the wall through which you will enter the second closed room. You can take the clothes of one of the former prisoners so that Basim pretends to be a test subject.

Do this and move forward along the corridor without hiding. Wait your turn and make a quick kill. None of the guards will notice this, so quickly leave through the corridor on the right. Return to the office.

Service and pretense. How to get into a harem

The last target remains, but neither Basim nor the other assassins know who is hiding under the mask. You have three suspects, each with their own mission. Let's start with Kabihi. We met her at the market before the murder of the treasurer.

You need to get into the harem, but only eunuchs get there. Inspect the points of interest with the eagle and go under the green canopy. Here you can overhear the dialogue between the concubines. It turns out a new group of eunuchs is arriving today. Basim decides to intercept one to steal his clothes.

With the eagle you can easily determine your destination. You can choose any of the two.

Steal the clothes and come back. Select a new outfit from the character menu. Now you will be allowed inside.

How to get to Kabiha's office

The door to the office is very close to where you entered the harem. However, the lock cannot be opened. Basim will be noticed by one of the concubines - Makira. Basim offers the girl a deal, which she agrees to. We need to find the mascara of another concubine, Farah, as well as the “magic potion.”

The mascara is in the closet behind the shelf, and the potion turns out to be booze. It must be stolen from the concubine's belt.

However, that's not all Makira needs. Now you have to steal the book. To do this, you need to leave the safe area on the roof to the guards. The door to the desired room is closed. Find the key, and only then the book. Remember that Basim has no weapons with him other than a hidden blade.

After giving the book, you will have to return the potion back to Nasrin, the concubine from whom you stole the flask. After this you will finally get inside. Examine all active objects and follow the sound of voices. Watch the cutscene and exit. The task is completed.

Judge and executioner. How to find a governor

The deputy is the second suspect. Go to the court where he works as the boss. You don't need to go upstairs, so don't go through the rooftops. On the first floor, find the employee and bribe him. You will learn about a messenger who should lead you to the governor. Sit down on the bench and wait for the right time.

Follow the messenger without being seen. You will reach the local police station.

It is well guarded, so getting inside is not easy. There are mercenaries nearby who can distract the guards at the entrance. This will help you slip through unnoticed.

The governor's office is on the third floor, but you need a key, which the guard has on the first floor. The guard is surrounded by others, so use gadgets or teleport to eliminate them all quickly and quietly.

Once in the office, examine the active objects. Basim will be interrupted by the governor, who will tell him how things really are.

Immediately after the dialogue, the alarm will be raised, and you will have to quickly run away. Remove the bolt from the window and jump into the haystack. Reset the pursuit and the quest will end.

Fox and hunter. How to find Arib

The last person Basim needs to check is the poetess Arib, whose poems he often found among the Ancients. Go to your destination and watch the cutscene. After talking with the poetess's patron, go to the post office to steal her letters.

Most of the guards are located inside the building. Get there through the second upper floor and go down. The letter you need will be far away from the rest. Once you read it, Basim will say that he found everything he needed. Head to the garden to catch the poet performing.

Basim will hand over the letter, and Arib will go to the meeting. A patron with mercenaries will block her path, kill them. When the job is done, look for a picture of a mouse on the walls. You need to follow these pictures to discover the meeting place. For convenience, use eagle vision.

Once you get there, watch the cutscene. You have completed the task.

Last tip. How to find Roshan

The teacher is waiting for you on one of the roofs. Come to the place and watch a cut-scene with dialogue. After a little argument, Basim will receive the feather for the final kill.

Snake's nest. How to get to the palace

The palace is surrounded by a large wall that cannot be passed through. Use the eagle and then go to the nearby gate. You will see Ali's rebels.

They need to be let in to distract attention. Go left along the wall until you see a descent icon. This is a hole in the wall.

Once inside, go to the gate and let the rebels in. A fight will begin, but the allies will again run into closed doors. Inspect the area with the eagle and find the entry point into the building. Climb up the scaffolding to the dome. Walk around the area to find a balcony from which you can jump into the palace. Do this and open the gate.

Pick up the key to the baths from one of the guards and go along the right side to the locked door. Use the key and go down to the baths. One of the doors is closed, but there is a window at the top through which you can get inside.

You will find Kabiha's son, he will tell you where to look for his mother.

Return to the main hall and go up the stairs to the second floor. The entrance to the library is closed, you will have to look for the key again. Return to the main hall and turn on your eagle vision.

You will see the owner of the keys. Get a key for all locked doors, but the library has its own key. Perhaps the key to all doors opens it too, check for yourself. We went from the door to the library to the right and to the end of the corridor. There is a locked door, where the key to all the doors will help. The library key is on the right.

In the library, look at the stack of books.

They contain the answer to the puzzle to be solved. On the second floor there are pedestals for volumes.

Focusing on the poems, you need to build a sequence of colored volumes. An important point is that you need to arrange books not from left to right, but vice versa. Sequence: blue, yellow, black, white .

Go through the secret passage and catch up with Kabiha, after which a cut-scene will start. Get out of the palace to complete the quest.

The last journey. How to return to Alamut

Return to your own home and talk to Nihal. Basim will decide to return to Alamut and check the information that Kabiha told him.

Watch the long cutscene and talk to Noor. Alamut has been captured, so now only Basim can free his brothers.

In pursuit of truth. How to get to the temple

Exit the cave and ride your horse towards the fortress. The path is blocked by a fire, so climb the right wall to the assassins' fortifications.

After the short cutscene, move forward and then jump into the haystack. Your main goal is to free Raikhan, the head of the brotherhood, but at the same time you can save several more assassins.

After the dialogue, go to the temple where the initiation took place. Kill a few more guards and approach the wall.

How to beat Roshan

As soon as Basim touches the wall, Roshan will come, who did not want the young assassin to go down to the temple. The fight with her is rather sluggish, but this is the final fight. At the beginning, Roshan throws knives at you. They can be fought off with a sword.

You, too, must hit the woman's shoulder with a knife. The easiest way to do this is during her swing. You can't hit with anything else. As soon as this happens, Roshan will immediately have half her health left. The fight with her will become normal and you will finish it in 5-6 hits. After winning, watch the cutscene.

Once outside the door, simply walk forward. When you see the abyss, turn left and go to the other side. Open another door and watch a cutscene.

In the world of shadows, walk into the light and at the right moment take a leap of faith into the abyss. Watch the finale.