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Walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - how to start and complete all quests


Walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - how to start and complete all quests

The long-awaited addition to Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is dedicated to the adventures of V in the closed area of ​​​​Night City - Dog City. In this guide, we will describe in detail the passage of all story missions so that you can get more pleasure from the game and not encounter problems.

What to do in the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion

In addition to the main plot, the developers have prepared many side activities for V. Let's briefly go over them all so that you understand what is worth spending time on and which missions can be postponed until later.

As before, all main quests are marked with a yellow circle and an exclamation mark. However, side missions (not fixer quests) are also marked. There isn't much in the DLC, but you should still read the description so you don't waste time on other missions if you're eager to dive into the story.

Pay attention to the fixer contracts - blue icons with exclamation marks. At some point the game will ask you to complete them. In any case, the new missions are really very different from everything that was in the game before - don't neglect them.

From time to time you will see a steering wheel icon - these are new regular hijacking tasks. They are optional and are needed only to earn money and consumables. All such quests will require you to travel outside of Dog City.

Often you will be pursued, but you need to monitor the condition of the car only when such an additional condition is specifically stated in the requirements for the task. We recommend leveling up a skill that allows you to program other people’s cars, this will make it much easier to break away from the chase.

You can buy new cars, including those with built-in weapons, from your computer in any of your apartments. The more hijacking tasks you complete, the greater the discount you will receive. All discounts are one-time, so if you want a very expensive car, it’s better to complete several missions, and then buy what you want for pennies.

You will get the opportunity to find some new graffiti. They are easy to spot on the map.

During the passage, a new leveling branch will open - the biochip. To develop it, you need to look for special Militech terminals. Zoom in on the map to avoid missing the square white icons.

Pay attention to the red smoke - these are dropped loads. As a rule, they are guarded by soldiers. Don't pass by, there is always valuable loot there.

Unknown land. How to get to Dog Town

Once the DLC is installed, V will receive a call from a netrunner named Jay. She will ask you to meet near the entrance to the closed area of ​​Night City - Dog City.

When you reach the marker, keep right and enter the alley. V will become ill and a cut-scene will start. You will meet Jay. Talk to her to find out what's going on. Here you will receive a new upgrade branch for the biochip.

Follow Jay further into the alley until you find yourself near the fence. There is an open trash can on the right - that's where you go. The netrunner will ask you to do everything quietly. The entrance to the area is guarded by about five guards. Don't kill them and sneak past them using the Optical Camouflage implant or non-lethal scripts.

After update 2.0, the stealth in the game has changed, so your location can be tracked if you use deadly "demons". Don't be shy about approaching your opponents from behind and knocking them out with your hands, now this is necessary. After clearing, go through the gate.

Once inside, move the sheet of iron and jump down. Go to the room with the red glow. Go down the stairs and immediately turn left. There is a transformer there that will turn on the power. Go back and use the scanner to find and connect to the access point. Then follow Jay.

You will have a long stage in which you need to follow the light that turns on. Jump over gaps between bridges to get to the goal. As a result, you will find an elevator, go into it and go up to Dog Town.

Last flight. How to find the president

The jay and the president should land not far from you. Pass the market. Once at the construction site, go up the stairs. Jay will lower the elevator, but it will jam. There is a generator on the left that needs to be rebooted. Now take the elevator to the roof. Watch the presidential shuttle crash and watch the cut scene.

Now you need to quickly arrive at the crash site. Get down from the roof and steal any motorcycle or car. Break through the military fence and go upstairs. You will find yourself on a crane. Jay will help you move it, after which you will go down into the thick of the battle. Destroying enemies, move towards the shuttle.

Inside, go left to the slightly open door. The President, Rosalind Myers, will attack you. As soon as you find out that a large group of enemies will appear on one side, fight off the attack.

The entire presidential army. How to escort the President to safety

After the battle, exit the ship and walk along the destroyed building to the door. Open it and you will find yourself in a long corridor. Talk to Myers, then help her cut out the tracking chip. A drone will fly in immediately, hide or destroy it. In the next room you need to restore power. After the dialogue, go through the door and to the left. After walking along the lower corridor, you will reach a transformer. Reboot it and return to the President and then to the elevator.

In the next room, enemies await. Try to eliminate them quietly. After winning, get into the car parked at the exit.

You need to get to the shelter that Jay has chosen, but the president will be pursued. Before you reach the point, drop your tail.

Once you're inside, get out of the car and head towards the elevator. You are in an ancient exhibition hall. Visit each exhibit to hear comments from the President. Now follow the objective marker to open the door with Myers. You will be taken to a large military warehouse.

Go to the elevator, but before it arrives, enemies will appear. Hold the defense until Jay reprograms the Chimera, the robot that lies in the center.

The entire presidential army. How to escape from the Chimera

Suddenly the robot will get out of control and start attacking you. Help Myers lift the door and just run forward to the elevator. While the elevator is descending, hide behind the column, then run inside. Myers has time to squeeze through, but V does not. A stage awaits you with simple scripted actions that you need to press at the right time:

  • Shoot the cable;
  • Jump;
  • Grab the cables;
  • Roll.
V will fall and become unconscious for a short time.

The entire presidential army. How to neutralize the Chimera

As soon as you come to your senses, the boss fight will begin - “Chimera”. The robot stands in the center of the room and does not move, but its tower rotates 360 degrees. Shoot with everything you have and hide behind the columns when the Chimera fires a laser beam. The room will gradually collapse.

Your task is to wait until vulnerable points are highlighted in yellow. You definitely need to get into them (any). Target the joints on the legs first.

In the middle of the battle, drones will fly out of the robot and begin to repair it. Break them down quickly. When the robot has 2% health left, climb its tower and finish it off. Take the core and talk to the president.

Sleeping agent. How to find the entrance to the metro

Myers will stand next to the container. Open it to find a passage. Continue forward, talking with the President.

Sleeping agent. How to get through the metro

In the tunnel, go up the stairs and follow the President. Push the cart to clear the passage. Move further and you will come across two cameras. Turn them off to move forward to the elevator. Go to the apartment, don't miss the graffiti on the right wall.

Talk to Myers and look around the apartment while she changes clothes. In the far part there is an old generator, it needs to be turned on. There is not enough battery.

Return to the main room and look for robot remains in the trash. There's a battery there. Insert it into the battery and start the generator.

Sleeping agent. How to Recruit Strangers

Return to the President and talk to her. Suddenly, two locals - Jacob and Taylor - will come into the apartment. Try to convince them to resolve everything peacefully. Choose non-aggressive responses. When Myers offers them a reward, accept it. After the situation is resolved, talk to the guests, and then again with the president, go to bed.

Sleeping agent. How to get to Captain Caliente Diner

In the morning, talk to Myers. She will give the task to find agent Solomon Reed. To do this, you must first visit the diner and make a phone call. Go to the place. You can complete the fixer tasks before this, but this is not necessary.

There is a merchant sitting at the entrance to the diner. Ask him and find out how to turn off the alarm. Follow the wires up to turn off the transformer.

Return to the diner. You need to find an old phone. At the back there is a hallway with a closet. Move it aside and enter the combination that will appear on the screen on the right. Reed will make an appointment for you.

Sleeping agent. How to meet Reed

The meeting is to take place at a local basketball court. Head there. Chat with Johnny while you wait for the agent. When Reed appears, show him the coin the President gave him. Then go to his car.

Together with the spy, go to the hideout to meet with Myers. The three of you discuss the state of affairs, after which the game will pause in the plot. You need to wait until Reed ensures the President's departure, after which he will contact V. You'll have to wait two game days. You can do whatever you want - complete side missions, fixer missions, or steal cars.

Old wounds. How to find the bar "Motylyok"

Reed will contact V and say that another team member is needed to find Jay - his old assistant Alex. You can find her in the Moth bar. Head there and talk to the barmaid.

When Reed arrives, take part in the dialogue, and then go outside to calm Alex down. The girl will give a tip to the netrunner - Skater. Leave the bar and talk to Johnny, then go to the mission marker.

Old wounds. How to find a Skater

The netrunner is guarded by “voodooists”. You can try to talk to them or fight your way through. In any case, Reed will help you. Look around the room to find a way to the Skater, then talk to him.

Agree to the request to scan the biochip and watch the cut-scene. After you receive new information from Jay, leave the base. Enemies will appear. After winning, talk to Reed on the way out. We need to figure out how to get to a closed event at Black Sapphire.

The hand washes the hand. How to find the Black Sapphire building plans

Call your local fixer, Mr. Handsome. It is advisable to have already completed some of his contracts by this time. Perhaps, otherwise, the dialogue will be different and the fixer will ask you to help him gain a foothold in Dog City. Since we have already done this, he will promise to look for information, but we will have to wait a few hours. Rewind time or do side activities.

As a result, the fixer will offer to meet at the “Heavy Hearts” club. Head there and take the elevator to the second floor. Chat with Mr. Handsome and pick up the building blueprints. Leave the club and report to Reed about your success. Head to the Moth bar. At the entrance, V will feel ill. Chat with Reed and follow him to the basement.

Black or Red. How to get to Black Sapphire

Alex will join you and Reed in the basement. Discuss the plan and pick up the equipment. You need to find flooded tunnels. Once you get there, use the force to open the door. Follow the corridor to the end until you hit the water. In the equipment menu, select a diving suit and put it on. Now you can dive.

Swim first in a straight line, and near the grate to the left. Pay attention to mines underwater - turn them off or switch them to friendly mode before you get close.

Break the grate blocking the further path. After the pipe, turn right - another mine. Pull open the car door nearby and swim a little more to find yourself in a spacious room. Go through it to the big red wires and drop back into the water. Don't miss the mine; a little later, lift the door to get into the room with the lifts.

To the right of the entrance you can climb onto a platform with a button. Press it to lower the first lift. Climb onto it and press the second button. Now you can move further along the overturned car.

Climb the ladder, and then jump over to another one mounted on the opposite wall. V will end up in a room with guards. On the left there is a hatch labeled “Exit” - go through it if your vehicle is at least 15 to quietly get into the room with one of the soldiers.

Disarm the guard and examine the computer opposite. We are not interested in the soldiers below yet. Connect to the network, and then look for Reed's cameras - the 4th camera in a row. Observe the spy's actions until he asks you to open the gate for him. Do it through hacking. Now leave the computer - you will go into the elevator below, where new guards have appeared. Deal with them and get up.

Black or Red. How to get Reed past security

Follow the corridor until you see a sniper ahead. Knock him out and connect to the rifle. Reed will appear on the other side of the skyscraper. He needs to be led through all the obstacles and guards since V has a full view.

The first thing you need to do is scan your environment for threats. There is a mine next to Reed's position - scan it and report the result to the agent. Then move the camera to the left to scan the two soldiers. A little higher is a surveillance camera. Continue moving the camera to the left, V will notice a large elevator - scan. The final thing is the containers that Reed must lower for V.

Allow the spy to move forward. Advise him what to do with the mine if there are enough characteristics. Wait for the patrol to pass by. Now you need to disable the motion sensor. Sections of wires along which you need to find the transformer will be sequentially highlighted - shoot at it. You don't have to be afraid of shooting because of the silencer on the rifle.

There are two guards ahead. Shoot the one on the left when Reed finishes counting. It is very important to do this quickly so that none of the security guards raise the alarm.

Next, do not bring the camera closer to Reed, otherwise V will not notice the patrol. Warn the spy about the soldiers so he can hide.

Next, Reed will be noticed by a sniper on the balcony. Knock him out quickly. The spy will go further, but the guard will block the way. Find him through the cameras and then shoot him through the wall to kill him quickly.

Two guards will come out. They need to be eliminated in any way convenient for you before they reach Reed's position. At this point the stage will be completed. The spy will lower the bridge for V, you can move towards him.

Black or Red. How to find Jay

Together with Reed, take the elevator to the laundry room and put on a festive suit. Head to the guests, you can look around and listen to what people are talking about. Go to Reed at the bar. You need to wait for Jay, so continue walking around the restaurant. For convenience, use the scanner to discuss some of the guests with Reed.

After a short time, Jay will get in touch and ask you to go up to the balcony. Talk to her and take the sliver from the glass. Go down to Reed. You will have to steal the identity of two twins who are playing roulette.

Black or red. How to make identity impressions of twins

After talking with Reed, exchange the money you received for chips and go to the gaming table. In the game it is not known for sure whether you win in any case. We will describe our scenario, as a result of which V will not only complete the task, but also win a tidy sum.

Join the game and bet on black. Order the twins a drink and yourself some whiskey. Bet on red. When asked by Aurora, select “Guess.” Place it on black. Bet on black, and then again on black. Select the answer: “Yes, you are our psychoanalyst.” Here you can choose any other option. Choose: “He is a conqueror by nature.” Bet on red. Choose: “How impudent you are.” Bet on black. Select: "Dog City Gives Him an Advantage." Bet on red. Play for everything. Select: “V, Mercenary from Afterlife.” Bet on red.

Kurt will do. Answer him: “Well done, you figured us out,” “Then tell me what happens next.” Leave the event, but be sure to cash in your chips for money before leaving.

In the lobby, follow the guard and then talk to Reed. We'll have to wait one day for his call. Rewind time.

Rules of the game. How to catch twins

Reed will invite V to the hideout. At the bar, go straight to the basement and listen to the plan. Discuss all the nuances with Reed, and then with Alex, and go outside. You need to connect to the rental car tracking tower. Move to the objective marker. During the process, V will be contacted by Jay and asked to meet one-on-one in the evening. This task can be completed at the very end.

The tower is located on the roof of the church. However, it will not be possible to complete the task; you need to find a second one. She is also on the roof, but does not work. A girl is sitting nearby. You can pay her to tell you where the transformer is. Or find him yourself on the same roof.

Alex will write a message and offer you a drink. Before going to Jay, visit the spy and talk to her. The girl will flirt, but you will not get anything other than a pleasant conversation. There are no new romantic lines in the expansion.

After talking with Alex, leave the bar and go to the meeting place with Jay. She will tell you her real plan to betray Reed. Immediately after the dialogue, call Reed. You can turn Jay over to a spy or say nothing about the meeting. So far, these decisions do not have a significant impact on the plot. We recommend not telling Reed about the hacker's true plans. The opportunity to take the agent's side will still remain.

Now you need to install an implant that allows you to change your appearance. Go to Farida's clinic following the objective marker. At the entrance, give the password that Reed told you.

Talk to the spy. Regardless of V's stance on the Jay, Reed will give you an icebreaker that will help you take it down. Whether to use it or not will have to be decided later.

Go into surgery and talk to Johnny. When the procedure is finished, leave the clinic and call Reed. He will show you the place from which you will have to scan all the cars entering Dog Town. The twins' car will be next after the motorcyclist pair.

After scanning them, immediately go to the stopping place. Open the trunk and climb inside. Before proceeding with the operation, choose to optimize the ice if your characteristics allow it. This will help you later. Then tell Reed that you are ready.

Connect to the camera and listen to what the twins are talking about. At some point, Reed will say that it's time to take over control of the car, but V can wait. The longer you wait and listen to the dialogue, the longer the route you will have to cover in the allotted time. As soon as you take control, you need to quickly get to the indicated place. Gemini will want to take back control, and this is where the ice you improved will come in handy.

When you get there, change into Emeric's costume and take the data from Aurora's corpse. Now it's time to go to Kurt.

Judgment Day. How to fool Kurt

You are about to have a real spy operation. Read Emerick's dossier. The information provided there will be used. Once you reach Kurt's base, follow Murphy and Alex. When the head of Dog City meets you, carefully choose what to answer.

Ask him whether US intelligence agencies know about the meeting. Then select "It doesn't matter." If the twins lost to V at roulette, answer "In the end we all lost", "Aren't you from Night City?" Next there will be a question about cars. Answer at your own discretion here, we chose "Rayfield Arondite", but apparently this is not a completely correct answer. V will have to get out. Answer “I collect different cars” if you have enough Composure Points. Kurt will take a glass, but Emerick doesn't drink, so V shouldn't take it. Ask about the knife. When Kurt asks about his former job, say “I don’t remember,” since Emeric was deprived of part of his memory. This will end the conversation, as Jay approaches.

Judgment Day. Which side to choose

Next, the most important part of the mission will begin, which will determine the ending of the add-on, and, possibly, the entire game. Follow Jay to the laboratory. Don't forget to save so you can see all the endings. Wait for her command. You will have a choice - load the icebreaker and take Reed's side, or support Jay and escape. The ending with the icebreaker, in our opinion, is more negative, since in this case Alex is killed, and the hacker will begin to experience cyberpsychosis. We chose to support Jay. However, you will still have the opportunity to remain on the side of the spies.

As soon as you take the necessary program, Alex will kill the colonel. Follow Jay through the base, killing any soldiers in your path. You handed over your weapons at the entrance, so use hacking or hacker abilities. Then you can take something suitable from the corpses. Once you reach the exit, Jay will remind you to take the equipment from the locker.

Continue through the stadium and move the boxes to reveal a path. You will meet ordinary workers - don't kill them. Go down the hatch and you will see drones. Destroy them. You will go through the pipes to a sewer grate, knock it out to get out. Jay will say that he will contact you later and leave. The longest waiting point will come in which you can complete the remaining optional missions. You can also waste time, but you will have to do this many times.

Interregnum. How to choose a new ruler of Dog City

Interregnum isn't exactly a story mission. She is given out by a local fixer, and the task is connected with the new ruler of Dog City. However, it is after its completion that Reed will contact V again, and the plot will continue, so we will describe the details.

Visit Mr. Handsome and discuss his plan. You will have to influence one of the candidates for the post of head of the district so that he gives up his personal ambitions, and help the second, who is supported by the fixer. To do this, V will be given the imprint of the identity of the Colombian assassin - Aguilar, who is very feared and respected in Night City.

Get to the place where Iago, the unwanted candidate, meets with the “voodooists”. Go into the house and activate Aguilar's appearance, and then head towards the bandits. Select "Have a conversation", "Don't make Havana angry". After this, the “voodooists” will leave.

Wait for Iago and select “What happens when they light a cigar in Cuba?” if the characteristics of “Do you value life?” allow it? or “You will return to your place.” Iago will tell you that the second candidate, Bennett, is Arasaka’s puppet. Select Explain, Do you have evidence?

Now you have a choice - report to the fixer or check Iago's information. We chose the second one. Go to the meeting point between Bennett and Arasaka, activate the identity imprint again. The candidate's driver will arrive. Kill him, throw the corpse into a container nearby and get into his car. Wait until Bennett sits in the back seat and ask: “Do you know how Colombians tie their tie?” “You’ll forget about Arasaka.” A fight will begin, after which Bennett will ask for mercy.

Decide again whether to give power to Iago or force Bennett to submit. We chose to force.

Report to the fixer about your successes, now you need to attend the colonel's funeral. Go to the Black Sapphire and reactivate the identity imprint. Take the familiar elevator to the roof. Once at the coffin, choose any answer, ours: “Havana condolences.” Bennett will start to freak out and put pressure on Iago, you can intervene. If you want to complete the task in the best possible way, select “Draw weapon. Do you want a massacre to begin in Dog City?” This will calm Bennett, and Iago will remain with his influence. So they both will begin to rule the area together.

After the quest, Reed should call and say that it is not too late to give Jay to him. Otherwise, he and the agents will catch him and V anyway.

Fading star. How to get to the moon

After some more time, Jay will call and make an appointment. Go to the location. The girl is in serious condition. The medicine she and V need to get can be made in a clandestine laboratory on the Moon, so you need to go to the spaceport. Chat with Soyka on the road, when she becomes really ill, get behind the wheel. V must get inside first in order to then let the girl in.

During personality control, behave calmly. You will be asked to turn off your combat implants, agree. Then you need to take a photo, but Jay didn’t have time to load V’s data into the system, you’re stalling for time. Once the database hack is complete, look into the camera and move on.

Don't go down to the first floor and stay to the left. When you reach the end of the hall, turn left, and then left again. You will see a hatch in the floor. Open it if you have enough technical skill and jump down. In case of lack of skill, you will have to look for another way through the first floor.

Once in the Quiet terminal, you will encounter security. Try not to raise the alarm and carefully walk to the elevator. Once on the roof, go past the guards to the fire hose, throw it to Jay and help him up. Now follow her.

Lift the ventilation grille to escape from the rooftops and continue moving. Along the way, you can overhear a conversation between Reed and Myers, who are already here. Take the elevator down to the main hall of the spaceport, where security is fighting with US special forces. Move towards the goal, killing all enemies on the way.

After a long firefight there will be a respite. Talk to Jay again and support her. Leave the room, after which you will come under fire from a helicopter. Hide behind a column and wait until the shooting stops. At this moment, you need to urgently run to the goal marker.

The path is blocked by many enemies, but try not to stop for too long. The jay will help open the way.

After this stage, you need to get to the control tower and call the train to the shuttle. A huge number of enemies will appear. Your task is to hold out while Jay hacks the equipment.

When the train appears, the security doors protecting the Jay from attacks will fall down. Find out how she's doing. The girl wants to get behind the Black Barrier again in order to defeat her enemies with the help of the net. Suggest that she share the connection between two people to ease the pain. For a short period of time, V will be able to destroy all soldiers only with the power of thought, just press one button when the prompt appears.

Get to the train. Here you can take a break, and here another important plot twist will occur.

As soon as you find out the truth, you will again have the opportunity to call Reed, or help Jay get up. Take her to the shuttle. As soon as you exit the train, an autosave will occur. If you want to see two of the five endings, don't miss it.

Reed will come out of the shuttle towards you. Place Jay on the floor. If you still decide to stay with the hacker, choose answers without the “take her” mark, but do not anger the spy, but tell the truth. When the “USA's faithful dog” option appears, do not choose it.

In the end, you will have three options: give Jay to Reed and get her medicine, just leave Jay with Reed, or not give Jay. The medicine option will open up a completely new ending for the entire game, not just the expansion. In all cases where V agrees with Reed, the spy remains alive. If you don’t want to give up Jay, time will slow down and you’ll have to quickly aim and then shoot at the man. Reed will die, and you will put the hacker on the shuttle, after which the final dialogue with Johnny will begin and the expansion will end.

If you left the medicine for yourself, the supplement will also end, but you will have to wait a few days for news from Reed, and then make a decision about your treatment.

Thanks to quick save, you will be able to see both options. However, if you want to see other endings, you will have to load into the moment when V and Alex pretended to be twins, and try to load an icebreaker into Jay.