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Walkthrough of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - all story missions and bosses


Walkthrough of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - all story missions and bosses

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is a direct sequel to the 2018 Spider-Man game. This time we are waiting for three main characters: Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Venom. Each of them has their own abilities, which will be useful during battles with villains and their minions. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of all story missions, as well as give tips and effective tactics for fighting bosses.

General Tips

  • If you have at least minimal gaming experience, select the “Amazing” difficulty level. Otherwise, the passage will be too easy.
  • First of all, upgrade your combat skills, maximum health scale, and damage. The remaining skills are secondary.
  • First, unlock new gadgets, and only then upgrade them. This will give you an advantage in battle.
  • Additional tasks are monotonous, but they allow you to gain a lot of experience points. The best option is to be distracted by side activities while traveling around the city as part of the main storyline. As a rule, they take from one to several minutes.
  • During any battle, rely primarily on your special abilities. While they are recharging, shoot webs at enemies and pull them towards you. It is better not to evade enemy attacks, but to parry.
  • Try to throw your opponents into the air. Then jump behind them and hit them with simple punches.
  • Many battles include the ability to silently eliminate opponents. Take advantage of this opportunity, even if you prefer to fight hand-to-hand. This way you can reduce the number of enemies before the main battle.
  • If the enemy is near a wall or lying on the ground, attack him with simple web shots. It will most likely stick and no longer pose a threat to you.

Surface tension. How to defeat Sandman

After the introductory video, move to the indicated point. Swing on the web using the R2 button , then release it, fly forward and press R2 again to catch the building with the web. If you fall, it's okay. Make a jump using the cross button and hold R2. You can run along the walls of skyscrapers as if you were running on the ground if you press R2. In other words, the mechanics of flying on the web have not changed since the first part.

At the center of the storm you will see Flint Marko, also known as the Sandman. He will throw cars and punch you. Press “circle” in time to dodge and not take damage. You can also pick up various objects and throw them at Marco. To do this, use the key combination L1+R1. Each successful hit will reduce his health bar.

Peter Parker will say that he had an idea. Fly up to the Sandman's head and press triangle to perform a web strike. True, everything will not go according to plan. After the video, run forward. To do this, hold the left stick and the R2 key. The hero will avoid all obstacles himself. You will only need to press triangle once in time.

The first battle of the game will begin soon. Hit enemies with your fists ( "square" ) and powerful web attacks ( "triangle" ). When a white icon appears above your hero’s head, you need to dodge to the side using the “circle” button.

During battles with the second group of enemies, you will be able to use Spider Barrage. To do this, press L1+"square" at the same time . This attack requires a cooldown, which will occur through successful hits on enemies. If desired, you can throw objects at them ( L1+R1 ). After the battle is over, a cut-scene awaits you.

Again, dodge Sandman's attacks, approach him and shock him with electricity. As before, the “triangle” is responsible for a powerful attack . Soon Marco will begin to retreat. Chase him and shoot the villain with a web using the L1 button. Once you've stunned the Sandman, get close to him and hit him. To do this, use the triangle key , and then press square many times. Repeat the procedure until the boss's health bar is reduced to zero.

The fight with Marco is not over yet. Run away from him. It is important to avoid the boss' attacks in time using the circle button .

Control will switch to Miles Morales. The L1 + Square key combination will cause a powerful bio-shock on enemies. Take advantage of it. Successful hits will fill your concentration gauges. With its help you can be treated. To do this, press the down button on the d-pad. After defeating enemies, press L1+R1 to release water, and then press L2+R2 . This way you will go up to the floor.

You have to crawl under a collapsed ceiling. Move to the right until you reach the surface. Then get to the surface and defeat the next group of enemies. Here you will have access to finishing moves. It is activated by the keyboard shortcut “triangle” + “circle” . It is not necessary to use it, but this way you can finish off the enemy ahead of time.

When you are given control of Peter Parker again, press Triangle to activate the web wings. Fly to the pier, near which the Sandman is hiding. Move the left stick down to gain height and dodge enemy attacks. And when you get close to Marco, hit him with a powerful blow.

During the next battle, try to knock over the water tower on your enemies. This way you will eliminate several opponents at once. After defeating them, approach the Sandman and press L1 + “circle” to finish him off.

Step by step

Move to the indicated point. You will need to pull the person out of the sand and then talk to the emergency services. The rescuer will ask you to clear the way. Use the L1+R1 key combination to grab the truck and pull the gamepad sticks towards you to move the car out of the way.

The next goal is to climb to the top of the building. So you need to interact with the device that launches the drones.

You need to take control of the drone and fly through most of the glowing rings. To do this, just slightly tilt the stick in the desired direction.

After the video, you will receive your first skill point and see how the local leveling system works. It is divided into three branches - the skills of Peter, Miles and joint perks. You need to go to Parker's menu and select "Spider Toss". Thanks to the L1+cross key combination, you can throw opponents into the air. Moreover, the technique works even against powerful enemies. It is especially effective during battles with large groups of armed criminals.

It's time to try out a new ability. A crime is being committed near you. Glide down on spider wings and engage in combat. Throw up thugs and hit them hand-to-hand. You can get rid of the shooters using the quick web ( L1 key ). Remember to dodge when you see a white beam that is directed towards you. If you don’t make it in time, you’ll get a machine gun burst in your back.

Before the start of the second fight, you will be asked to make a drone, which also throws up opponents. To activate it, you need to simultaneously press R1 + “triangle” . Try to hit enemies in the air while they are defenseless against your attacks.

Swipe your finger on the controller's touchpad from right to left to open the app. Then hold down Square to switch to Miles.

Climb onto the roof of the building. You can use a boosted jump. To do this, hold down the R2 key and press the cross . When you find yourself in place, look at the drainpipe and tear it off with the combination of buttons L1+R1. This way you will clear the roof of sand. Activate the device and fly the drone through the glowing rings.

Go down to defeat the next group of criminals. Here you will meet thugs for the first time, especially strong opponents. You don't have to dodge his blows, but parry them with the L1 key . If you do this at the last moment when the indicator is red, you can stun the enemy and then perform a series of simple attacks. But keep in mind that such tactics are risky and require skill. When you're done, open the app and select the next task.

Go to the indicated point. Break the pipe to put out the fire. Then go to the crystal. When fighting sand enemies, you can use Biokick, a new move that deals area damage. To activate, press L1+"circle" . Defeat the enemies and break the crystal.

Through the application, activate the last mission. Kill the bandits and pull the limousine out of the sand. All that remains is to deliver the person to the nearest hospital.

Show me New York

From now on, additional missions will be available to you. You will be able to neutralize criminals and save civilians. Thanks to them, you will receive new experience points, which will make the main passage easier.

Move to the point indicated by the yellow marker. This is the goal of the story quest. You'll see guys throwing a disc to each other that resembles Captain America's shield. Take a photo of them. To do this, hold down L2, make sure the teenagers are in focus and click on the R1 button.

The next target will not appear immediately. You can take another photo in one of the indicated areas or defeat a group of bandits. After a while, Peter will announce that he wants to change clothes. Go to the cache and open the backpack. Now you can create new costumes.

Just like old times

Move to meet Mary Jane. After the video you will need to clean the apartment. Inspect the papers and boxes, throw rotten bananas and food boxes into the trash.

After that, approach the girl. She found something in your closet.

Look at the photo, and then go up to the second floor and go to your room. Press R3 (gamepad stick) to see the current mission objective. Remove the painting from the wall.

Then go downstairs. You will need to follow Harry on a bicycle. Press the cross to speed up.

When you get to school, the action moves back several years. A short stealth episode awaits you. Take the cart and point it at the cardboard cutout of a football player.

While the man is trying to understand what happened, run after Harry.

After the cutscene you will find yourself on the ceiling. Crawl to the sign that says Homecoming. Turn right from it, go into the next room, and then move into the room to your left. There you can jump down.

Hide behind the stands to avoid being seen by the guard. Wait for Peter to say “The coast is clear. Forward,” then run to the slightly open door opposite.

The guard will hear you. Jump sharply up using the key combination R2+cross. There is a ventilation hatch in the center of the room. Take advantage of it. Walk forward a little and go down.

In the far left corner of the room, pick up the spider fluid.

Jump up, open the hatch and shoot the web injector at the fan. Crawl between the blades, open the grate and go down.

Shoot a web at the TV to distract the guard, then rush into the corridor. Jump to the ceiling and move towards the yellow marker. You will need to knock over the trash can to force the cleaner to move out of the way. Then you must jump behind him.

The action will move to our time. Harry will offer to play basketball. Direct the trajectory of movement so that it passes through the ring. In this case, the line will glow green. Then throw the ball.

Let's remember the events of the past again. Run for Harry. When the guard appears, you will need to crawl under the tables on the right. Shoot a web at the balloons to distract the man. Come out of hiding and pick up the flash drive in your locker.

After the video, you will need to distract the police three times. Pull out the bleachers to your left, pull in the basket of balls and shoot at the DJ booth.

Then jump onto the chandelier and climb down on the web.

Not on my shift

Go to the port. You can take advantage of wind currents. To do this, you need to activate the spider wings and fly inside the rings. This way you will move much faster.

A battle awaits you with the people of Kraven the Hunter. There is no way to evade their powerful melee attacks. However, you can parry them. Try to do this at the moment the yellow icon changes to red to stun the enemy. And you will have to dodge the shots. The rest of the battle will be standard - use special skills, web shots and finishing moves.

The flying fighters will arrive soon. The web strike works well against them, as it attracts enemies towards you. After this, they can be beaten with normal attacks. You can deal with arrows in a similar way. At the same time, they will fire at you from firearms. Don't forget to dodge. It is better to miss the opportunity to strike than to miss a burst in the chest.

Due to the attacks of Craven's harpoons, the ship began to leak. We need to help people. First of all, run forward. To jump from one platform to another, use the keyboard shortcut L2+R2 .

Try to open the door. You won't succeed, so the idea will arise - to get to the emergency generator. Break the grate and jump forward. You need to walk along the power line. To see it, press the R3 button .

When you get to the energy source, use the L1+"square" keys to charge the suit. Swim back and knock down the door behind which the soldier is sitting.

After this you will find yourself underwater. To move forward, use web jumps ( L2+R2 ).

During the next battle you will be able to use chain lightning. It is activated by the combination of buttons L1 + “square” . This skill is especially effective against groups of enemies that are close to each other, because damage is dealt to several enemies at once.

Complete the QTE sequence and then shoot webs at the propeller.

Error correction

Go to meet Uncle Aron. He will ask you to complete a small task. Move to the next point on the map. Hold L2 to activate a hidden object search and look east.

Look at the wall where the signal is strongest and point the camera at it. A new mini-game will begin. You need to press L2 and R2, but not hard, but so that the yellow circle is in the gray square.

After that, pull the metal panel.

Turn on the camera again and go through another mini-game. Climb onto the beam to your left and lift the second panel.

All you have to do is go downstairs and enter the room. There is a safe on the right. Interact with him. After that, open the costume menu and increase your maximum health. Now you can find the Vagabond's hiding places, which are found throughout New York.

Healing the world

Access to this task will not open immediately. You can wait or complete a few additional missions. After about 20 minutes, Harry will call you and invite you to visit his new laboratory. Go there.

A friend will show you the research center. Just follow him. After speaking with Dr. Yang, you will take control of the drone. You need to shoot at the bee wolves, which are circled in red.

You will then be asked to examine the laboratory equipment. Examine the robotic arms, control interface, and huge rock. In the room on the left, pay attention to the computer.

Go up to the second floor and go to the particle accelerator.

After this, you need to go to the very top, where another mini-game awaits you. It is necessary to select symbols so that where the elements touch, the number of stripes and their color match.

The first puzzle is elementary, but the second and third will require some thought. You can see possible solutions in our screenshots.

Healing the world

Healing the world

Villains in the city

Move towards the bridge. To fight an enemy with a shield, use “triangle” to pull him towards you, then “circle” for a tackle and “square” for a powerful blow to the back. Defeat Craven's men, then examine his equipment.

Chase the drone and dodge shots from the railgun along the way using the circle key .

The drone will lead you to another group of thugs hiding on the roof. Disarm them, and then interact with the disabled robot.

Using your web wings, fly to the bandits' main base. Here you will get acquainted with the stealth mechanics in the game. If the “Danger” icon hangs above an enemy, this means that it is dangerous to attack him - other enemies will notice your action.

Shoot a web at the generator to distract the man on the left.

The word “Safe” will appear above the girl on the right. Knock her out.

After this, feel free to hit the second criminal with a web strike.

Climb into the abandoned building, jump onto the ceiling and go into the next room.

Knock out the enemy from above, go down and neutralize another enemy.

Follow the wall into the next room. The first bandit needs to be knocked out silently. You can deal with the rest either through stealth or in open combat.

Check the security terminal, then move on through the ventilation hole in the ceiling.

Knock out Kraven's man and examine the grappling hook. This way you will gain access to a new gadget - the spider thread. Aim with L2 and shoot over the enemy with the triangle key. Approach the hunter from above and knock him out.

There are a lot of fighters waiting for you in the next room, but they can be easily neutralized quietly. Pull a web thread near the enemy, approach him from above and attack. This way you can clean the entire room without any problems.

Then break down the center doors.

Behind them is laboratory equipment that needs to be examined. Shoot the crossbow and examine the green armor where the bolt hit.

It won't be easy to knock everyone out silently at the market. To do this, it is important to monitor the visibility range of flying drones. Get rid of them first. To fight ordinary fighters, use a web thread. If desired, you can activate gas traps. This way you will knock out several opponents, but will not cause an alarm.

Check your terminal.

During battles with predator robots, it is important to dodge their impulse attacks, because they block your special abilities. Regular web shots ( R1 ) work great against them.

Your own choice

Wait for MJ's call, and then go to the Black Cat's hideout. Felicia herself will not be there, so you need to examine the roof for evidence. Note the claw marks.

After that, check out the new mini-game. You need to destroy the red crystals but save the green ones. Click on the second symbol from the left and the second from the right.

For the second puzzle, click on the yellow atom on the left, the second on the right, and the second on the bottom.

The third mini-game is a little more difficult than the previous ones. We have indicated the crystals that need to be destroyed.

Hold down the L2 button . This way you will see the traces of the Black Cat and find out where she ran away. Examine the cache and arrows on the wall.

Move towards the explosion site. While exploring the location, pay attention to the locked cache.

Check the power cable, go higher and inspect the coil.

Power the generator with energy.

Connect all four electrical nodes with a web.

The hiding place door will open. Examine its contents, and then fly after the hunters' plane.

It is better to get rid of snipers quietly. It will not be easy to dodge their bullets, so it is better not to get into open battle. Activate invisibility using the up button on the d-pad, approach them from behind and knock them out. First, deal with the distant hunters, and then hit those located in the center of the location. If they find you, retreat, wait until the alarm level drops to zero and return. During this time, your ability to become invisible will recharge.

When you deal with all the thugs, the Black Cat will appear. Chase her. You can ignore small portals, but you cannot skip large ones. Fly up to them and press L2+R2 .

In the next battle, first of all, destroy the turrets on SUVs. To do this, shoot them with a web ( R1 ), and then tear them off ( L1+R1 ) and throw them at your opponents.

Professional illusionist

Go to the indicated point on the map.

Change clothes and visit The Mysterium. Run forward and interact with the pedestal.

The next mini-game is essentially reminiscent of dancing on cars from GTA: San Andreas, only simpler. You need to press the buttons at the moment when the image of the key matches the translucent frame.

During the next battle, a new ability will be unlocked - "Thunderstorm". To activate it, press L2+triangle . Use it against the thug. After defeating Lee's fighters, return to the DJ console.

Second chance

We play as Peter Parker. The amusement park has many attractions that you can take part in. It doesn't matter whether you win or not. Mandatory activities are indicated in yellow, optional activities are indicated in blue.

During the battle, try to get rid of the shooters who occupy positions at the top. Pull them towards you using the triangle button and hit them. At the end of the task, a simple QTE awaits you.

New colleague

Go to meet Harry. After watching a video demonstrating Venom's powers, the task will be completed.

Hunting for life, life for hunting

The black cat suggested visiting the foundry. Head there. Many sniper hunters are waiting for you on the spot. This time you play as Peter Parker, so you won't have invisibility. If you want to be stealthy, start with the two fighters who are to the right of your starting position.

Two more on top of the water tower.

Then get rid of the snipers on the right.

After this, it remains to kill Craven’s people, who are armed with swords. You can safely engage them in hand-to-hand combat - without sniper cover, they will not be able to provide you with proper resistance.

Make your way through the pipe to the factory territory. It’s easier to get rid of hunters outright, because there are a lot of them, and they can easily detect you.

In the next battle, the greatest danger is posed by an armored car with a flamethrower on board. Don't try to attack him with webs. Go around the back of the car and drop the vat on it.

Defeat another group of enemies. After this, you will need to free the Tombstone. To do this, go up to the floor and turn off the stove.

Then return to the cage and break its supports.

Strange feeling

Move to Harlem. After talking with mom, visit the museum. You need to understand where the control panel is. Press the R3 key to highlight the wire.

He will indicate your further path. The necessary device is located in the courtyard, on the wall. Reach towards it using the button combination L2+R2 .

You will take control of the spider drone. First go forward and then turn right.

To overcome an obstacle, press X or R2.

Open the electrical cabinet and fix the wiring with a web shot.

Then move right. You can highlight the cable again so as not to go astray.

As a result, you will find yourself in a spacious room. You need to climb onto a high rack.

The engines' energy is not enough to fly to such a height, so first climb the boxes that are to the right of it. Make your way into the ventilation shaft.

It is important that the bandits do not notice you. Shoot webs at distant musical instruments. This way you will distract the thugs. While they figure out what's going on, run into the interior hole.

The next guy can be distracted by the sound of water in the toilet. Go to the toilet stall and activate the flush.

Then move to the place where the criminal stood and jump into the ventilation. Go into the next room, climb onto the glass cabinet, and from there jump to the ledge on which Music Hall is written. There is another repeater there.

To distract the enemies in the next room, shoot at the double basses, drums and piano.

Repair the last control panel. To do this you will need to shoot the cable three times.

You will be offered to get rid of the enemies quietly, but here it is much easier to kill them in hand-to-hand combat. After this, a chase awaits you. Something similar occurs in additional tasks. You need to chase a car that is trying to escape. When the distance is reduced to a minimum, it will be possible to be attracted to the car by the web using the triangle key .

Then you need to complete a simple QTE.

Good people

Go to Greenwich. After talking with Harry, we will be given the opportunity to play as MJ for the first time. Immediately after the video, run towards the hunter with a crossbow. To do this, point the stick towards the thug and hold down the R2 button. Then knock him out with a stun gun using the "square" key .

The stealth mechanics are simple - you can distract opponents by throwing objects and knock them out from behind. If you are discovered, you have the opportunity to run up to the enemy and hit him in the face. But after three enemy hits, Mary Jane will collapse dead. Therefore, it is better to get rid of opponents quietly.

To the right of the lion figure there is a broken window. Through it you can enter the building.

Neutralize the bandit and check the computer he was sitting at.

Run left and go up a level. By pressing the stick ( R3 ) you can find out the location of enemies. Squeeze through the bars. Throw a rock ( L1+R1 ) to distract the hunter and move on.

Turn right and try to go higher. The board won't hold up and you'll fall down.

To defeat a hunter, it is advisable to approach him from behind and hit him with a stun gun. This is not difficult to do, because he walks slowly, and you can sneak up on him from behind.

Then run to the burning barrel and turn left. Throw a rock at the far left corner to distract the hunters, then take them out one by one.

Climb the boxes and enter the next room through the hole in the wall. Examine the contents of the table. After this, the mobile phone that lies on the table to the right will ring. Pick up the phone.

To save the doctor, you need to find the keys to the handcuffs and find out the code to the enclosure. First of all, let's go get the password. Move to the right and take out the lone hunter.

Leave the tent, walk around behind it and throw a stone to the side. Then take out the two thugs one at a time.

Go up the stairs.

Wait for the girl to move to the right. Throw the object to the left, and go after the bandit and hit her with a shocker.

Then attack the criminals one by one. First, it is better to get rid of the guy who is warming himself next to the fire, and then remove the hunter on the stairs.

Go into the cave.

You need to approach the table, after which you will be attacked. Search the area for clues. Pay attention to the poster with the local hierarchy, notes and a diary that lies on the table.

When you receive the necessary information, go to the radio and contact Mongoose.

He will say that the code is written on the board. Study it.

Go back to where you came from and head left. There are trained animals waiting for you below, so it’s best to get around them. Climb the stairs and move forward. Take out the hunters one by one.

You can simply bypass the fighters who patrol the area near the helicopter. Throw a stone to distract them, turn left and climb up the ledges.

You need a parapet on the right.

Throw the object to the left, go up and knock out the next thug. A hunter with a key will be waiting for you in the building nearby. Activate the camouflage field and approach the bandit on the left side. Don't worry, his colleagues won't notice you.

Take the keys and go to the cage where the doctors are kept.

Two battles await you. The first is standard, for Spider-Man. In the second battle, we will be given the opportunity to play as Venom. Its main difference is more powerful simple attacks and a particularly strong technique, which is activated by the L1 + “square” keys . It allows you to attack enemies at long range.

The flame flared up. How to defeat Shield Bearer Kraven

Visit Little Odessa. You need to explore the area for clues about Kraven. First get to the closest point.

Kill the opponents and examine the bottle of vodka.

Then move on to the next goal. First of all, get rid of the snipers, and then engage in battle with the main group of hunters.

Go up one floor, open the door and examine the computer.

Head to the docks. First, it is advisable to get rid of the sniper on the right.

Then carefully move to the left side, go up to the second floor and knock out two hunters.

All that remains is to knock out the last sniper and begin clearing the port of the remaining fighters.

If you have accumulated energy for an ultimate ability, you can use it. It is activated by simultaneously pressing two sticks ( L3+R3 ). This will not cause damage to enemies, but will increase the power of your attacks for the next 10 seconds. In fact, we have before us an analogue of the “rage” mode, which is found in many slasher films. After defeating Kraven's men, approach the wounded guy and take him to the hospital.

He will provide the address where the goods were delivered. Head there.

You will be asked to deliver the order to Craven's guard. Just exit the kitchen and move forward down the hallway until the cutscene starts.

Go through the double doors. You need a shield bearer who stands near the fireplace. It turns out that he is not the one you need. Leave the room and move to the elevator.

To feed the tiger, you need steak. First of all, fly to the other side. Stretch a web thread over a piece of meat, get close to it and shoot at the shield to distract the guard. Then take the treat for the predator.

You need to get a dart with sleeping pills. Not far from you lies a hunter who was accidentally put to sleep. The tactic is the same: use the thread to hang over the target and create noise so that the hunters look in the other direction.

Take the dart and return to the tiger. Explore Craven's office. The letter you need is in the desk drawer, which is in the far right corner of the room.

During the next battle, first of all, go up to the second floor, get rid of the shooters, and then go down and finish off the remaining ones.

After defeating them, go to the church. Here you will have a fight with Kraven's shield bearer. You can throw objects at him, but it's not particularly effective. It is better to wait for his attacks, parry them and counterattack with simple blows. To do this, press L1 when the indicators turn red, and when the boss throws back the shield, press “square” many times.

Special skills and gadgets are also effective, but if you miss the shield bearer's attack, you will not be able to use them for some time. Towards the end of the battle, ordinary opponents will appear. Try not to pay attention to them. It's better to finish off the boss quickly. If you are distracted by other enemies, you risk not having time to react to the blow of their leader. We recommend moving a little further from the arena, dealing with the shield warrior there, and then returning to the round platform and finishing off the remaining ones.

Getting rid of negativity

Go to Harry's laboratory. Another puzzle awaits you, which involves the destruction of crystals. First, use the right stick to rotate the grille a little to the left to see the full picture. Break the outermost yellow and then the outermost red atom.

Interact with the central red crystal.

Turn the structure to the left and destroy the central yellow atom.

Next to the red crystal there were two yellow ones. Attack any of them.

Get into the particle accelerator. Go around obstacles in a circle to go forward and press the buttons that will be indicated on the screen.

Then go back. Along the way, you will have to avoid discharges of static electricity. To do this, press “circle” and move the stick left or right.

When you get out of the accelerator, a fire will start. Extinguish small fires with web shots, and large fires with streams of water ( L1+R1 ). Then go up to the floor and help Harry. Use the symbiote's punch to knock over a vat of liquid nitrogen.

During the next battle, the greatest danger is the shieldman. He easily blocks normal attacks. Parry his attacks or hit the guy with superpowers. You'll then be given the ability to use a particularly powerful move called Symbiote Burst. It is activated by the combination L1 + “circle”. Use it during battles with the most powerful enemies. When fighting a brute hunter, rely on counterattacks.

Parry his swings with an ax and hit him. Your superpowers are also effective, especially those associated with the symbiote’s skills. The enemy does not have a shield, so regular attacks also cause damage to him, but we do not recommend using them, because there is a high probability of getting hit by a retaliatory attack.

Your wings

Check the satellite data and then fly after the drone. It is important to stay in its air flow. This way you can keep up with the drone and be able to get the information you need.

You need to fly after him until the scale is filled to 100 percent. To complete the task you must visit the cemetery.

New suit

Go to Dr. Connors. Turn off the alarm, then go down to the first floor and examine the claw marks on the furniture.

You need to enter a certain sequence on the color board. The correct key combination is purple, purple, purple, green.

Go down to the laboratory. Study the terrarium and camera footage.

After that, open the door and take the test tube with Connors' blood. Defeat the enemies, switch to Miles and move towards the Fish Market.

Kill the hunters and lift the metal blinds with the help of cobwebs.

Move forward until you find yourself in the warehouse area. There are three doors to open.

Chase the lizard. Along the way, you need to approach the boats and throw the hunters into the water.

To keep up with the plane, use the web swing. Dodge the monster's attacks using the circle key.

He chose you. How to defeat the Lizard

Head to the Upper West Side and go down into the sewers. Break the drain to put out the flames and move forward.

Pull yourself up to the wall of the train and crawl along it, and then along the pipes.

Make your way to Connors' laboratory. Review the notes, samples, and workstation.

After this, the battle with the Lizard will begin. His crushing attacks are too powerful, so you won't be able to parry them. Dodge and hit him with simple blows. But you need room to maneuver, so don't let yourself be pinned in a corner.

Venom and Spider's abilities will also be effective, but web shots and gadgets are almost useless. Also pay attention to the doors with the electricity sign. If you open them when the Lizard is nearby, you will stun the boss. After this, it will be possible to carry out a series of strikes.

If an icon appears that is responsible for finishing moves, press the appropriate combination (“triangle” + “circle”). You won't kill the monster, but you will deal massive damage to it.

When the Lizard's health bar is reduced to zero, the second phase will begin. Now he will jump on the wall and throw pieces of plaster at you.

Dodge them and wait for the reptile to descend to the ground. If your symbiote strike is on cooldown, use it.

Then you will find yourself chasing a lizard. Close the distance with him and avoid the debris.

After the video, the third stage of the battle begins. The lizard will become more dangerous and will be able to stun you with ultrasound, but nothing will change in the gameplay. The only caveat is that you will see shutters on the walls. If you open them when the boss is running nearby, you will knock him to the ground.

Wake up

You will have to play as Mary Jane. Wait for the hunter to go to the left, sneak up behind him and hit him with a stun gun.

Stun the two enemies in the kitchen and go down to the basement.

Use Peter's workbench to get web shooters.

Thanks to them, you can attract the attention of thugs from a distance. Shoot him in the face, run up and use electricity. You can practice on the hunter who discovered you. Get out of the basement through the window.

Lure the thug standing near the SUV with a shot and stun him. Similarly, eliminate another fighter who is on the right. Cross the road. Wait until the enemies have their backs to each other and neutralize them one by one.

Do not pay attention to the opponents on the left, but immediately run towards the goal.

Throw a rock as a distraction and shock the bandits.

Open the door and go out to the next street. Go straight and then cross the road. Wait until the hunters are looking in different directions and run.

There are two fighters standing in front of the next target. When the girl moves aside, attack the guy and move on. Take the stairs on the right to the second floor and neutralize everyone who gets in your way. Push the scaffolding and climb into the house.

Then you will find a series of gameplay episodes for Miles and MJ. There is nothing complicated about them - a standard set of opponents and the need to press buttons at the right time.

I'm the hero here

Travel to the Upper East Side to talk to Harry, his father, and Mary Jane. This will complete the task.

No exit. How to Defeat Mister Negative (Lee)

Let's play for Peter. Visit Miles' mom's office.

Let's play as Miles. You need to lower three groups of boxes onto the lasers using a web.

Then pull yourself to the ground through the resulting passage.

Go forward, past the cages with prisoners. When you reach a dead end, jump onto the ceiling, crawl over the grate and go down.

Near the fire, turn left, knock out the hunters and open the door.

It's easy to get around the beams. Wait for the moment when they begin to move apart and jump forward.

To survive in a room with gas, you need to turn on the generators. The first one is on your left. The second one is located on the wall to the right. First, throw down the connected fittings, and then hit the energy source with electricity. The third generator is attached to the ceiling.

After defeating the hunters, jump up one level and then into the narrow shaft on the left.

To get around the lasers, move along the ceiling.

You can get rid of thugs quietly without any problems. Check the recording from the voice recorder.

If you want to continue to act silently, jump to the ceiling and enter the next room. Fans of open combat can safely knock down the door.

Of the strong opponents, you will only encounter a hunter with an ax in bear skin. Then knock out the round window and move on.

The fight with Mister Negative will begin. The boss will attack you with waves of energy. When it starts creeping along the ground, jump to avoid damage. Avoid normal attacks and vertical waves. Shoot Lee with webs to immobilize him, and then hit him with simple blows. Special abilities also work well against Negativity, while gadgets are simply not available.

At the beginning of the second phase, dodge the boss's attacks and wait until you have the opportunity to use your special skill.

Use it, and then get close to Lee and punch him. Here Negative will have attacks that cannot be dodged - they can only be parried. The rest of the battle tactics are the same. Keep in mind that after two vertical waves of energy there is always one horizontal one.

At the end of the battle, you will find a series of chases and simple battles with ordinary opponents.

Everything can be broken. How to defeat Kraven the Hunter as Spider-Man and Peter Parker-Venom

Meet Lee in Chinatown, then head to Kraven's lair.

After a short fight with ordinary opponents, you will have a boss fight. Kraven's regular attacks can be parried, which will open up the ability to perform a series of simple strikes.

Shooting web shots will immobilize him for a couple of seconds, giving you an advantage. Gadgets are practically useless, and superpowers can cause a lot of damage. When the boss throws bombs, run forward. This is the easiest way to avoid damage. After throwing a smoke bomb, immediately dodge, because a spear will fly at you. Also pay attention to the objects that are scattered around the arena. With their help, you can deal additional damage to Kraven. Don't forget to finish off when the opportunity arises.

In the second phase the boss will move much faster. Dodge or parry his attacks, then hit back. As soon as the bell starts ringing, shoot the web at it.

When mechanical dogs appear on the battlefield, attack them first. If Kraven jumps onto a tree, it is better not to take risks, but to dodge his shots.

Let's play as Miles. You need to defeat Peter, who has become Venom. Now, on the contrary, you need to hit the bell to stun the enemy. In this case, it will be possible to carry out a series of strikes. You can try to cover the boss with a web. To do this, it is important that all shots hit the target.

The second phase of the battle is practically no different from the first. At the third stage, Peter will have powerful attacks with dark energy throws. But you can deflect these blows and throw them back with the keyboard shortcut L1+R1.

Do not be afraid. How to defeat Kraven the Venom Hunter

Let's play for Peter. Head to the Oscorp Industries building.

We play as Venom. Kill soldiers with simple blows and reflect their shots with the button that is responsible for dodging ( “circle” ).

Use superpowers against fighters with shields. Go forward, and then climb the platforms to the very top.

When a machine gunner on a helicopter starts shooting at you, run towards him in zigzags, close the distance and attack. Get treatment as soon as possible.

In a battle with hunters, snipers pose the greatest danger. Dodge their shots and jump onto the platforms where they are hiding.

A new battle with Kraven will begin. Hit him with simple attacks and activate special skills whenever possible. As soon as the boss uses a flashbang grenade, dodge.

In the second phase of the battle, it is important to dodge spear strikes and throw explosives to the side.

Harry is in trouble

Let's play for Peter. Connect to the Insult Network to discover where Harry Osborn is.

Fly to the indicated skyscraper, and then to the next one.

When you find the right place, go down, pick up your pass and go forward. You will have a fight with a whole group of symbiotes, but they behave like ordinary opponents.

Let's play as Miles. Head to the port. You need to scan the bell that is on the boat.

However, this sound source is too weak to stun the symbiote. Get down to the deck of the boat and interact with the engine.

After defeating the infected, run to the docks in the north. Note the hanging container.

It needs to be thrown down.

Then chase the helicopter, climb onto it and crawl towards the rotor.

Let's play for Peter. Use the sound emitter (R1+"circle") to stun the symbiotes.

After defeating them, go to the subway. You need to find the weak spot of the black tentacles. Scan the yellow blob and then hit it.

Place sound emitters at the indicated points and hold off opponents until the timer runs out.

It is important to keep the symbiotes away from the “heart”, so it is advisable to stand next to it.

That's not you. How to beat the Scream (Mary Jane)

Go to the meeting place with Harry.

You need to listen to his voice recorder. and then move towards MJ's house.

You have to fight with this girl, whose mind has been captured by the symbiote.

Using a sound emitter, you can stun the girl and inflict a series of blows on her. Other gadgets are ineffective. Eight web shots will immobilize her and leave her open to strike. If possible, use special skills, parry the boss's attacks or evade them. You can activate the car alarm to make a loud sound and deafen Mary Jane.

In the second phase, MJ will start jumping around houses. Dodge her shots and wait for her to go down. Otherwise, the battle tactics are the same.

At the third stage, you can use not only alarms, but also bundles of reinforcement, which will also stun the boss.

The girl will begin to beat her hair forward. Be sure to dodge to the side. During the fourth phase, these same attacks will have to be parried.

We'll fix everything

Visit the town hall. Clean the patio and roof. Try to open the door.

After this, the action will transfer into Peter's consciousness. Follow Lee.

Defeat the enemies, go to May's house and break the wall in Parker's room.

Kill the symbiotes and destroy the source of their energy.

Let's play for Peter. You will have access to new abilities that are associated with the skills of the anti-venom. Test them on ordinary opponents. Soon a giant symbiote will appear in the arena. Web shots are useless against him. Use special techniques and regular attacks.

Everything is connected here

Talk to Osborn. This will complete the task.

Freedom at last

Let's play for Peter. Defeat two groups of symbiotes, and then meet Miles.

Let's play as Miles. When clearing the nest, it is important that opponents do not get close to the “heart”.

Use gadgets that pull enemies to one point and finish them off in hand-to-hand combat. While wandering through the subconscious, move towards a bright light that is visible through the tentacles.

Let's play for Peter. Fly to the indicated point.

After battles with ordinary enemies, two giant symbiotes will run out at you. In battle with them, rely primarily on the anti-venom skills, which will quickly recharge and do not forget to parry attacks.

Due to the number of enemies and the narrow space, the subway fight will prove to be one of the most difficult battles in the game. Please note: while using special skills and finishing off enemies, you are invulnerable to enemy attacks. Also try to parry the blows of the symbiotes and do not allow yourself to be pinned in a corner. You need to stay in the center of the arena at all times.

After the victory, make your way forward through the narrow tunnel.

Together. How to defeat Venom

Let's play for Peter. Head towards May's house.

We play as Mary Jane. Shoot the yellow growths to spread the tentacles.

Using a pistol you can destroy symbiotes. You'll need three shots each. But it is important that the sight lights up red, otherwise, the hit will not count.

Ranged attacks are not difficult to evade. The main thing is not to stand still, but to move all the time. Also, whenever possible, explode illuminated barrels to deal extra damage to enemies.

Attack the yellow growth, clear the location and take the meteorite. Run back and shoot at the vulnerable part of the hive.

Kill the symbiotes in the next room, then try to climb up the stairs.

A giant will attack you. Shoot the sound barrels to hurt him. If they are not nearby, unload the clip into the monster’s head. Move right or left to avoid the enemy's powerful attacks.

Let's play for Peter. You face the final battle against Venom. He is invulnerable to webs, so there is no point in attacking him with simple shots. Rely primarily on sound gadgets and superpowers.

You will also be helped by various items in the arena that can stun the boss. If you manage to stun Venom, hit him with your fists. Periodically, the monster will infect the ground with black liquid. At this moment, it is important to jump up and move to a clear area.

During the second phase, Venom will summon allies. Attack them with web shots to charge gadgets and special abilities. And then use special skills on the boss. While his health bar is protected by armor, this is the only way to damage him.

At the third stage of the battle, the symbiote will begin to throw stones at you. They can be thrown back. It is important to remember: after two regular shots, a reinforced one will follow, which must be parried a little in advance. Being on the ground is ineffective - try to fly up, get closer to Venom, and not move away from him. Hit him with simple blows and special abilities. Don't forget to dodge.

During the fourth phase, the boss will shoot waves of black energy at you. Jump over them, get close to the monster, and hit. The sound barrels that are scattered around the arena will also help you. Periodically, Venom will take off. His air attacks cannot be reflected, just dodge them.

After winning, a series of QTEs awaits you.