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Walkthrough of Underground Blossom - how to solve all the puzzles and unlock achievements


Walkthrough of Underground Blossom - how to solve all the puzzles and unlock achievements

Underground Blossom is another puzzle game from the creators of Rusty Lake, in which you have to explore several subway stations and solve various puzzles while collecting the memories of Laura Vanderboom. In this guide we will tell you how to solve all the puzzles, find the cubes and get the available achievements.

Chapter 1. Lullaby Station

Having arrived at the station, open the suitcase to the right of the stroller, take out matches and a bottle. Immediately give the bottle to the baby in the stroller and take the pin.

Walkthrough of Underground Blossom - how to solve all the puzzles and unlock achievements

Go to the screen on the right and interact with the metal box that is on the floor next to the poster. Inside there is fabric and a hacksaw. Using a hacksaw, cut through the grate in the same room and take the rod. Use it on the key under the bars to pick it up.

Chapter 1. Lullaby Station

Return to the baby, apply the cloth to him and secure with a pin. Click on the baby several times to get a dirty diaper.

Chapter 1. Lullaby Station

Chapter 1. Lullaby Station

The spatula must be used on the poster to get a clue to the clock on the woman's chest. Using this combination, you will have access to the train arrival time ( 10:15 ).

Set the time on the clock and the train will arrive. Interact with the controller, and after finishing his monologue, examine the chest pocket. Take the coin and return to the ticket kiosk.

Chapter 1. Lullaby Station

Open kiosk No. 1 and wake up the old lady with the rod. Give her coin to get a ticket, board the train and complete the chapter.

Chapter 1. Lullaby Station

Chapter 2. Childhood Lane

To the left of the woman with the child there is a shield - take the old gum from here using a spatula and give it to the girl to get chewed gum.

Now walk around the station and find the baby in different places:

  • Behind the bench where the man is sitting;
  • Behind the newsstand;
  • Behind the owl statue.

This is how you get your first glass panel . It needs to be installed on the left picture in the main hall and the correct image must be created. Take the handle from the kiosk .

Use it to open the kiosk and take the newspaper. Give the item to the man on the bench, then place the titles correctly to match the pictures.

The man will lift the newspaper higher, and you can examine his chest pocket and receive a coin . Here you can pick up a ticket from the machine. To do this, use the following combination, which is shown in the screenshot.

Chapter 2. Childhood Lane

Take the poster under the ticket machine and place it in the hall with the kiosk. There are two puzzles to solve here.

On the poster on the right, select one by one:

  • Wineglass.
  • Hat.
  • Kite.
  • Camel.
  • Airplane.
  • Pyramid.
  • Sun.
You will receive the key to the phone booth. There is nowhere to call yet - return to the frame on the left, attach the chewing gum and the found poster here.

It will say what you need to choose at the moment. Here's the order:

  • Lips.
  • Eyes.
  • Bracelet on hand.
  • Hair.
  • Eyes.
  • Lips.
  • Box.
Use number 53114 in the phone booth and listen to the monologue. You will receive a hint to look into the bird's eyes. Follow the owl statue and examine the eyes. A panel will open slightly at the bottom of it - apply the rod you found earlier to it.

Four numbers 8827 will be displayed here - this is the code for the suitcase of the man who is sitting on a bench nearby. Open it and take the camera.

Give the camera to the girl and click on her until a strange creature appears and takes her mother. To do this, you need to interact with the creature and watch the scene to the end.

Move to the room with the clock to watch it leave and also examine the mother's bag on the floor. You will find a watch, a screwdriver and a note. The last item cannot be picked up, only read.

Return to the main hall and use the screwdriver on the panel on the left (here you found the gum). Take the second glass panel for the painting on the left.

As in the previous case, you will have to compose the correct image. Rotate the blocks to make it look like the one shown in the screenshot below. Take the clock hand.

To find out the correct time before the train arrives, find the girl under the Mr. Owl statue and interact with her. She will close the panel, but will drop the film.

The film must be taken to the kiosk and placed in the basket. A voice will tell you to come back in 20 minutes. Rewind the time on the main clock. One of the photos will show the correct time - 4:05.

Insert a clock hand and indicate the time. The train will arrive and you can hand over your pass and complete the chapter.

Chapter 3. School Street

There are also a lot of actions to be done here, but we recommend that you first collect all available items in the location, including getting a ticket from the machine.

Before you is a simple puzzle: you can start the passage from any place, but it is important to move in that direction and along those cells, as shown on the buttons. We will leave a screenshot with a hint. Pick up your ticket.

To the left of the girl on the floor, look at the pack of peanuts and take one. On the right is a piece of paper with a drawing - it needs to be folded so that it turns out to be a paper airplane .

In the room on the right on the floor there is a can - open it with a screwdriver and take the sausage . Now you can start solving the main puzzle in this level.

Find the guy with the book and examine it. Here you need to correctly arrange the students' photos using the hints on the left side of the screen. To do this, you will need the items you found earlier. The correct placement of students is shown in the screenshot below.

Chapter 3. School Street

Give Hank the peanuts, sausage and plane to get a worm. In the same room, interact with the bird. Give her the worm and click on the egg. It will fall on Johnny's head, who will drop the briefcase. There is a locked diary inside - the password can be found using a candy, a sharpener and a cigar on a ruler ( 637 ).

Take the photos and give them to Lucy, who will tell you the time until the train arrives ( 14:45 ). Give the ticket to the controller and complete the chapter.

Chapter 4. Bird Bridge Station

Examine the metal box in the main hall and take a piece of sausage with a pencil. Use the pencil on Lucy to trace the mother's drawing and create a line.

In the room on the right, open the hatch and tie the line to the stick. All that remains is to find the hook. Go further to the right into the hall with the trumpeter. Interact with the picture - you will learn the correct sequence of notes (from left to right on the trumpet):

  • 1-2-3-1-2-3

A fish will appear from the pipe, which you can examine and find a hook . Tie a hook to a stick near the well and place a piece of sausage on it. A rat will appear . Take her to the hall with the musician. Examine the note that appears after the rodent escapes. You learn that a train with a team of workers arrives at the station at exactly 5 o'clock.

Now follow the prompts of the workers themselves:

  • You are looking for a man in a red hat (standing in the hall with a kiosk);
  • Talk to my colleague with the brown suitcase (in the train arrival hall) - you will receive points.
  • Give the glasses to the man in the helmet (in the main hall of the station);
  • Talk to the tall smiling man (in the train arrival hall) - look in his pocket and take the tie.
  • Give the glasses to the man in the helmet (in the main hall of the station);
  • Talk to the tall smiling man (in the train arrival hall) - look in his pocket and take the tie.

Return to the train arrival hall, where there is only one worker left. Take the money from him and buy coffee and a sandwich at the kiosk. Give the guy the sandwich, remove all the worms from it and take the crumbs. Take the coffee to Lucy to get a cigarette butt.

Take the cigarette to the man in the kiosk area and give him the lighter. He will rob you, but will leave behind a note and a paper clip.

Use the paperclip on the electrical panel here, after which you will need to make a combination of numbers from the available parts.

Chapter 4. Bird Bridge Station

Chapter 4. Bird Bridge Station

Chapter 4. Bird Bridge Station

Follow the wire to the next room, find the loudspeaker here and interact with it. You will receive three new notes:

  • 1-1-2-2-3-3

A bird will fly out of the musician's trumpet and land on the man's shoulder in the main hall. Feed her crumbs and get the last tune:

  • 3-3-1-3-1-1
This way you will receive a travel pass . The train's arrival time can be tracked in Lucy's diary, which lies on the bench to her left. To do this, you will have to solve a small riddle: “The minute hand points to the tree, the hour hand has almost caught the dark soul” - 04:45.

Chapter 5. Crossroads of Regret

Immediately examine the box under the bench and take the clock hand . Interact with Lucy and listen to two monologues. In the second, she will say that Bob's train leaves at 4 o'clock. Set the arrow and move to 04:00 . Guide Bob onto the train and take the money and coin from his wallet.

You need to insert a coin into the machine - you will have 100 points. Distribute them like this:

  • 20
  • 45
  • 35

Next, candies of a certain shape will fly out of the bags. You need to distribute them according to these forms: animals in a bag with a dog, equipment in a bag with a bicycle, and fruits and food in the last bag. Take away the corn biscuits.

Use the resulting cookies on the pigeon and make a combination of crumbs (from right to left):

  • Yellow;
  • Yellow;
  • Yellow;
  • Yellow;
  • Grey;
  • White;
  • White;
  • Red;
  • White;
  • Red;
  • White.

Follow the bird the entire time until it is hit by the train. In the remains you will find a key. It can be used on a grille behind which stands a male silhouette. He will say that you must leave the money under the bench and return at 09:00 . Place the bill in the box under the bench and rewind time.

The thief won't return the watch, but you will get the saw. Use it to get rid of the padlock on the cabinet and take the missing piece of canvas . In this puzzle you need to find similar images and take “snapshots” of them by clicking on a certain circle.

The trash can under the picture will fall, and garbage will fall out of it, which needs to be distributed in pairs. If you have any difficulties, please use the screenshot below.

Chapter 5. Crossroads of Regret

You will receive a pill and a note from Dr. Clark - give it to Laura. After the station changes, interact with Laura again. She will say that she dreams of Bob holding a broken heart:

  • Find the heart and give it to Bob;
  • Give your hand to the mother, and her face to the girl;
  • Give the fish to the detective;
  • Bob turned into a bird. Give him the rat and the woman's head to the demon;
  • Another bird will appear - give it a branch;
  • Give the old woman the black cube.
Returning to the station, examine the portrait and take the brush. Take the ticket from the girl's hands. In the train arrival hall, use a brush on the bird's remains and paint over the picture to find out the train's arrival time - 19:55.

Chapter 6. Street of Souls

Go to the right side of the station and examine the wall with stones. To solve this puzzle, you need to lead the insect to the circled point. To do this, use stones that indicate the direction. If you have any difficulties, look at the screenshot below.

Chapter 6. Street of Souls

The insect will lead you to the main hall to a dark substance. If you touch it, a person will appear who will give you the key to locker number 7. There are ticks inside.

Chapter 6. Street of Souls

There is a pry bar next to the cabinets. Use it on the fuel barrel and set it on fire. After this, you can interact with the metal box in the room with the previous puzzle to get the key to locker #6 and pick up the bucket.

Apply the pliers here on the padlock - a tied man will appear in front of you, the same thief who stole the watch. Take a piece of electrical tape from his mouth and examine the tattoos with symbols and numbers. You will need electrical tape to power the cabinet from the electrical panel.

Chapter 6. Street of Souls

Apply electrical tape to the wires and switch the toggle switches (from left to right):

  • Up;
  • Up;
  • Left.
Chapter 6. Street of Souls

Take the valve. Place it on the pipe with the tap, fill the bucket with water and put out the fire. This will give you a wire.

Return to the electrical panel and wrap the wires on the right with wire, then install the following sequence of toggle switches:

  • Up;
  • Right;
  • Up;
  • Left.
Chapter 6. Street of Souls

Now you need to talk to the thief. First, fill a bucket with water and pour it over it. Then fill the bucket again, but pour the water into the grate in the next room (use the pry bar first) - you will get a clothespin . Attach it to one nipple and a paper clip to the other. Finally, since you have powered the chair with electricity, press the lever. He will agree to tell everything.

Examine the poster. Interact with the dead woman's hand several times and take the key to locker #8 and the locked chest. You'll have to return to the main hall and restore power to the lamp. To do this, apply another piece of electrical tape to the wires and set the sequence of toggle switches:

  • Up;
  • Right;
  • Up;
  • Up;
  • Right.

You will receive the combination “Wolf” , “Bird” , “Boat” , “Tree”. The corresponding numbers can be found on the thief’s tattoos - 4195. Take your watch . Give them to the black silhouette of a man and highlight the necessary symbols that are drawn on the wall. The train arrival time will become available - 14:15.

Chapter 7. Lake

Arriving at the lake, look for a dark silhouette. He will tell you to look behind you. on other maps, find a tree and click on it several times to make an old woman and a woman appear. Return to the dark silhouette and listen to Lucy. She will ask you to board the train.

The story will be completed, but the game will not end there. You can continue to explore stations, find secrets and unlock achievements. More details in the next section.

How to get all achievements (endgame)

As you progress through the story chapters, you will receive mandatory achievements, of which there are 14 in total. However, in addition to this, you can also unlock another 20 achievements. Just return to the game and take a card from your suitcase, with which you can navigate through the stations.

The Future is in the Past, The Past is in the Future

In Chapter 7, find the insect and interact with it three times.

Are you proud of yourself?

In the first chapter, click on the baby many times until he cries.

Listen to music and die

This achievement can be obtained by interacting with the second note on the musician's trumpet many times.


In Chapter 2, “Childhood Lane,” look at the newsstand and click on the “Photo Services” sign 50 times.

Not a bad technique

In Chapter 6, “Street of the Soul,” twist one of the two nipples, to which a clothespin or paperclip is attached, about 20 times.

Creepy parasite

Interact with the corpse in the Crossroads of Regret chapter several times.

Uncool Johnny

In the "School Street" chapter, interact with the guy on whom the egg fell until a classmate shuts him up.

How to find all the cubes in each chapter

Go to Chapter 7 and talk to the man in the diving mask. He will ask you to find all the cubes, one at each station. Listen to the monologue to the end to get a coin.

Wooden cube

If you have a bucket of water (you can get it in Chapter 6), then at the “Lake” location, pour the water to the left of the tree and interact with the hole several times. You will receive a wooden cube and the corresponding achievement.

copper cube

Go to School Street and use the paint on Mr. Owl's eyes. So you will get the key to locker No. 9 in chapter 6, find the copper cube and get the corresponding achievement.

Bone Cube

In the room with the musician, use the crowbar on the tile and take the bill. Drop it off at the food stand and pick up the donut.

Return the donut to Bob - he will share the information with you. Go to Regret Lane Station and set the clock to 12:00. A woman will appear in the room with the machine gun and give you a bone cube.

Stone cube

Return to the Crossing of Regrets station and insert the coin into the candy machine. Take away the peanut bar. Since one of the students has allergies, place a candy bar on his head in the “School Street” chapter. This is how you will learn the notes for a musician:

  • 2-2-2-1-2-3

Go to the trumpeter and enter the combination. Take the stone cube.

Bronze cube

Fill up a bucket of water in Chapter 6 and return to the Bird Bridge station. Pour water into the well to retrieve the fishing net. It must be used in the chapter “Street of the Soul” on a puddle from which a fish jumps out from time to time. Use the crowbar on the carcass and take the key.

This key opens the ticket stall in Chapter 1, where you can pick up the cube.

Ice cube

Fill a bucket with water and pour it into the hatch behind the bars at the station in Chapter 1. You will see the correct sequence to enter in the School Street chapter:

  • Down (2);
  • Left;
  • Up down;
  • Right;
  • Down (2).

Marble cube

A clue to the location of the last cube can be found in Chapter 5 if you use the crowbar on the hidden panel in the main hall.

Go to Chapter 2 and make the same drawing on the ticket machine. Take the marble cube.

Unique achievements

Note: The following achievements can be unlocked after you collect all the cubes at each station.

One shrimp please

Place all the cubes you find in the diver's box and take the shrimp. It must be taken to the conductor in Chapter 1.

Return to work

You will receive a ticket and the train arrival time is 2:25. You will head to the Rusty Lake Hotel. Ring the bell and get on the boat. Talk to Mr. Owl to get the achievement.


To get this achievement you need to place all the cubes in the same way as the games of the Cube Escape series are located on the developers' poster. If you have any difficulties, see the screenshot below.


A white cube will appear nearby. Click on the silhouettes to make a door appear. Talk to the raven and get the achievement.

Behind the mask

Only those players who follow the developers’ posts on social networks will receive this achievement. In one of the images, you can find the code for the metal box in Chapter 6. Come back here and enter the number 5372.

Behind the mask

Return to the first chapter and put the resulting mask on the woman's face.

He is back

At the Detstva Pereulok station, use the phone and enter the number 74222. A new time for the train will appear - 08:35. Set the time and get on the train. Listen to the man in the white coat and go into the room on the left. Set the number to 66, take the key out of the box.

Find the locked door with the dial and enter the password 8357992442. In the room that opens, click on the lamp many times until you get the achievement.

Your memories are safe with us

Now interact with the console again and enter the code 8357992442. Use the key to open the bottom drawer, take the Mr. Memory toy. In the leftmost room, take out the box numbered 23 and take the cassette called Vendome_Ba.

Insert the cassette into the player to get the last achievement available in the game. However, after this you will see that the scientist has fallen, and an envelope has appeared next to him. Pick it up and take the key to the top drawer.

There is a letter here that, when clicked, will open a window in the browser Best Kept Memory - Contest Form #3, where you can take a survey and fill out the form.