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Warcraft Rumble: 4 advanced tips to know to optimize your gold and units

 Warcraft Rumble is the kind of game where you learn as you go what to do, and especially what not to do. Here we give you some tips and tricks to optimize your progress in the game.

After sharing with you our advice for getting started on Warcraft Rumble, we have prepared a second round of slightly more advanced advice and tips, always to help you get the best out of this game.

Chain the dungeons!

It's easy to think that a dungeon has little point in repeating. However, this is the case in Warcraft Rumble. Because each time you complete one of them, you will have the possibility to choose to improve your army and thus grant it a bonus. It is thus possible, depending on the improvement (bronze/silver/gold) to have up to 3 additional levels on your units.

Don't buy unit talents randomly

It can be tempting, when you see a unit talent in the store, to buy it thinking that it will only be stronger with it. This isn't technically wrong, but there's something very important to consider: When you buy a talent, the next one won't arrive in the store until you've upgraded your unit enough to unlock its next one. talent location! So, if you want to use THE talent that changes everything for your team composition, wait until you see it in the store. Don't just jump on anyone, because you'll be stuck with it for a while.

Do not buy the basic volumes in the store at the beginning

Do not buy the basic volumes in the store at the beginning

In the store, you can find volumes for 60 gold which will earn you XP, for a few gold coins. This is an effective way to improve the level of your units, but we strongly advise you not to pay attention to it, at least at first. Indeed, by progressing in the game and in the profile levels, you will end up improving the amount of XP recovered via the latter. We advise you to start seriously thinking about it once profile level 30 is reached.

And by the way, we do not recommend the more expensive volumes, because gold has other uses, and breaking the bank would not be a good idea in a game like Warcraft Rumble. Especially since there are several ways to gain experience in other ways (Dungeons, quests, daily challenges, etc.)

What should you buy in the figurine store?

Almost all. In fact, it is obvious that you must first of all buy the units you intend to use, in order to increase their rarity level, and also find the talent(s) you need. But don't start with the principle of buying nothing else, and relying solely on the red buttons to find what you need.

Your priority should be to upgrade ALL units in the game from common to uncommon rarity. By doing so, you will gain experience, allowing you to improve your profile level. And this will allow you to gain more experience, whether at the level of bosses, volumes, etc. So take what you can...except the "bad" talent.