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Warcraft Rumble: Best Blackrock deck: Return Blackhand or General Drakkisath?

 Warcraft Rumble is Blizzard's new mobile game. We're going to give you tips for finding the best Blackrock deck in PvE and PvP.

Warcraft Rumble is the latest game in the Warcraft license and is one of Blizzard's only exclusively mobile games. The game contains a growing number of units and almost endless deck creation possibilities.

In the game, you can find a total of five factions: Alliance, Horde, Undead, Beasts, and Blackrock. We'll offer you a list of decks for each faction to help you find the best ways to play your favorite class!

Best Blackrock deck in Warcraft Rumble

We'll list the best decks for each Blackrock leader in order, with the first always being the most powerful deck, and the last being the least powerful deck.

1. Makes Blackhand

The power levels of the two Blackrock decks are quite close, the two leaders are excellent units and the gameplay principles around the two lists are particularly effective. For the moment, Rend seems a little more effective than our dear general, even if it's close. It's also a split push deck, with Rend going just after the drake to put pressure on one line and the gargoyle going alone on the opposite line.

Makes Blackhand

2. General Drakkisath

We have the other general option, with a deck composition focusing on elemental damage. This is a composition that is engaged in counter-aggression, which will wait for us to attack it then send an elemental with Drakkisath to exploit the opponents' lack of resources. This deck is very powerful but can be a little more complex to play correctly.

General Drakkisath

Warcraft Rumble is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard in which you slowly generate gold to land units on terrain. These units advance alone and must bring down all the opposing towers to win the game, while you defend your towers.