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Warcraft Rumble: Low cost or free to play deck to get you started

 Warcraft Rumble is Blizzard's next mobile game. You can find different decks in this game, here is an example of a free-to-play/low-cost deck.

Warcraft Rumble is one of the latest games in the Warcraft license. Developed by Blizzard, it is the studio's first game to be exclusively on mobile phones. This game contains dozens of units from the Warcraft license and which explores the imagination of this world in a lighter way.

This is a game in which deck building is very important. But at the start of the game, you have few figurines. So how to do it? We are going to give you some tips for making a free-to-play/low-cost deck.

Low-Cost Warcraft Rumble Deck to get you started

Before presenting you with examples of low-cost decks and units for your start to your Warcraft Rumble adventure, we would like to point out a few points to you:

  1. The choice of chef at the beginning is very important . Some leaders are much weaker than others and you want to start your game with a leader who will allow you to have a solid base.
  2. Many starting units are very strong . For example, you will quickly have the IMUN Pilot which is one of the best units in the game.
  3. Increasing the size of your collection is very easy, especially at the beginning. If you chain together missions to create a small jackpot and recover strong units, you will be able to have a stable deck that will last you until Ashenvale without any need to make major modifications.

With these first points in mind , it is complicated to offer you an exact list for a low-cost deck. Your choices will depend a lot on what the GRID offers you, that is to say the game's miniatures store.

Instead, we will present to you a list of the most interesting units at the start of the game, with the most relevant leader choices to get you started :

Which leader for an effective low cost deck?

Baron Vaillefenndre : This leader works very well with the undead, very strong units in many missions. He generates constant pressure with his skeletons and is definitely a good investment in the future.

Tirion Fordring : Tirion is very effective and will allow you to keep your tanks alive for a long time, which is necessary in many of the game's missions. In addition, the Alliance faction is one of the strongest in the game.

Honorable mentions: Old Troublemaker, Maiev Shadowsong.

Which units for an effective low cost deck?

The idea is that you will need to have at least one unit of each type: flying, distance, melee with at least one elemental and a tank to have a fairly balanced composition for all challenges. If you are looking for a more detailed list with the first units of the game, here are our tips:

IMUN Pilot : Unit that you will quickly have at the start of the game, it is very flexible and will help you in many missions.

Griffin Rider : This unit is very cheap and has pretty crazy DPS for its value. It's also a unit that you will have quickly and that you can keep in your deck for a long time without any problem.

Chain Lightning : Your first spell. A little weaker than the Blizzard, it will still allow you to get rid of large groups of enemies like against the Vultures and also to quickly eliminate the opponent's Kobold miner to prevent it from generating money.

Brute Gnoll : A good tank to start the game which can be replaced later by Abominations , Foot Soldiers, Taurene Stonehoof and resistant units depending on the type and faction of your deck.

Necromancer : This unit can be quickly available and allows you to add some elemental damage to your deck. If you can't find it, look for any unit that deals elemental damage.

 Complete with a model that you like or that will change depending on the needs of the missions and you have a deck that should survive all the early Eastern Kingdoms missions, before you have enough gold to buy more models !

Warcraft Rumble is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard in which you slowly generate gold to land units on terrain. These units advance alone and must bring down all the opposing towers to win the game, while you defend your towers.