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Warcraft Rumble: Maiev Shadowsong, talents, faction, ability and traits

 Warcraft Rumble is Blizzard's new mobile game. We will give you all the information about Maiev Shadowsong, her faction, her talents and her traits!

Warcraft Rumble is the latest game in the Warcraft license and is one of Blizzard 's only exclusively mobile games . The game contains a growing number of units and almost endless deck creation possibilities . 

In this file , we will introduce you to chef Maiev Chantelombre. You will have all the information on its gold cost, the different traits of the unit and of course its talents and capacity.

Maiev Shadowsong Warcraft Rumble, all unit information

Maiev Shadowsong is a unit leader in Warcraft Rumble. Here's what you need to know about this unit:

Maiev Shadowsong Warcraft Rumble, all unit information

Ability:  Holy Light: Heals all friendly units nearby.

General informations

FactionCost (gold)Kind


Shadow Daughter: When deployed, throws a smoke bomb that camouflages nearby allied units.

Merciless: Deals double damage for 2 seconds after killing an opponent.

Shadowstep:  When hit, sometimes teleports near a ranged attacker.


Area Damage:  Effective against squad units.

Camouflage: Invisible to opponents until the unit attacks or takes damage.

Detached: Playable anywhere on the map.

Warcraft Rumble is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard in which you slowly generate gold to land units on terrain. These units advance alone and must bring down all the opposing towers to win the game, while you defend your towers.