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Warcraft Rumble: Scholomance, next dungeon for PVE

 Warcraft Rumble was treated to several new features during Blizzcon, including the announcement of the next dungeon: the Scholomance school.

Blizzcon 2023  was a very important event for many licenses in the Blizzard universes. Warcraft Rumble, a very recent game and new mobile title from Blizzard, was entitled to a detailed presentation of its future quite late in the night from Friday to Saturday. Here is more information on what was announced in this presentation.

One of the new features announced during this conference is the addition of a new dungeon in the future. Warcraft Rumble chooses to continue its use of Vanilla WoW content by announcing the arrival of Scholomance.

The next dungeon in Warcraft Rumble will be Scholomance!

This dungeon is not necessarily one of the most famous dungeons in World of Warcraft but it is an important dungeon in Vanilla WoW which will therefore find its place in the Warcraft Rumble universe. 

Despite everything, it is a dungeon with a very dark history which will have to be revisited in part to match the crazy atmosphere of Warcraft Rumble!

In the game, dungeons are a PvE mode in which you must choose an army of the faction requested by the dungeon to then complete challenges. The exercise requires defeating 3 bosses one after the other, each boss having a unique strategy and offering rewards to improve the army used.

Warcraft Rumble: Scholomance, next dungeon for PVE

Scholomance should follow the same principle as the other raids, with of course new bosses who will be Scholomance bosses.