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Warcraft Rumble: A trick that will ensure you never lose honor in PvP

 In Warcraft Rumble there is a simple trick that will stop you losing honor in PvP. This isn't cheating - it's just simple math.

Warcraft Rumble: A trick that will ensure you never lose honor in PvP

An amazingly complex feature in Warcraft Rumble is PvP. It's extremely tactical and only a well-balanced team - or a really nasty combo - can reliably lead to success. PvP has very interesting rewards. From gold and arc light energy to big XP boosts and even a very special mini.

To unlock this, however, you have to collect enough honor. However, honor is not permanent - if you lose power, your honor will also decrease again.

This can be quite frustrating as you see a meter that fills up showing how much honor you have and how close you are to the next milestone. If this value drops, then you move further away from the reward - not a nice feeling.

However, you can get around this problem with a little mental trick. To do this you have to use a mechanic in Warcraft Rumble.

Your total honor value is calculated from your best 3 troops. The values ​​are added here.

An example to clarify this:

You have 4 leader minis: Jaina Proudmoore, Grommash Hellscream, Murky-Eyes the Old One and Blood Mage Thalnos.

  • Jaina Proudmoore has 700 Honor
  • Grommash Hellscream has 600 Honor
  • Cloudy-Eyes the Old One has 500 Honor
  • Blood Mage Thalnos has 490 Honor

Your total honor value in PvP is calculated from the achievements of your top 3 leaders. In this example that would be 1,800 honor (700+600+500).

Blood Mage Thalnos' 490 Honor is not counted because he is not one of the top 3 leaders in your collection.

This is exactly what you can use to your advantage!

Always use the leader in 4th place just to win

From now on, only play leaders who are in fourth place in your list, in this example Blood Mage Thalnos.

If you lose with Thalnos, his personal honor value drops - i.e. from 490 to around 400. However, nothing changes in your overall honor rating, as only the best 3 leaders are still counted there - so you remain at 1,800 honor.

However, if you win with Thalnos, his honor value will increase - approximately from 490 to 600. In this case, your account honor will also increase, since Thalnos is now one of the top 3 leaders - you would then have 1,900 honor: 700 from Jaina, 600 from Cloudy Eyes, 600 from Thalnos and Cloudy Eyes is out of the calculation since he is now in 4th place.

If you follow this strategy and only use your 4th best troop until it moves up to 3rd, then you will only be able to increase your honor.

Another advantage of this is that you learn how to deal with multiple leaders, building up a larger repertoire of troops and strategies and thus increasing your general understanding of the game around the minis.

Of course, this is also a little psychological trick - but it can reduce a lot of frustration, as your honor value can only increase, no matter what you do.

How are things going for you in PvP? Have you already achieved initial success?