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What is the best starting weapon in Lies of P and why?

 Among the starting weapons in Lies of P, there is one that can be more useful than the others, as long as you are clear about how you should use it in combat.

When you start your game of Lies of P , you will be asked to choose a class . This will determine what your starting weapon will be , among three possibilities. Although you can get these weapons later, we want to explain which one is the best and why you should take it with you for the first part of the game.

What is the best-starting weapon in Lies of P?

Although your class does not matter, because later you can level up and even respec points to enhance one or another attributes, without a doubt for us the best initial weapon is the Greatsword of Destiny, which you get when selecting the third initial class.

What is the best starting weapon in Lies of P

The reason we chose this weapon right away is that it is the only one with B-scaling. This means that, in addition to being a two-handed weapon (doing more damage), you get a very juicy additional damage bonus for the early stages of the game. In addition, it is very useful to get used to the rhythm of the game's combat. Being a somewhat slower weapon, as soon as you are able to control it fairly well you will be able to adapt to anything. Of course, it offers a greater ability to throw enemies off balance and expose them to a lethal blow.

In any case, as soon as you progress for a while you will be able to buy the Puppet Saber and the Winter Rapier as soon as you find the Traveling Merchant, shortly before the first boss of the game, the Parade Master .