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Where to find the secret boss of Super Mario RPG reference to Final Fantasy


Where to find the secret boss of Super Mario RPG reference to Final Fantasy

Super Mario RPG hides a secret boss that references Final Fantasy: we explain how to defeat Culex... and take revenge in the postgame.

Super Mario RPG is a very faithful remake of the 1995 Super Nintendo classic that never came out in Europe, and that includes all the references, and cameos, including one that directly concerns the Final Fantasy saga.

When Super Mario RPG came out, before Final Fantasy VII, it was done looking to attract Western audiences to role-playing games. At that time, the most popular saga was Final Fantasy.

Being from the same creators, Squaresoft decided to leave a reference to Final Fantasy IV in the Nintendo game, which has been maintained in Super Mario RPG: we explain where to find Culex, the secret boss of the Nintendo Switch game.

Where is Culex, the secret boss of Super Mario RPG

Culex is back in Super Mario RPG, in all his pixelated glory, a dark knight with a design that looks like something out of Final Fantasy, attacking you with crystals and music that belongs to Final Fantasy IV.

This is an optional boss, which you will find in Monstroburgo, or "Monstro town". He is initially behind a closed black door, and to open it you will need the Shining Stone.

To get the Flashing Stone, you must go to Villatopo and talk to the fireworks mole. Buy a sparkler from her for 500 coins and give them to the girl outside the house. She is hidden behind some boxes, although you can recognize her by her little pink bow, so she can give you the stone in her place.

Putting the stone in the door will make it open. Inside you can fight Culex, a fairly difficult boss if you don't have enough level (approximately level 20).

Defeating Culex will earn you the Quartz Amulet, an accessory that halves damage taken and increases damage dealt.

Rematch with Culex in the Super Mario RPG postgame

Super Mario RPG includes a new postgame plot: fight the main final bosses again. You can do it after you beat the first one and see the credits.

This will be activated when you open your game again, and receive a Hotel Coupon, which you must show at Nupcialia. Now the quest will begin, in which you will fight again against six bosses from the game, but much more difficult. The final boss will be Culex... but now in 3D.

Culex 3D is the most difficult enemy in the entire game, but once you defeat him, you can fight him again whenever you want, and the game will keep track of how many turns it takes you to defeat him.

Super Mario RPG is now on sale on Switch. " It is the perfect combination between the role of the classic Final Fantasy and the wealth of originality and sense of humor of the Mario games ."