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Why is Rengoku so important in the Demon Slayer story?


Why is Rengoku so important in the Demon Slayer story?

It's common in many of the best action animes of all time. The introduction into the plot of a secondary character who, although he is not the protagonist of a large number of scenes, his immense charisma and the important message he carries under his arm has such an impact that he quickly becomes one of the most beloved in said work.

In an anime as popular as Demon Slayer, whose third season concluded months ago, becoming another success for the franchise, the presence of a character with these characteristics was mandatory. The person who accomplished this was none other than Rengoku, the Pillar of Flame, and in the following lines, we will share with you the reasons why we consider this character so valuable to the plot of Demon Slayer.

From here on, spoilers for the Infinity Train arc are included, that is, part of the second season of this anime.

What the character of Rengoku taught us

Although it was Giyu Tomioka and Shinobu Kocho who introduced us to the immense power that these outstanding members of the Demon Extermination Corps possessed, Rengoku's fight against Akaza went a step further and taught us that these abilities meant nothing in comparison to how dangerous the Upper Moons, our heroes' next enemies at this point in the plot, really were.

Thanks to this exciting combat, the intrigue for what would lie ahead for our protagonists increased. The thing does not stop there: in a couple of scenes, Rengoku showed to have enormous chemistry with Tanjiro both inside and outside of battles, making many of us excited about the possibility of the Pillar of Flame becoming a teacher for our protagonist...

What most characterized Rengoku ended up being his enormous spirit to fight demons and protect the weakest from the horrible threat created by Muzan Kibutsuji. Even today, this enormous display of bravery continues to be remembered by Tanjiro in moments as intense as his fight against Gyutaro helped by another Pillar of great power such as Tengen Uzui, so it is not wrong to consider Rengoku as someone inspiring and probably the person who influenced Tanjiro the most.

Rengoku's death also means something of great importance to Demon Slayer . This dramatic turn meant the first major defeat for our heroes who had already become Demon Hunters, also showing that Koyoharu Gotouge is an author who does not hesitate if she sees fit to kill off an important character to make her villains shine .

Even today, several Demon Slayer fans consider the death of this charismatic Pilar the most painful of all. For everything it meant to Tanjiro and for the impact it caused among Demon Slayer fans, we consider Rengoku a turning point in the history of this excellent anime.