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Why was Hogwarts Legacy not nominated for the 2023 Game Awards?

 Hogwarts Legacy is absent from the Game Awards 2023 nominations, despite its success. Many fans express their dissatisfaction. We'll tell you about it.

Why was Hogwarts Legacy not nominated for the 2023 Game Awards?

The video game world recently witnessed an event that surprised fans: Hogwarts Legacy was not nominated for the 2023 Game Awards. This game, acclaimed by critics and players on all platforms, is absent from the list of nominees for each category. 

Among fans and on social networks, two main theories are emerging to explain this omission. On the one hand, the jury members might not have deemed Hogwarts Legacy worthy of nomination. On the other hand, the controversy surrounding JK Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter universe, could have played a role. However, could the reason simply be that the year 2023 was rich in quality games, and Hogwarts Legacy, although an excellent game, did not have the same enthusiasm as these colleagues?

Why wasn't Hogwarts Legacy nominated for the 2023 Game Awards?

Released in February, Hogwarts Legacy quickly became the best-selling video game of 2023. Hailed on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, the game maintained its momentum on PS4 and Xbox One. With rave reviews from professionals and players, its absence from the Game Awards raises questions among the community. On social networks, many players express their disappointment.

Hogwarts Legacy could have claimed several nominations, such as Best Artistic Direction or Best Role-playing Game. The Grammy even recognized his exceptional music.

The game's inseparable connection to controversial author JK Rowling could be a factor, according to fans. Including Hogwarts Legacy could have attracted backlash and overshadowed the event.


However, it must be kept in mind that the members of the jury are media and journalists from around the world and that they do not work directly or indirectly for The Game Awards 2023. Thus, it seems unlikely that the absence of Hogwarts Legacy is due to this controversy. For us, it is more a combination of circumstances with the year 2023 which is full of quality games. 

As a member of the jury, we were also faced with this difficulty. We've had some fabulous games in our hands all year and unfortunately, it's not possible to select them all. It's normal to be disappointed when the game you like isn't selected, but this is the selection process that takes into account diverse opinions from journalists around the world to gather a consensus on the games that deserve to be nominated. 

The absence of Hogwarts Legacy at The Game Awards 2023 remains a subject of debate. Between the recognition of its artistic quality and the controversies surrounding its creator. Although it may be a disappointment, opinions differ and many also think that Hogwarts Legacy did not deserve its place on the podium.