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Wild Rumble in TFT: Dates, Format and Details of Set 10 Rumble Remix

Want to know everything about the TFT Wild Rumble competition? Find out everything about this exhilarating Set 10 Rumble Remix tournament.

Wild Rumble in TFT: Dates, Format and Details of Set 10 Rumble Remix

As Teamfight Tactics (TFT) continues to excite players with its dynamic updates, Set 10 “Rumble Remix” brings an exhilarating new competition: Wild Rumble. This event offers an intense experience for players looking to stand out in the competitive world of TFT. Find our tier list of set 10 with the best compositions to climb the ladder!

Wild Rumble is a race for survival in TFT's new Set 10, where players climb the leaderboards to win exciting prizes. The event, which begins with the launch of the leaderboards and ends on December 5, features three distinct categories: Pro, Streamers, and Community.

All about Wild Rumble: The TFT Competition Set 10 Rumble Remix

Wild Rumble is an exciting adventure for TFT lovers. The starting gun is given on the first day of the rankings, but the first eliminations will not take place until November 25, ending on December 5 at midnight. Every evening at 12 p.m. CET, a leaderboard snapshot will determine which players are eliminated, based on their ELO.

Three ranking tables make up this competition:

  • Pro Table: 50 professional players of Challenger+ rank compete for the glory of the best player in the ranking.
  • Streamers Table: 50 streamers from different games, who have never reached Master rank, compete to prove their worth.
  • Community Table: Open to all, simply register on to compete and aim for prizes.

Notable players such as Sologesang, Voltariux, ImSoFresh, Enzosx, and KC Double61, among others, are invited to participate. The event is orchestrated by Spanish streamer AKA Wonder.

With a total prize pool of €15,000, spread across the different brackets, Wild Rumble offers high stakes and attractive rewards. Participants in the Pro and Streamers bracket each aim for a share of the €7,000 cash prize, while the Community bracket fights for €1,000.


Wild Rumble is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of strategy and skill in TFT. Whether you are a professional player, streamer, or passionate community member, Wild Rumble provides a platform to shine and prove your skills in the exciting world of TFT Set 10 Rumble Remix.