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WoW Guide: This is how hunters tame the chic spirit beast Sul'raka

 A new companion for hunters in World of Warcraft is a real eye-catcher. We'll tell you how you can catch him.

There are two main reasons why you play hunters in World of Warcraft: to roll dice for all the loot you need and to have a lot of unique animals as companions. In Patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream there are again a few very special animals that can be tamed by hunters. Today we'll show you how you can catch the red cat.

You can only find Sul'raka in the Emerald Dream, the endgame zone of Patch 10.2.

Wowhead's colleagues have already identified Sul'raka's patrol route. You can see them in this screenshot:

WoW Guide: This is how hunters tame the chic spirit beast Sul'raka

Catch Sul'raka as a hunter in WoW

Note that Sul'raka moves counterclockwise. So it's best to run clockwise and watch out for the large footprints that can appear as soon as Sul'raka is nearby.

How to catch Sul'raka? Firstly, you have to be a beast mastery hunter and then use a few little tricks. To lure Sul'raka out of stealth, you need to shoot a beacon at her - since you can't see her clearly, place the beacon a few meters in front of the last trace that appeared.

Then immediately apply a Hunter's Mark to it so that you can continue to track Sul'raka. In addition, you can hold them briefly with an ice-cold trap.

Sul'raka also has a very short respawn time. Most hunters don't have to spend weeks stalking, but can call the stylish cat their own after less than an hour.

The oversized cat Sul'raka counts as a spirit beast, even though it doesn't have a translucent body - Blizzard has introduced such designs several times in the past.