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Zap Gun Lethal Company: how to get it?

 Find out how to master the Zap Gun in Lethal Company, an essential tool for facing the game's challenges and ensuring your survival.

Lethal Company is a game where every choice of equipment can be decisive for your survival. Among the essential tools, the Zap Gun stands out for its usefulness. But if you are not yet an expert in the game, you may not know where to find it and how to get it

In Lethal Company, the Zap Gun is a key tool for temporarily immobilizing enemies. Acquiring it requires credits and good team coordination, especially when used to paralyze an enemy before attacking them. Its management is crucial for optimal use in your missions.

How to get the Gun Zap on Lethal Company?

Before you embark on a perilous mission with your Lethal Company team, preparation is essential, especially when it comes to equipment. The Zap Gun, despite its high cost, is a wise investment. This device can momentarily stun a pursuing enemy, giving you valuable breathing space to reach an exit or mount a counterattack.

To activate the Zap Gun, first locate your targets. Once in aim, hold the left mouse button to trigger an electric beam which will fix the target. This ray paralyzes the enemy, but be careful, you will have to follow their movements to maintain contact. If the connection is broken, the enemy will once again become an immediate threat.

The Zap Gun requires good team coordination. An effective method is to paralyze an enemy, and then allow a teammate to attack them with a blunt weapon. This strategy may take several attempts, but as long as the enemy is immobilized, they will not be able to fight back.

How to get the Gun Zap on Lethal Company

You will find the Zap Gun at the ship's control terminal. When accessing it, type store to display the list of available items, including the Zap Gun. Usually sold for 400 credits, it can sometimes be offered at a reduced rate. These promotions are random and do not last the entire game, so keep an eye out for offers and manage your credits wisely.

The Zap Gun in Lethal Company is a great ally in your quest for survival and profitability for your company. Its high cost is justified by its effectiveness in critical situations. Judicious use and good team coordination are the key to getting the most out of this electrifying weapon.