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Zenless Zone Zero Tier list: who are the best characters in 2023

 Considered the heir to Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, discover the tier list of the best characters on Zenless Zone Zero.

Unveiled in 2022, Zenless Zero is an RPG game developed by HoYoverse, the developers of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. Although we don't know much about the game, we do know some of the characters, the story of the game, and the different factions.

After giving you its release date, We have listed the best and worst characters from Zenless Zone Zero in a Tier list. Keep in mind that game updates may influence character performance, so it is recommended to check new information regularly to stay up to date. Bookmark this article!

Zenless Zone Zero tier list: Who are the best characters in the game?

Here is the list of the best and worst characters in the game.


  • Ben Bigger - physical attacker with good defense, capable of parrying damage and eliminating opponents when they least expect it.
  • Nekomiya - a cat woman who deals very agile and powerful physical damage against group targets.

Tier A

  • Corin - a shy girl popular for her weapon which is a mix between an axe, a chainsaw, and a scythe inflicting heavy physical damage.
  • Soukaku - the fan-favorite glutton with a huge weapon made of Aether equipped with a vibration system that allows her to slice through anything.

Tier B

  • Anby
  • Nicole
  • Lycaon
  • Miyabi
  • Anton
  • Soldier 11

Tier C

  • Billy 
  • Koleda

Zenless Zone Zero will be available on PC and iOS, the Android version, Consoles and Switch remains to be determined. During Gamescom 2023, HoYoverse revealed some of the gameplay of its new RPG with a 6-minute Gameplay trailer.

Explore the secrets buried in the world of New Eridu within Zenless Zone Zero, the last bastion of civilization. Other regions of the globe have been wiped out by a supernatural force known as the "Hollows"; portals suddenly appear that open the way to distorted dimensions, teeming with ethereal, elusive creatures.

The residents of New Eridu have managed to maintain their existence by drawing resources from within these Hollows. Since then, these portals have been transformed into industrial and commercial mechanisms under the authority of the city, generating bitter rivalries between various companies, gangs, and zealots. However, to penetrate the mysteries of the Hollows, you will need help. This is where Proxy comes in!