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100 free cards offered in this Dynasty 100 Reinforcement DCE on EA FC 24, don't miss out!

 In EA Sports FC 24, new challenges and DCEs appear every day and while some are forgettable, there are others that are very enticing. This is for example the case of this Dynasty 100 Reinforcement DCE which offers you the chance to leave with 100 free cards!

DCE Reinforcement Dynasty FC24: How much does it cost?

We know, it is impossible to do all the DCEs ofEA Sports FC 24 and that's it quite normal, some exceeding a million credits! Therefore, we often have to make a choice between those who are worth it and others that we cannot afford to make.

This Dynasty 100 Reinforcement DCE is clearly part of the first category for us. Indeed, to obtain this pack which contains 100 players (40 gold, 35 silver, and 25 bronze), you will have to spend "only" Around 70,000 credits and that's if you don't have any players.

Because yes, this DCE only requires two teams, one 83 and one 84. However, these are clearly the fodders who are generally not too lacking in your team as long as they have completed the objectives and have their rewards in the different game modes.

Therefore, we could say that this Dynasty 100 Reinforcement DCE will be almost free for a good number of dedicated players. We say almost because there is still a player from the Team of the Week to put in the first team and the latter can increase the price if you don't have one!

So, if you are really too tight financially to afford to buy a TOTW player on the transfer market, don't do this DCE. For the other players, we encourage you to go for it, out of the 40 gold players, there is the potential to have a few players who will happily repay your investment.

DCE Reinforcement Dynasty FC24: How much does it cost

DCE Reinforcement Dynasty 100: Team at 83

  • Overall team rating: 53
  • 1 TOTW player at least
  • Reward: a Gold Pack (non-exchangeable)

Price: 49,900 credits

DCE Reinforcement Dynasty 100: Team at 83

Composition :

  • Tielemans
  • Dzeko
  • Dani olmo
  • Mbock
  • Rodriguez
  • Ugarte
  • Jorginho
  • Gabri Veiga TOTW
  • De Vrij
  • Tsygankov
  • Prasnikar

DCE Reinforcement Dynasty 100: Team at 84

  • Minimum score: 84
  • Reward: a small gold player pack (non-tradable)
Price: 21,400 credits

DCE Reinforcement Dynasty 100: Team at 84

Composition :

  • Kingsbury
  • Ilestedt
  • Romagnoli
  • Marta Torrejón
  • Ginter
  • Rodriguez
  • Llorente
  • Weir
  • Dallman
  • Hojberg
  • Fabinho
Before leaving, keep in mind that these compositions are given for information only. If you have cards of equal level, do not hesitate to put them in place of the recommended ones. Likewise, if the price of certain cards soars in the coming days, do not hesitate to replace them with cheaper ones!