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12 Fortnite Chapter 5 tricks and news that you may not have discovered yet


12 Fortnite Chapter 5 tricks and news that you may not have discovered yet

We not only talk to you about the news but also about some tricks and recommendations so that you can make the most of all these new inclusions of the first season of Fortnite of Chapter 5.

The first season of Chapter 5 for Fortnite is now available and with it a lot of new features and unexpected surprises and a completely new map along with mechanics, never-before-seen playables, vehicles, weapons, and much more.

As we know that many new features are difficult to understand at first, we are going to focus in this guide on showing you a series of tricks, tips, and recommendations for this first season of Chapter 5 of Fortnite that are going to be great for you.

They are a series of tricks that will help you win games from the beginning, and ultimately, to have advantages over the rest of the players who are a little more lost.

So join us in this compendium of tricks for the first season of Fortnite Chapter 5 where you will also discover all the news that the update patch has not even explained to you.

12 Fortnite Chapter 5 tricks and news that you may not have discovered yet

A new dimension with weapons: accessories and rarities

One of the new features of the season is that we can now equip a series of accessories to weapons.

Among the accessories are grips, silencers, chargers or telescopic sights. That's how a basic weapon becomes an advanced weapon.

A new dimension with weapons: accessories and rarities

To modify them we have to access the accessory banks inside the vaults and all in exchange for gold bars.

Not all accessories are compatible with all weapons, but best of all, when we have weapons of advanced rarities, they will already come equipped with some accessories.

For example, the epic rarity weapons that are purple already have three accessories included, while the orange legendary weapons already have four accessories included.

meta weapons

And we continue with the weapons because this season we have very sharp shotguns.

Among our favorite new weapons that have been included is the hook blade, which functions similarly to the 3D maneuvering gear we saw last season.

Shotguns that are very high quality such as the automatic shotgun, frenzy or the hammer slide shotgun.

We have the ballistic shield that can give you infinite health, but can only take a limited amount of damage before temporarily going down.

Rifles, such as the Ram Assault Rifle and the Nemesis Assault Rifle, with special attention to the Blinding Marksman Rifle.

New playable mechanics

A mechanic that you are going to love and that the community has been asking for for a long time is the possibility of being able to climb up to two cubes high. It is a type of wall jump that allows us to climb higher than other seasons.

Consume items faster

Furthermore, to facilitate gameplay, we can now consume items while moving, for example, the necessary shield potions.

The bosses of the season

This season we have up to five bosses on the island ranging from the great Peter Griffin, through Oscar, Nisha, Montague, and Valeria.

And they release the medallions of society

What you didn't know is that each of these bosses, when defeated, drops a society medallion.

Thanks to the society medallion, if we carry it in our inventory, our shield will regenerate, and the more we carry, the faster it will regenerate.

And they release the medallions of society

Vehicles that go luxury

In this case, we have the inclusion of the TrailSmasher, which is a luxury 4x4 that will allow us to move around the island as we wish and is also very resistant to enemy shots.

Vehicles that go luxury

Rocket League in Fortnite

As a form of cosmetic element, Rocket League vehicles arrive, and on top of that, we can change their bodywork, including the wheels, to make them much more versatile.

Rocket League in Fortnite

The new starting missions

At the beginning of each of the games, we will be able to choose between three different missions that expire after finishing it.

These starting missions replace the daily missions that we knew before.

These games are individual for each player and no one will be able to help us.

The best loot is on the move

This season we have included an impressive train that runs through part of the island, and the train awaits what we consider to be the best loot you can obtain in the entire game.

A completely new map

The map is completely new, interestingly 40% is snowy.

A completely new map

We have new locations that will not sound familiar to you, ranging from Canchas cancheras, passing through the frozen hill, the grandiose glacier, the locomotive town, the majestic mansion, the rebel refuge, or the Vineyard Villa, among others.

As you can see, it will take you a few hours to discover all the new features of this first season of Fortnite Chapter 5 and you will surely have many more surprises.