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Alpha The War Within release date and time: how to participate?

 The War Within Alpha is just around the corner and many players are wondering how to participate and its release date. We tell you everything.

Blizzard is offering some very, very good things to its players at the moment. Between the Season of Discovery, the return of the Cataclysm expansion in the Classic version, and the next three expansions, we're having a blast. The first of the three to arrive will be The War Within and according to the roadmap officially revealed on December 19, the expansion should arrive in summer 2024!

With the new expansion so close, test realms for Alpha should open soon for The War Within. Find out the release date of the Alpha as well as the conditions for registering and participating.

When is The War Within alpha released and how can you participate?

According to the roadmap revealed by Blizzard, the first test phase should land between the winter and spring of 2024. We can therefore expect The War Within Alpha to land between February and June 2024.  To participate, unfortunately, you will have to rely on luck.

However, all owners of the Epic edition of The War Within will automatically have access to the beta, in the summer 2024, of the game. In addition to Early Access of approximately 3 days. In the future, a "Register for The War Within Alpha" button may appear on the expansion's main page.

When is The War Within alpha released and how can you participate

Get ready to experience three additional content updates for Dragonflight before World of Warcraft: The War Within launches next year. During these updates, the plot of this expansion will be concluded while laying the foundation for the next one. Dragonflight Season 4 will revisit dungeons, raids, and outdoor content, offering updated rewards and some new features. Subsequently, in spring/summer, players will be contacted during alpha and beta testing of the War Within expansion.

Blizzard says it wants to maintain regular communication regarding details, dates, and other interesting information as the year goes by. In January, the Seeds of Renewal update is scheduled.

In WoW Classic, updates are coming to Hardcore Mode with "Self Found" support in February, offering a new way to challenge players and add an extra touch of difficulty to your Hardcore experience. Additionally, new phases will be revealed in the Season of Discovery next year, continuing the adventure.