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Applying a weapon modification to a Fortnite modification workbench: how to complete the challenge?

 Find out how to apply a weapon upgrade on modification workbenches in Fortnite Chapter 5! We tell you everything.

Fortnite, in its Chapter 5, introduced a feature: weapon modification workbenches. These workbenches allow players to customize their weapons with different mods, using gold bars collected in-game.

Finding these workbenches is crucial to upgrading your weapons and increasing your chances of survival. We'll show you how to apply a weapon modification to a modification workbench in Fortnite in Chapter 5 and where to find them!

Where to find modification workbenches?

There are six modification workbenches in Fortnite, most located in high-security vaults. To access it, players must obtain Order Medallions by defeating specific bosses. Here's where to find these bosses:

  • Oscar at Lavish Lair
  • Nisha at Fencing Fields
  • Peter Griffin in Snooty Steppes
  • Montague to Grand Glacier
  • Valeria at Reckless Railways

After obtaining a medal, head to the corresponding safe to use the modification workbench. The last workbench is in the basement of the house on Floating Island, which only appears from the fourth storm of the match.

Applying a weapon modification to a Fortnite modification workbench: how to complete the challenge?

How to apply a weapon modification to a Fortnite modification workbench? 

Once you arrive at a modification workbench, you only need to spend 75 gold bars to add a mod to your weapon. Check out the available mods below.

Modifications available on Workbenches

The workbenches offer four categories of mods: optic, magazine, underbarrel, and barrel. Each mod costs 75 gold bars. Here are the available mods:

  • Red Sight: aim x1.15
  • Holo-13: aim x1.3
  • P2x: aim x2
  • Sniper scope: aim x4

  • Drum magazine: increases magazine capacity
  • Fast Charger: Increases reload speed

Under cannon
  • Angled handle: reduces ADS reaction time
  • Vertical grip: improves recoil and ADS spread
  • Laser: Increases hip fire accuracy

  • Muzzle brake: reduces recoil
  • Silencer: reduces cannon firing and muffles sound

Weapons in Fortnite, except common weapons, already appear with one or more mods. Players can remove these mods for free and add more for just 75 gold bars.

Modification workbenches in Fortnite Chapter 5 offer a new strategic dimension to the game. Knowing where to find them and how to use them can greatly influence the outcome of your games. Take advantage of this new feature to customize your weapons and gain an advantage over your opponents.