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At what level can we get Peter Griffin in Fortnite


At what level can we get Peter Griffin in Fortnite

Peter Griffin and Solid Snake are the main protagonists of this  Fortnite Chapter 5 - Season 1 . Two sought-after aspects that everyone wants to get, and that make us forget, even if only for moments, about the nerf to the V-Bucks of the battle pass.

A new chapter of  Fortnite that has begun with some setbacks, and never better said, with movements that feel slower with the new, more realistic animations. What we will have to get used to along with the new and amazing arsenal of weapons.

The Battle Pass has been transformed and only gives 1000 V-Bucks instead of 1500 (forcing us to grind to reach the V-Bucks for the additional rewards). But what is not missing is the  Peter Griffin skin for which we will also have to play a lot if we want to unlock it.

When can you unlock the Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite

The Solid Snake skin cannot be obtained for many weeks. And although Peter Griffin's is within the 100 levels of the battle pass, depending on what each player plays, it may not be achieved much sooner.

And we will have to reach at least Level 70  to unlock the part of the page where the skin is. And once here, you have 9 stars to spend on good old Peter Griffin. Although already before we can get the trail of Inflatable Dolls that Dance and Wave like Idiots, the Rascador pickaxe, the Petervisión graffiti, or the Piñata Brian backpacking accessory.

If we complete the 100 levels, by continuing to vitiate we will receive more additional rewards such as the Golden Style for the skin, the Surfin' Bird gesture (Bird is the word), or the Tele Familiar backpack accessory, with scenes from Family Guy.