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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: 5 tips to get your Na'Vi life off to a good start

 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has finally arrived, and if you know the saga created by James Cameron, you know that the world of Pandora is particularly hostile. To help you approach the game correctly and avoid starting off on the wrong foot, we offer you 5 tips for getting started on the Ubisoft game.

Don't drown in collectibles

If you are used to games published by Ubisoft, you probably know the song. You start with a short narrative and more or less linear introduction, then you finally land in the open world that makes up the game, and you're off for dozens of hours alternating between main quests, side quests, and collecting objects in all kinds. Generally, we would tend to tell you to take the time to get lost a little to collect a few trinkets and thus gain level in addition to getting used to the mechanics of the game.

However, in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, collecting additional content may take a lot of time for a result that is sometimes a little counterproductive. Indeed, the greatest quality of the game lies in its immersion, and it would be stupid to spoil it by trying to cross the map to recover all the hidden trinkets. In addition, it must be admitted that most collectibles ultimately don't serve much purpose. Indeed, the game does not offer an experience strictly speaking since your level is determined directly by your equipment, which can be found in many ways.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: 5 tips to get your Na'Vi life off to a good start

We therefore advise you to pick up what you find along the way, but not necessarily to make big detours to look for a poor Bellstalk which will gain you 3 additional life points (true). On the other hand, certain additional activities are still worth seeking out. We therefore advise you to focus on the Tarsyu (which gives you Ancestor Skills), the Tarsyu shoots (which gives you skill points), and the numerous RDA bases to destroy to eliminate local pollution. Your experience will be much more pleasant without sacrificing your combat effectiveness.

Think about your skills

Very quickly in your adventure, you will end up unlocking the game's different skill trees. There are five of them, and each represents a different aspect of the possibilities offered by the game. You will therefore be able to improve your efficiency to survive, for you to fight, to hunt, to craft or to use your flying mount. First of all, know that you will be able to unlock enough skill points to unlock each of the bonuses present in the skill trees. However, this might take you some time. We therefore advise you to read the different skills carefully and to think in advance so as not to waste your points.

While there isn't really the best branch per se (it depends on your play style), we do advise you to figure out what annoys you while playing. If you're having trouble surviving against your enemies, perhaps you should invest in survival skills. If you spend your time hunting, perhaps the tree dedicated to this activity should be filled as a priority. Furthermore, each tree has an ultimate skill which can only be unlocked after purchasing all of the tree's skills. So start by reading the effects of these, and focus on the associated tree if you want to have them as a priority.

Don't underestimate hunting, cooking, and crafting

In many games, crafting is a completely secondary activity that can be ignored without encountering too many problems. While it is technically possible to do without it in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, that would still be missing out on one of the best aspects of the game. Additionally, crafting your own equipment is probably the quickest way to level up. of levels, which could well be useful to you (we'll explain why a little further down).

We therefore advise you not to hesitate to take an interest in crafting in all its forms. To do this, you will have to learn how to hunt the local fauna and harvest the flora of Pandora, all according to the rules of the art . So don't hesitate to consult your Hunter's Guide as much as possible to find the best ingredients in order to concoct the best dishes and make the most effective weapons. Please also note that we are preparing a guide dedicated to hunting, gathering, and cooking and that this should arrive in the coming days.

Always be well-equipped

When playing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you will quickly notice that unlike most Action-RPG games released in recent years, progression is not achieved through gaining experience. Indeed, you will have a level to increase, but this will be done by equipping a better arsenal rather than by eliminating opponents or completing quests and other ancillary activities. It is precisely for this reason that you will always need to improve your inventory in order to always be at the cutting edge of technology.

Furthermore, the main quest will continue to increase its required level to force you to improve your equipment. And let the hotheads calm their ardor: know that a difference of two or three levels with the recommendations of the game could very well send you to the mat in a very short time. If you want to have a character well-equipped to face the dangers of Pandora, the easiest way is to turn to crafting, hunting, and gathering to create something tailor-made for you. Of course, you can also find loot in the chests of the GDR or in the baskets of the different Na'Vi clans. There are also a few merchants who will offer you excellent goods for sale, but you will need to do a number of side quests to gather enough favors to trade them.

Go and get your Ikran

While the world of Pandora is particularly exhilarating to explore on your feet, it's far too big for us to recommend doing it this way. Of course, we advise you to take advantage of the start of the game as much as possible to discover your surroundings on a Na'Vi scale. However, as soon as you are accustomed to the gameplay of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, it would be wise to concentrate on the main quest until you recover your ikran, the famous flying mount.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: 5 tips to get your Na'Vi life off to a good start

Indeed, in addition to arriving very early in the game (thanks to a particularly memorable quest), this mount will simply make you approach the game in a completely new way. Accessible with a simple button, your ikran will allow you to gain height and speed to access all the floating mountains and other steep cliffs in the game. It will be your ideal companion for chaining quests, hunting your prey in all the biomes of the game, and even collect all the collectibles you want. It's simple, we could almost consider that the game really begins from the moment you created your bond with your ikran. So don't hesitate to focus on the main quest to collect it quickly.