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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - The best skills and how to get more skill points

 Especially at the beginning of Avatar, skill points are few and far between. We'll tell you what's particularly worthwhile in your talent trees.

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora you begin your journey without ever knowing the customs of the Na'vi. Accordingly, your abilities look rather poor. You first have to acquire even the simplest skills of the local tribes. We'll give you a little help so that you can safely make it through the first few hours of play without ending up as lunch for the local wildlife.

Where do you get skill points?

You have two sources for new skill points: Quests and Tarsyu Plants. 

The first ones are self-explanatory. Many quests give you skill points for completing them. How many depends on the task at hand. The main plot is particularly worthwhile here, where most of the skill points initially come from.

Worthwhile plant search: You can find the Tarsyu in two different versions. Either as a fully grown plant or as a seedling.

  • The seedlings are distributed all over the world and give you a skill point when touched.
  • The plants, on the other hand, are doubly important. In addition to two skill points, they also grant you an ancestral ability, particularly powerful skills that you can only learn in this way.

Because the Ancestral Tarsyu are so important, the game will mark them as soon as you enter a new area. 

The best skills from each category

In addition to the ancestral skills, there are five “normal” skill trees available to you in the game:

  • Survivor
  • warrior
  • Hunter
  • Manufacturer
  • Rider (you only get it with your flying mount, the Ikran)

The best survivor skills

The most important skills here are those that improve your healing bag. Battles in Avatar can quickly get out of control and you'll need the extra heals early on. Your first points should therefore at least go into 'Healing Bag 1'.

Also take the expansions for your energy early: 'Elan 1' and 'Elan 2' . This means you don't have to eat as often, which can be annoying, especially at the beginning. 

After that, you can invest in the other skill trees and take the 'Vitality' skills with you as needed if you feel like you're getting too stressed out.

The best warrior skills

The warrior tree is a real trap, especially at the beginning. Increasing damage by 5% isn't much. In order to do more damage, you are usually better off with new weapons.

But what's really important is 'Well Prepared', a skill with which you can equip a fourth weapon. This not only makes you more flexible but also massively increases your fighting power. 

Then skill 'Additional Ammo 1' so that you can carry more ammunition with you. This is particularly important for the bow, which quickly runs out of arrows.

The best hunting skills

Hunting in Avatar doesn't really become important until very late on when you need to hunt certain rare animals for special equipment. Before that, it largely serves as your food supply. Invest here, especially in the endgame.

Just skill up to Lightfooted Hunter 2 early on to make it easier to clear bases silently. 

The best maker skills

This tree depends on how much you want to get involved with cooking in Avatar. Theoretically, you can get by without it, but it makes many situations easier. 

The 'Experienced Forager' talents are particularly important in the skill tree. With them the cooking and material bags become larger. On the way you also pick up 'Experienced Ammunition Maker', with which you can make twice as much ammunition.

Otherwise, consider 'Looting Expert' early on. This allows you to cannibalize enemy mechs and get spare parts that you can exchange for legendary weapons and armor at headquarters. This will give you access to unbeatable equipment very early on. 

The best reister skills

You can ignore the right side of the skill tree. Feeding the Ikran with food is a complete waste. Better take 'Air Fishing 1' and 'Air Fishing 2' with you. This way you can keep the Ikran strong without any problems.

The Ikran is one of your most powerful tools. So improve your mount early.
The Ikran is one of your most powerful tools. So improve your mount early.

But 'Flying Attack' is by far the most important skill. You can use it to destroy aircraft instantly.

In the end, you should skill everything

Towards the end of the game, you should definitely complete all skill trees, because only then can you unlock the Apex talents, for which you have to complete an additional challenge. These are also very strong, like 'Boost' from the survivor tree, which simply revives you if you die in battle.