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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - How to get your Ikran and other mounts

 To explore the vastness of Pandora, you can bond with different animals.

At the beginning of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora you are on foot for a while in the forests of Pandora. But over time you will get to know the various techniques of the Na'vi culture, including the bond with an Ikran, and the flying mounts known from the films.

When will you receive the Ikran?

To make the bond, you actually just have to follow the main story. Reach the eleventh main mission “To New Heights”. It leads to the completion of the quest series for the Aranahe clan, which can be completed in two to three hours if you largely avoid side tasks.

When will you receive the Ikran
You can fly to completely new locations, including the game's many flying islands.

It is also advisable to ignore everything until the Ikran is available to you, as many of the early missions are a lot easier with it.

This is how you unlock the Ikran and customize it

After you have completed the quest “Through the Eyes of Eywa”, you should meet with Eetu at the Ikran Eyrie in the southwest of the Kinglor Forest. The easiest way to reach the aerie is if you disabled the 'Gas Extractor Alpha' in the previous mission. The fast travel point here is the closest one to the Eyrie. 

Then wait by the campfire so you can start the climb. The mission is very linear, but you should still keep your eyes open because as you make your way up the mountain you can find two 'Bell Branches' for additional health and a 'Tarsyuse Seedling' for a skill point. They can still be collected after the mission, but then you have to walk the entire path up again.

Once at the top you can design your Ikran yourself by choosing a name and a color. Keep in mind that you can change the color as the game progresses, but the name remains until the end. So choose carefully.

This is how you should skill your Ikran

Overall, Ikran changes a lot of your playing style. Not only is it now a lot easier to explore the map and get collectibles, but you also get your own skill tree for the Ikran. This not only makes the creature more agile, but also better in combat, so that you can now defend yourself against the human air force.

Jump straight into the new skill tree. Skills such as flying attack make it easier for you to fight against the numerous human aircraft.

Skill 'Flying Attack' as early as possible so that you can quickly take out flying devices and then 'Air Fishing' to keep the Ikran strong without having to use your own food.

There are other mounts

As the story progresses you will receive another mount. In the high-altitude prairie, you will learn how to tame the terror horses that you can use to make the ground unsafe. Here you only bind yourself temporarily and cannot call the horse to you.