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Avatar Swamp Hive: where to find the nectar for the Eye of Eywa quest in Frontiers of Pandora?

 Looking for Swamp Hive Nectar in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora as part of the Eye of Eywa quest? We tell you where to find them!

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you will be able to explore Pandora for the first time in an open world where immersion is clearly at the forefront. In addition to an independent main story, but faithful to James Cameron's films, you will be able to complete a whole series of quests such as A Meal of a Thousand Memories, but also the Eye of Eywa.

The Eye of Eywa quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora requires collecting Swamp Hive Nectar and connecting to the Eywa entity. We explain how to carry out and complete this quest, in particular by finding Swamp Hive Necter.

Where to find Swamp Hive Nectar in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora?

The Eye of Eywa quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora takes you to the Kinglor Forest, where they must complete specific tasks to progress. The first crucial step is to locate Swamp Hive Nectar, a rare ingredient needed to advance in the quest.

Nectar is primarily found in the Silken Forest Swamp biome, located in the southwest, northeast, and southeast of Treehouse. However, you will likely only find the ingredient in the southwest swamp. Before being able to harvest the Nectar, it is imperative to destroy the RDA installations. You must first neutralize the Alpha Gas extractor. Please note, that these facilities may be well-guarded. These actions are necessary to purify the area and allow the collection of Nectar.

Swamp Hive Nectar is usually found hanging from arched tree trunks touching the swamp water. Using the Na'vi Senses is essential to locating these hives.

Where to find Swamp Hive Nectar in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

After harvesting the Nectar, the next step is to connect with Eywa at the Tree of Voices. This part of the quest is relatively simple; just find a trailing branch of the tree that you can connect with, marked with a blue/pink dot and a prompt to connect. This branch is east of the campfire.

In addition to these tasks, the quest also includes meeting Etuwa at the Kinglor Nest and delivering the Nectar to Etuwa and Nefika at the Glade of Light.

The Eye of Eywa is a fascinating quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, combining exploration, environmental problem-solving, and a spiritual connection with the Eywa entity.