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Baldur's Gate 3 Honor Mode: All our best tips to avoid ruining your game!

 Do you want to start Honor mode on BG3? You are very courageous! But before leaving, take this article in your bag which compiles a non-exhaustive list of tips to emerge victorious from this journey.

Honor Mode… What exactly is it?

Included in the latest Baldur's Gate III update (Patch #5), the developers added a new difficulty mode called “Honor”. The latter is very similar to Tactician mode but brings a touch of spice to your adventure.

Honor mode is much less permissive than all the other game modes and offers you increased difficulty. Below, find all the elements that makeup Honor mode:

  • Players only have one save slot,
  • The game ends if all members of the group die,
  • Bosses now have legendary actions,
  • Actions and bonuses linked to actions are restricted,
  • The difficulty of enemies and the world in general is set to Tactician mode,

As a quick reminder, Tactician mode offers an arduous adventure including increased health for opponents, a greater variety of spells and weapons for your enemies, more strategic movements on the part of your opponents as well as a bonus +2 to all rolls for them. Additionally, merchants will be less friendly and will quote high prices for items you want to barter or buy. And as that wasn't enough, Long Rests are much more expensive in provisions (80 instead of 40).

If we have one first piece of advice to give you, it is to launch Honor mode only after having experienced Tactician mode. You will better understand the complexity of this difficulty level on your saving throws and how your opponents will act.

Honor Mode… What exactly is it

How to properly prepare for Honor mode?

To properly begin Honor mode, it all starts with creating your character. Below, we list our best tips so that you can put all the chances on your side from the start of your game.

  • Prefer races with many bonuses in addition to the beneficial effects they can bring to your class: in particular Drow for interactions with goblins or even Halflings for the bonuses that the class grants,
  • Choose wisely about the gifts you learn,
  • Take a history that matches your way of playing and that favors Inspiration, this will be useful for you to re-roll saving throws in the event of a failure: for example, Criminal if you wish to commit misdeeds, even if you are advised not to do so. in Honor mode,
  • Don't neglect social skills: they will be useful to you to obtain more chances on some of your rolls,
  • Go with a build that you already know. Using a build you don't know would be too crippling
  • Avoid playing pickpocket, you risk losing everything for a carrot and a piece of string,

It is best to start with a type of creation that you have already experimented with . Honor mode leaves no room for discovery, so leave with luggage that will be useful to you for the duration of your adventure.

How to start battles in Honor mode?

In classic modes, you can afford to make mistakes, except that on Honor difficulty, mistakes are fatal. Also, put your stubbornness aside and do not hesitate to use the environment or options that are available to you to survive.

  • If a fight seems lost in advance, make one of your members flee so that he can resurrect the members of the group who have perished. Remember that the complete loss of your party leads to an endgame with no return points,
  • For the more experienced, carry out your adventure with only three characters. The fourth and final character will have to stay in the camp to resurrect your allies with the help of Wither,
  • Use your scrolls, potions and various items as much as possible. Explosive barrels are a great way to deal heavy damage to your opponents, so don't skimp on collecting these kinds of resources,
  • Do not hesitate to make certain opponents fall into the void to weaken or eliminate them,
  • Do not hesitate to use the elements in your favor (putting fire on oil to generate an area attack, entanglement with brambles, wobbling your opponents thanks to ice, etc.),
  • Do not consume your potions, throw them or explode them next to your allies so that their effects are beneficial on several members,
  • Use control spells to breathe from time to time (sleep, fear, hindrance, etc.),

Although this is not advice to use in combat, it can be useful in preparing for a fight. Alchemy tends to be put aside, so always make sure to make potions (if your resource stock allows) to try to gain an advantage in a fight. We have put together a guide on the best potions to make, so don't hesitate to consult it to find out which consumables to make.

What not to miss during Act 1

Below, we give you all the things to think about during Act 1. Between legendary weapons, permanent bonuses, characters that will be more than useful for your adventure... There is a plethora of things to think. So, find all the most important things to do below, in addition to the classic Baldur's Gate 3 route.

  • Unlock Flériss to resurrect your allies, but above all respect certain members with slightly more interesting spells and attributes,
  • Save the Druid Grove for the chance to see Dammon again in Act 2. He will be able to forge high-quality pieces of equipment for you. Additionally, your journey will be much simpler if you save the Grove,
  • Recover the bonus granted by Abdirak in the Goblin Camp,
  • Save Mayrina from Auntie Ethel's yoke, without killing the hag to obtain a permanent additional characteristic point,
  • Refuse the mark of the Absolute of the priestess Gut,
  • Get the Blood of Lathander to benefit from passive healing for your group,
  • Go and collect the Drow studded leather armor in the Deeplands,
  • Face Grym to craft weapons or armor for your ascension in Act 2; but be careful about the strategy to adopt,
  • Accept Volo 's experience to obtain the bonus that allows you to see opponents who are under an invisibility spell; this will be useful for the fight against Yurgir in Act 2. This bonus is removed if you die,
  • Keep the Spider Lyre after the fight against Minthara to avoid the fight against Kar'niss in Act 2,
  • Unlock Gratouille to have an additional ally in combat, but also to collect objects in your camp,

If you are in an adventurous mood and especially if you have already performed this action during your previous games, we advise you to go and recover the Silver Sword of the Astral Plane so that Lae'Zel can have a weapon that will follow her for a large part of your adventure. However, this tip is very risky, so do not try it if you are new to it.

If you are afraid of making the wrong choices during your journey through Act 1, do not hesitate to consult our article which will detail all the choices to avoid. However, be careful, because he will be able to spoil some parts of the game's plot for you.

What not to miss during Act 2

In the same vein as our advice for Act 1, find below other activities to absolutely do during Act 2! There are many things to do during this act, but we focus on the most important ones. Therefore, the list is not exhaustive as we told you at the beginning of the article.

  • Trick Astarion into biting Araj Oblodora to get the potion that changes your stats,
  • Fetch the Caress and Embrace of True Love rings,
  • Save Chantenuit so that she can accompany you during the next boss fights,
  • Avoid fights against Thisobald Thorm and Gerringothe Thorm by using the right lines of dialogue,
  • Avoid the morgue to avoid dying from the poison,
  • Collect the pixie (or Isobel's Blessing) to avoid numerous fights against the Shadows during your adventure in the Darkened Battlefield,
  • Collect the different infernal metals to make weapons and armor from Dammon at the Inn of the Last Light,
  • Agree to use the Githzerai shard in the Mind Flayer Colony to gain a bonus on saving throws (to be used on a character who relies on intelligence). This bonus is withdrawn if you die,

If you are afraid of making the wrong choices during your journey through Act 2, do not hesitate to consult our article which will detail all the choices to avoid. However, be careful, because he will be able to spoil some parts of the game's plot for you.

What not to miss during Act 3

Act 3 is full of fights and conversations that can quickly turn sour. So, in order to put all the chances on your side, find below the activities that we believe are essential to guarantee peaceful progress within this act.

  • Level Shadowheart or a Cleric to level 10 quickly to obtain the Believer's Mace ; it allows you to heal your group passively during each long rest and combines perfectly with the Blood of Lathander,
  • Get the bonus from the Tabernacle of the Storm Coast ; temporary bonus, so the experience will have to be repeated after each Long rest,
  • Go and seek blessing at the Maison de la Reine Bitch ; temporary bonus, so the experience must be repeated at each Long rest,
  • Complete the puzzle of the Sarihn skeleton to recover the amulet allowing you to benefit from an advantage on an attack roll or a saving throw,
  • Solve the Mirror of Misguidement puzzle to benefit from a permanent stat bonus despite another,
  • Use the trick to obtain unlimited supplies in the Elf's Song Tavern,
  • Go and collect the different legendary weapons in Act 3,
  • Obtain the Codex Tharchiate in the Cave of Magic and Spells store to obtain a bonus on your life points. When you have it, read it to undergo the “Tharciate Wilt” curse, then use the spell that removes curses to transform the curse into “Tharciate Vigor” which will give you 20 additional life points,
To solve the puzzle around the doors of the Cave de Magie et sortèges store, you will just need to use a very specific series of doors. Here is the solution for you:

  • To activate the Elminster door lever, you will need to use the following doors in the correct order: Silver Hand - Evocation - Wish
  • To activate the lever of the Karsus door, you will need to use the following doors in the correct order: Silver Hand - Abjuration - Silver

In this way, you will be able to reach the Tharchiate Codex which will allow you to complete the quest around the Book of Thay by receiving the Tharchiate Codex.

If you are afraid of making the wrong choices during your journey through Act 3, do not hesitate to consult our article which will detail all the choices to avoid. However, be careful, because he will be able to spoil some parts of the game's plot for you.

We remind you that this article is made up of lists of various and varied tips that are not exhaustive . There are obviously many objects to collect and important choices to make, but we wanted to focus on the elements that seemed most important to us so that you can complete the story of Baldur's Gate 3 in Honor mode as calmly as possible. .

For anyone who would like to venture into this difficulty mode, we wish you good luck!