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Best Arena LoL Character: who is the strongest in 2v2v2v2 mode?

 The Arena is finally available on League of Legends! It's time to compete in 2v2 between friends and enemies and discover the best character.

League of Legends contains different game modes:5v5, Aram, TFT...and now welcomes a little newcomer: Arena2v2v2v2modewith a whole set of new rules and new interactions between champions.

Choosing your champion is one of the most important moments in the Arena. You can of course consider just going with a champion that you like, which is a solution for having fun in the Arena or finding the strongest pick of the moment! We'll give you the best character to choose for Arena mode in League of Legends!

The best champions and duo to win in Arena on LoL

The best duos by class

Before even discussing the best champion-by-champion duos, it's worth asking which classes work well with each other:

  1. Bruiser + Enchanter: Characters like Jax are particularly oppressive in this game mode. Combining them with an enchanter who gives these characters even more stats is a great idea.
  2. Bruiser + Support: More generally, any support with a Bruiser is an excellent idea, even a Nautilus combined with a Bruiser allows you to hold someone in place and therefore let the latter's DPS take place.
  3. Tank + Mobile ADC: Any tank that can help its ADC or put enough pressure on its opponents is a very good 2v2 element. The problem we may encounter is having an ADC that is not mobile enough and will not be able to dodge the Bruisers' all-in.
Any character that can deal damage as a percentage of health points is also very powerful. Bruisers are currently the best characters in this mode.

Small spoiler on the most dangerous character in Arena
Small spoiler on the most dangerous character in Arena

The best duos in the Arena

Here, from what we were able to see during these few days of testing, the most oppressive duos in the arena:

  1. Taric + Jax: Taric is currently one of the best characters in the mode and Jax takes very good advantage of Taric's items, scaling speed, and utility.
  2. Jax + Senna: In this version, Jax will have to be a little more resistant and adapt to his Senna but the scaling is very underestimated and if you survive the first rounds and play around Senna's range, it This is a very powerful composition.
  3. Renekton + Nasus: This composition is based on the principle that Renekton will hold out as much as possible at the start of the game and wait for Nasus to recover his objects and especially his stacks, numbering at least 50 per fight. Once Renekton fades, Nasus should take over.
  4. Master Yi + Taric: This combo was very powerful in a normal game in League of Legends, even with funnel strategies. There is no reason for this to change in the arena.
  5. Nasus + Swain: Probably the scariest duo at the end of the game, Swain is a monster in this game mode. However, you will probably lose life points early.

The best champions in Arena

Here is the list of the most powerful champions in Arena at the moment. Remember that this list is based on a very small number of games. The order is not particularly important except for the first two which are clearly above.

  • Tarik
  • Jax
  • Swain
  • Nasus
  • Volibear
  • Master Yi
  • Senna
  • Gragas
  • Sett
  • Kai'Sa

Taric is currently very dominant, his kit was made for 2v2. He can also easily itemize Anathema chains, making his stuns even more oppressive.

Jax is a character who can adapt best to different situations. His late-game build can literally change completely just to adapt perfectly to the opponents he faces. In addition, he can build a lot of damage in percentages of health points naturally with Divine Slayer and Blade of the Fallen King, which is very effective in this mode where everyone has a lot of health points.

Vayne has not yet found her place of expression, but it won't be long
Vayne has not yet found her place of expression, but it won't be long

Now, to see how the meta will evolve and if characters like Vayne who are particularly annoying for bruisers will not find their moment of glory.