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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Tips and Tricks


Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Tips and Tricks

Do you want to build the best farm ever and run a small farming and farming empire? Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is the game for you! This title made by Godgame has some unique features but also offers some rather complex challenges. For this reason, we decided to create this little guide, our aim is to help aspiring farmers become real agricultural machines!


The best way to progress quickly in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is to follow the missions offered by the game. By tackling the "story" you will obtain all the buildings as well as useful boosts of various kinds, do not underestimate this aspect because by acting freewheeling you would waste much more time on initially useless things.


The first thing to do after logging in is to harvest what has grown in the fields, while the second is to focus on the wheat. Focus on flowers only if you have specific orders, otherwise, focus on wheat since it is an essential resource. In fact, you need it to feed various animals and to make various products. 


Co-op is really important in this game, being part of a close-knit group of players is extremely useful in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. Each member of the group can donate loyalty points every 10 hours, a special resource that effectively allows you to buy special items from the dedicated store.