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Build a Fortnite LEGO village, how to do it?

 Learn how to create and manage your own village in Fortnite's LEGO mode, attract villagers, and unlock unique builds.

Build a Fortnite LEGO village, how to do it?

Fortnite, in collaboration with LEGO, now offers a unique village-building experience that combines strategy and creativity. In this guide, you will discover how to create your own village, attract villagers, and unlock new building possibilities. This article reveals the key steps to building your village and making it prosper in the Fortnite LEGO universe.

In Fortnite LEGO, building a village begins with creating a Totem, requiring wood and granite resources. This village attracts helpful villagers who can gather additional resources. Improving the village allows you to welcome more inhabitants, receive rewards, and unlock new construction plans for various furniture and objects.

How to build a village in Fortnite LEGO?

To start building your village in Fortnite LEGO, follow these steps:

Creation of the totem

Start by opening the build menu and selecting the Create Totem option. You will need 10 units of wood and 10 units of granite for this. Once these resources have been collected, place your Totem in the desired location to establish the foundations of your village.

Attract villagers

Once your Totem is in place, villagers will be attracted to your village. These characters play a crucial role, as they can be sent out to harvest resources, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of building and strategy.

Village Improvement

As you progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to improve your village. Each upgrade level welcomes more villagers, increases your rewards, and unlocks new building schemes. These diagrams will allow you to build more elaborate and functional furniture and objects.

Resource management

Effective resource management is essential for the development of your village. Be sure to balance resource gathering with the construction and improvement needs of your village.

Building Strategies

Be creative in building your village. You can opt for a layout that maximizes space and functionality, or choose a more aesthetically pleasing design that reflects your personal style. Remember to cover your creation machines because they are unusable in the rain.

Creating a village in Fortnite LEGO is an exciting adventure that combines construction, strategy and community. By following these steps and using your resources wisely, you can build a thriving and vibrant village. Don't forget to experiment with different styles and engage with other players to enrich your gaming experience.