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Build God of War Ragnarok Valhalla: How to properly build your build in the DLC?

 In the free God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC, you will constantly have to make important choices to build the build that will accompany you throughout your run. If you are not used to roguelites, we offer you a guide to learn how to build your build.

Reminder of the basics

Even if you've already completed God of War Ragnarok on a high difficulty, the new free Valhalla DLC may still cause you some problems. Indeed, if it retains the same combat system in broad terms, this new game mode drastically changes the genre to be closer to roguelite. In fact, you will start your adventure without any equipment (apart from the three main weapons of the game) and you will have to improve gradually by collecting bonuses and other improvements along the way.

Build God of War Ragnarok Valhalla: How to properly build your build in the DLC?

However, anything you find along the way will be taken away from you when you die, making each of your playthroughs completely different from the last. In addition, the contents of the chests you open in Valhalla will not be the same from one game to another, leaving a lot of chance in the design of your build. However, there are some tips to know to guide your games and build an effective build. 

Choose a weapon and only use it

If you have completed God of War Ragnarok, you know that the game offers no less than three different main weapons and that it is possible to equip them at any time with a simple press of the directional keys. During your adventure, you may have become accustomed to changing regularly to vary your approach depending on your opponents. In the Valhalla DLC, however, we strongly advise you to choose one at the start of each run and stick with it until your next death.

Indeed, the very first choice you will have to make when entering Valhalla will be a Glyph of weapon to choose from between each of your three weapons (two out of three at the start of the DLC). Depending on which one you choose, all the next upgrades you encounter will mostly be linked to the corresponding weapon. In other words, if you choose the Draupnir Spear Weapon Glyph at the start, most of the runic powers and Weapon Glyphs you find later will be designed for use with this weapon. While it will therefore be entirely possible for you to continue to switch between your tools of war, we advise you to only do so if necessary (to break an elemental shield for example). This way you will always fight with the best upgraded weapon.

Favor Glyphs

At the very beginning of your adventure in Valhalla, you won't really have a choice about which path you take. Very quickly though, you'll end up having to choose between two (or three) different doors, all leading to a different reward depending on the symbol displayed on them. With the exception of the regeneration door which should always be taken as a priority if your HP is too low, we strongly advise you to prioritize the Glyphs.

In God of War Ragnarok Valhalla, you can indeed select up to 10 different Glyphs (or more if you purchase the corresponding upgrades on the Beach) which can improve your character or your main weapon. While stats and other powers are of course important, it is the Glyphs that will determine your playstyle and your true power. However, be sure to take those that fit well with the combos you are used to using if you don't want to have to change the way you play. Note that the further you go in the adventure, the more likely you are to come across Gold Glyphs or even Perfect Glyphs. These are often extremely effective and will greatly improve your power or survivability.

No more than two runic powers

If the Glyphs act as a real novelty in this free DLC, the runic powers are back in Valhalla. However, as with your armor, relics, or pommels, you will start each run without any runic powers and will have to find them in chests along the way. As a reminder, these are linked to your weapon and are divided into two categories: fast runic powers and powerful runic powers.

If you've followed our advice so far, you should start to understand why we recommend sticking to two runic powers per game. In fact, a few minutes ago we recommended that you stick to a single weapon throughout your run. So there's no need to unlock runic powers corresponding to the other two weapons in your inventory, just choose a quick runic power and a powerful one for your main weapon. This way you can focus on the rest of the bonuses like Glyphs or stat boosts.

Take the burdens

After a certain number of successful runs, you will eventually unlock a whole new type of improvement in the different Sanctuaries of Valhalla: burdens. Represented by large vertical columns (a bit like the one that serves as Niflheim's training ground in the base game), Burdens are a way to unlock additional high-quality Glyphs. Be careful though, you will have to earn them.

Indeed, each Glyph of Burden can only be unlocked after having successfully completed a certain number of fights with a constraint. Don't panic, the constraints are often quite permissive and should not cause you too many problems. We, therefore, advise you to choose your burden based on the reward as a priority but be careful not to put too many obstacles in the way depending on your style of play.