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By infiltrating the Castle WoW SoD: How to complete the quest "Infiltrating the Castle" and resolve the bug?

 In WoW SoD, there are unique and original quests that are unknown to players and sometimes difficult to complete. 

Among the many quests available, "Infiltrating the Castle" or "Infiltrating the Castle" offers players the opportunity to gain experience and some money.

However, some players encounter a problem when they want to complete or return the quest. We'll explain in detail how to complete the quest “Infiltrating the Castle” on WoW SoD

How to complete the quest Infiltrating the Castle in WoW Season of Discovery?

The quest "Infiltrating the Castle On" begins when players travel to Stormwind Castle to meet Tyrion, a gnome who informs them of the threat posed by Lescovar and Marzon. These two characters need to be taken down quickly, but it looks like the quest may be experiencing some bug issues.

  • Meeting Tyrion at Stormwind Castle: To begin the quest, head to Stormwind Castle and speak to Tyrion, who will give you more information about the mission.
  • Elimination of Lescovar and Marzon: Once informed of the threat, you will have to deal with Lescovar and Marzon.
  • Return to Tyrion: After eliminating the threats, return to Tyrion at Stormwind Castle to complete the quest.

Unfortunately, the quest "Infiltrating the Castle" is prone to persistent bugs, even in the classic SoD version of the game, the quest is impossible to complete. Discover a solution given by a player at the end of the article.

Potential Solutions

  • Report a bug: Players are encouraged to report the bug on the Blizzard website. A comment on the forum dedicated to this issue might also attract the attention of developers.
  • Abandon and Resume Quest: Some players suggest abandoning the quest and resuming it to resolve the issue. However, this may not work for all players.
  • Patience: Some comments mention that the quest may require a lot of patience, while the NPC resets. Waiting for a server reset could also resolve the issue.
A comment on Wowhead gives the following solution, maybe this will help you:

Once you have obtained the 3 pieces of silk and the 2 apples, return to talk to the goblin in the gardens of Stormwind Castle. You will receive a quest confirmation, then, if the spy robot is next to it, a new yellow exclamation point will appear. If the robot is not there and it mutters something about a tree branch, that means someone has activated the quest and you will have to wait. Once they eliminate the enemies (or die), the spy robot will return after about 2 minutes, at which point the quest will be available again.

If you die or someone else marks one of the bosses, YOU MUST ABORT THE QUEST before you can restart it. You do NOT need to collect the apples and silk, this quest is complete.

This quest is really easy, especially if there are other people around. I did this solo with my level 30 or 31 paladin, taking barely a third of my life points in damage. My level 30 druid teamed up with a level 30 warrior, and we finished her in about 10 seconds flat.

Infiltrating the Castle is the seventh step in the long questline: 

1. The Unsent Letter

2. Bazil Thredd

3. The Prison Riots

4. A Curious Visitor

5. Shadows of the Past

6. An Old Friend's Perspective

7. Infiltrating the Castle

8. Artifacts 'a certain importance