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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team – Tips and Tricks


Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team – Tips and Tricks

Japan has given us many pearls when it comes to anime and among these there is certainly Holly and Benji. Entire generations have grown up following their exploits on fields that never ended, and today we are here to give you some advice on the latest mobile title dedicated to the series: Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Have you prepared your best shot? Let's start!


Betting everything on individuals rarely pays off, in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team it is absolutely essential to get the ball rolling. In fact, after a few tackles the players run out of stamina and, consequently, are unable to be effective when it comes to shooting on goal and puncturing the goalkeeper... Use your teammates!


The game's premium currency is called dreamball. There are several ways to get it without spending real money, but the most useful and immediate is certainly playing the story mode. For extra currency you can also complete the daily quests, they are usually not too difficult and take up little time. 


Each player has a special ability that can change the outcome of a game. It is absolutely necessary to use them when you really need them, since by exploiting this kind of skill you end up depleting the stamina of a certain teammate very quickly... Don't use the skills lightly!