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Collect Van Dijk, Dembélé or other Euro 2024 cards for free on FC24! Here's how to do it

This December 18, EA Sports FC 24 players who have met the conditions will be able to get their hands on a special card from the future Euro 2024 event. Let's take a look at the available cards and how to collect them if not 39;s not yet done.

Catch-up session for the Euro 2024 free player!

The condition for collecting your free Euro 2024 card on EA Sports FC 24 is not very complicated, it is enough. However, some have not yet had the game and will not have it, for example, before receiving their Christmas presents. for starting the game and playing a match

In this case, obviously, these players will not be able to benefit from the distribution of cards which takes place this December 18, probably at 7 p.m., although they might not finally arrive until later in the evening for some of us.

Except if we look at what is indicated on the official page of the game which talks about this promotion, it is indicated that it ends on January 16. Logically, it should therefore be possible to collect a free card if you play a game between now and then.

As for this card, you will receive it directly in the store in the form of a pack that you will have to open. All you'll have to do is cross your fingers that you'll get the card you want before the event releases in a few months.

Catch-up session for the Euro 2024 free player

What cards are available?

Yes, EA Sports FC 24 had the rights for Euro 2024 and it is to celebrate this that after the main qualifying phase, we announced this promotion. A bit like the Champions League Heroes of a few weeks ago, we will be entitled to a taste.

The six cards present during this distribution should logically be there for Euro 2024 and have a chance of falling into each pack that you open. But then, who will you be lucky enough to be 6 months ahead of the other players?

Well, if a few cards stand out from the rest, there is definitely one that seems to stand above the rest, that of Virgil Van Dijk! Indeed, his base card is already one of the very best defenders in the game, and having the opportunity to collect it for free, all with a new visual is enticing.

But obviously, Van Dijk will not be the only card to be in the game. We invite you to find below a complete list of the 6 cards on which you will be able to come across, each time with the country represented by the player at Euro 2024! 

  • Jack Grealish for England
  • Ousmane Dembélé for France
  • Federico Chiesa for Italy
  • Florian Wirtz for Germany
  • Virgil van Dijk for the Netherlands
  • Alvaro Morata for Spain