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Curse of Shadows Baldur's Gate 3: How to protect and get rid of it?

 When you arrive in the second chapter of BG3, the atmosphere will change completely and this is due to the curse of shadows which covers most of the game area. In this article, we tell you how to protect yourself from it and make it disappear.

How to protect yourself from the curse of shadows

When you arrive in act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3, you will immediately come across this famous shadow curse and we advise you not to attack the area by deciding to ignore it because things will go very badly. Indeed, without protection, it melts your life bar.

What you need to do to keep it away at least in areas where it is not too strong is to not move away from areas of light. To do this, you will find braziers along the road that you can light to create areas without too much danger.

But between the braziers and to light them, one or two members of your team will need to take out torches to ensure that everyone is illuminated and thus avoid the effects of the curse of shadows. Be careful, because even in combat, the latter is always active!

How to protect yourself from the curse of shadows

The Inn of the Last Glow, the only safe zone

To find more effective protection, you will have to go to the Inn of the Final Glow. To do this, progress through the beginning of this chapter until you come across a group of minstrels who will be attacked. Help them and they will tell you the location of the inn.

Go there to meet an acquaintance of the players from previous opuses, Jaheira. The latter will then reveal to you that the entire inn is protected from the curse of shadows by a certain Isobel and will ask you to go see her to talk with her.

Once this is done, you will witness an attempt to kidnap the latter. Following this, Isobel blesses you, which protects you against the shadow curse, at least when it is not too powerful. You will finally be able to wander around part of the map peacefully.

The Inn of the Last Glow, the only safe zone

How to get rid of the curse of shadows in Baldur's Gate 3?

Then return to the bridge at the entrance to the inn where a group of minstrels tell you that they are going to ambush a group of cultists, follow them. Once there, you will come across this famous group who have a magic lantern.

The latter seems to protect them from the effects of the shadow curse, even when it is powerful. So take the lantern from them and you in turn can benefit from this protection and no longer have to worry about this famous curse.

Please note that there is a completely peaceful solution to this story that will not make you shed blood (at least not directly) and which will then allow you to free the pixie trapped in the lantern while benefiting from its effect...