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Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC: How to unlock Eternity Island and all its content?

 The global release of Disney Dreamlight Valley not only comes with a free update but also a paid expansion pass, A Rift in Time. This DLC gives access to new areas, characters, and quests, but there are some conditions to respect before gaining access! We'll explain it to you.

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley map

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley map

In addition to its global release and new update, Disney Dreamlight Valley has also just launched its very first DLC, A Rift in Time. Priced at €29.99 on all platforms, this expansion pass not only gives access to new quests and new characters but above all to a brand new map of a similar scale to the base game map. This new area called the Isle of Eternity seems to be stuck in space-time, and according to Jafar, it's up to you to find a way to put things back to normal.

To do this, you will have to explore the 3 new biomes available: the Ancient Port, the Sparkling Dunes, and the Wild Meanders. You will be able to meet characters like EVE, Gaston, or even Rapunzel, who will help you on your journey to restore the Island of Eternity. But before you can do anything, you must first find a way to access this new area. You will find how to do it below:

How to access the Isle of Eternity?

Prerequisites to access the DLC

To start the A Rift in Time DLC, you will first need to complete a few important story quests, which you will find listed below:

  • The Castle of Dreams quest given by Merlin (and the quests that precede it)
  • The quest This way, the currency given by Scrooge
  • The Fishing Trip quest given by Goofy
  • The Great Reopening of Scrooge quest given by Scrooge

The secrets of the Isle of Eternity

Once this is done, a cutscene will trigger. A mysterious device will appear on the Esplanade, and you can use it to speak with Jafar as part of the story quest Secrets of the Isle of Eternity.

He will summon you to find Merlin to find out more about the mysterious port supposed to lead you to other worlds. Go talk to the wizard, and you will start the story quest The Port of Many Worlds. Follow Merlin upstairs to the Castle of Dreams, and speak to him to reveal the entrance to Stardust Port.

Go through the door to discover a whole new place, and speak to Merlin again to complete the quest related to discovering the port.

You can then interact with the ancient ship on the right to go to the Island of Eternity, where you can find Jafar, again in hologram form.

Eliminate the Fate Shards in your path (like the Night Thorns of the Valley) and interact with the hologram station at the back right at the top of the stairs.

Jafar will then ask you to find the 2 pieces of the sphere to open access to the rest of the island. You'll find the right half of the sphere behind a large tree to the left ancient gate, while the left half of the sphere is behind Scrooge's dilapidated store at the entrance to the harbor.

Use the crafting station near your accommodation to obtain an ancient sphere from the Functional Items tab, and place it in the receptacle to the left of the ancient portal .

Once this is done, venture further on the island until you find a new hologram station. All you have to do is talk to Jafar one last time to complete this first story quest, and start exploring the Isle of Eternity in more depth!